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Starting to play around with hull designs for these Lightning ufo, i have expanded The Reaver of Darkness set a little with a few new doors and Halfwalls, at this stage i am unsure what else i will end up adding, will see what bright ideas i have whilst creating this set. Thanks to Reavers previous work, it has saved me heaps of time as i normally spend 2 weeks coming up with a basic MCDset but in this case most of it was already done for me :)

Wow, a very-very cool project!
If you need some extra stuff gfx have a look here:,2963.0.html
Whatever you find usefull there feel free to grab!

Sweet, a lot of cool sprites in you mod, these will come in extremely handy, Thanks mate!

Yes, that one looks like it would be fun to work with.

The robin's marvelous work, of course.

LOL yes, i am actively trying NOT to steal Robins work ( well i have stolen some sprites and recoloured them) as Once Factions is  stable&working,  i want to then move onto the Full Alien Civil war version (where you play as aliens) and i want Robins work in that version.

OXC_Factions is play as Humans (and eventually get some aliens on your team)
OXC Civil War is Expansion where you play as aliens ( and need full alien base)

Looking Good! But say, shouldn't the Xcom signs be removed?

Yes, eventually :), only just starting to play around with this tileset.

Also from XOps mods there is a family of spectacular UFOs

I had never seen these ones ( as that mod come ot when i went missing from OXC for 5 years), they will definetly be coming into OXC-Factions :)

If there is any other cool set that i have missed over the years please let me know :)

Starting a Human UFO set now, so many factions, so many UFOs required :)

Note: the colours are a work in progress :)

And what properties should have lovered shields?
Different look and bullet permeability?
(I want to help with it)

So the problem with the doors is this, if i use it as a UFO_DOOR (in MCDEDIT), it only animates when it opens which is not what i am after, i want it to constantly be animated until i open it, then i want it to switch to the alt-door item ( which is graphically just the shield generator slot on the ground).

If i try to use the Std Door ( Human door entry in MCD-Edit), thanks to TheReaverofDarkness, it now switches to the alternate-MCD correctly but when the turn ends, it doesnt re-activate the shields for the next turn ( like UFO doors do).

As a test, i also tried turning on UFO_Door and Door at the same time ( to see what the game does), now it doesnt animate at all, the door switches to an alternate MCD and never turns back:)

Other than the animation side ( which i dont think can be fixed without some code changes to the engine, which i am going to assume are low priority at best), When shields are up ( and animated) the Block Line of sight value is active, this means you cant see through it, i have also added Lofts to these so you cant Shoot through it ( unless you destroy it) and both of these work good .

So until someone finds a solution here, i will stop it from being a DOOR so it works similar to the stargate goa'uld's persoal shields, you can pass through it slowly ( walking speed) but cant shoot through it :)

Nord, if you like , tonight i can send you a test file also so you can try for yourself.

Hey, was  trying to use the alternate door option to Lower the shields (switch to other item) but if i do it that way it stays open after the next turn ( unlike UFO doors which re-close at end of turn), not exactly what i was hoping for. Everything else is good,  i have them blocking line of sight and bullets ( until you destroy them) so it helps to make these UFOs unique....Cant say it was my idea, it was in the original ufo set so i only twisted it to suit my tastes :)

The interior is now done on the Blessed Dreadnought, just have those pesky ROutes to do for it now ( perhaps tomorrow night ).

A little behind schedule this week, have started playing around with these Shield doors tonight, cant get them to activate how i want so i will just make do with what the code base allows :(

Work In Progress / Re: [WIP][MOD][OXCE+] From the Apocalypse 0.5.1
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:37:29 pm »
Very nice work mate :)

So this will be the final UFO for this Crystal set.

Let me know if you want some help with that, I am pretty good with routes.
Actually Yes, that would be very helpful as it would allow me to move on to the next map set more quickly.

OK, so they aren't. Thanks, that's what I wanted to know.

I was asking because I did something similar, but the tilesets match the standard UFO tiles, so you use the same maps.
Posting some examples for vanilla maps.
Right, no, my ones are a completely new set, new designs, new surprises :) My new Cargo ship just needs Nodes.

Are your designs interchangeable with standard UFO terrains? In other words, can it use the same maps and routes?

I dont understand your question, What do you mean interchangeable ? They are separate map sets with completely separate MCDs so yes you could take all my assets and merge them into any xcom version you like.

Some new hull option for the collection :)  I have most of the interiors done now and i should be doing routes and testing these by the end of the weekend.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the insides of the hulls ( yes i intentionally made it so you didnt see to much),  little annoyed about the diagonal walls allowing you to see inside, i remember this was a issue from the original ufo set also but i thought someone had found a way to block this somehow.

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