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Tools / Re: MAPVIEW upgrade
« on: January 23, 2022, 12:07:43 am »
i assume its the newest build, i still think it was the routes as I got sick of the errors and fixed it and (so far) have not had the same error again ( but i have not done much in the past 24 hours), will let you know for sure once I do a few more map blocks.

Tools / Re: MAPVIEW upgrade
« on: January 21, 2022, 08:41:42 am »
  Just working on a little something something and getting this exception.... Good to see your still maintaining this  :P

Note: im  thinking as i was being  last and didn't make RMP maps for some new blocks, that this might be causing the error, well at least that's my current thought.

IDT Modding Hub / Re: FOXC - Fantasy OpenXcom
« on: January 18, 2022, 06:30:40 am »
This looks interesting. Will this be a Xcom but purely melee and range (excluding gunpowder weapons)?

Sorry man, my Artist life became too busy so i switched to working on my FACTIONS mod, then my life became to busy so my Factions mod is still sitting there both are in dead at the moment, not saying we never coming back, just not at the moment.

Yey, i logged in :)

Yes, a Fix is coming for Factions, perhaps new years day.

New features will slowly come after fixed version.

We expanded BulletDesigners Scang data to include some new sprites for Factions, now our Nuke zone has a minimap to match :)

Released Mods / Re: [OXCE][BETA][MAJOR] Vigilo Confido
« on: March 26, 2020, 07:48:49 am »
patch for my Rice Farms :) copy these files into the mods TERRAIN folder.

Also, keep the bug reports coming, this Rice Farm was something i through together just for the CMP, as such its not as polished as the other maps in the set as its so new.

Luke83 :P

Resources / Re: Community Map Pack
« on: February 15, 2020, 11:05:35 pm »
In regard of UFO Defense, i guess alien bases have some nice things already:

Hell yes, i have the Expanded U-Base in the mod already since it adds so much to the game, at some point though i need to add the TFTD ones for the Hybrid version but i want to get the other basic mission types working first.

Resources / Re: Community Map Pack
« on: February 07, 2020, 09:36:19 pm »
Working on a Rice Farm for this mapset, most likelyhalf way there on the maps, still have a heap of sprite work to do.

Also i will merge some more maps into this set this weekend, hopefully we can get version 1 out in a few weeks :P

Resources / Re: Community Map Pack
« on: January 30, 2020, 10:35:20 am »
Is there anything I should do here? Or will you guys handle the ripping?

I can handle the ripping mate but to save me time, if you could just outline which maps are good for Geoscape replacements and which ones are suited to vanilla style Terror Missions it will save me a lot of trial and error as i am not overly familiar with what maps you have i hate to say it :( Also keep in mind that we need to keep OXC compatibility so if you have a mapset that could work if i re-write the scripts let me know and i will hit them after all the easy ones are in :)

To start with im going to focus on Geoscape and Terror missions, at a later date we acn double back and look at alien bases.

THanks again for the donations :)

IDT Modding Hub / Re: Split from another thread
« on: January 29, 2020, 04:46:18 am »
Even if legally you are allowed to use Hobbes terrain because he had previously released them without any licence conditions and im not the guy to check the legalities of that) morally you should still follow his wishes, as we have, in the most part, been a pretty supportive and positive group of people here on these forums and i would hate to see the. Community start going the otherway where it is everyman for themselves. If we do become thay type of community, honestly i would walk away, why should anyone do anything for the greater good if everyone is only looking after number one.

Help / Re: Giude for PCK frames
« on: January 29, 2020, 01:57:40 am »
Upload what you have so we can see what your doing.

Resources / Re: Community Map Pack
« on: January 29, 2020, 12:28:58 am »
To start with atleast, we should keep it to maps that work in oxc, if in 2years time we need some oxce feature than we can then speak to the devs to see if something can be ported back from oxce to oxc... As a none coder, i have no idea how hard this so dont want to waste devs time until we know of its even needed.

Help / Re: Giude for PCK frames
« on: January 28, 2020, 11:02:35 pm »
Yes png is fine these days, you no longer need yo ise the old formats

Resources / Re: Community Map Pack
« on: January 28, 2020, 11:45:29 am »
Lets not turn this into another pick on Hobbes topic, Hobbes made a decision and regardless of if you agree with it or not, that was his decision and as a community we should respect it. This is about how we move forward and i am only volunteering for service as someone needs to take the first step ( plus i was going to do something similar anyway for my Hybrid :) )

I will look at the rules under the Non-Commercial license in more detail as no matter what, Donations should be allowed as someone may ask for donations to keep a server running or pay a artist to do some custom work for example ( im actually  looking at commission a sprite for Factions, image if i didnt have to pay for it out of my beer money) so we shouldnt get upset if they do it and spend it all on beer.

So at this stage i dont have plans for a TFTD one however i do have some maps in FACTIONS that can be ported back to TFTD if anyone wants them. There would be a Pure Vanilla version as one download and a Hybrid version as a second download, i will adjust my rulesets so as i expand the vanilla i just need to duplicate the data over for the Hybrid game.

I have no experience with Github and was just going to manage these with some versioning notes inside each Rulesets like i do in Factions:

## FACTIONS - armour - RULESET
## V0.0.2
## Lasted Changed by L83
## Comments: 18-01-2020 -Added Wanderers Unit
## Comments: 20-01-2020 -Added lostone Unit

Everytime i add something i just add some notes, thebulk of this process should just be copy, paste and test so i dont think i will be too hard to manage however if someone can point me to a idiots guide to Github i will at least watch a video and see how it all works :)

What ever version of mapview someone uses is not a big issue either, Pretty sure @kevl has made a convertor so if i get the old format i will just have a crack at converting it, its more important that the Rulesets work correctly, i dont want to be re-writing everyones map generation scripts  :P

Resources / Community Map Pack
« on: January 28, 2020, 07:15:10 am »
So i was already planning to upgrade my Hybrid Globe into a Large map set in the future but since i have received a few PMs of the past few weeks, i think it would be best if i expand this goal into creating a new Community Map pack.

The Goal:
 To provide a one stop shop download to add more map variety to Vanilla UFO  &  the Hybrid Vanilla Globes.
 The Scope of these new maps should be Vanilla in focus, if a map set does not make sense in relation to the Vanilla Story lines than it should not be added ( for example  i have several maps creations that make perfect sense in my OXC - FACTIONS mod but would not be used in this set as they are too far from Vanilla.
 To encourage other modders from the broader OXC modding community to contribute Maps, Sprite Sets or even Special Scripts to this pack so its not just a IDT only map pack.


Who can use this  Map Pack?
 Everyone, feel free to use this on your one off games OR build the entire set into your customer MegaMod ( just dont complain to me if we make a update and you need to manually patch your data). All maps, sprites, data ETC contributed to this map pack are done so under the condition that you provide them under the Creative Commons  Attribution Licence (CC BY NC) see link :

What do i need to do to donate some maps to this project?
Basically the same thing you would do if you where building it into a Mod yourself, just provide the Rulesets file just for your maps ( please remove any Vanilla data from them) and all the necessary Maps files, Terrain File and Routes. Also, if you could include the Mapview Ruleset data ( please use MAPVIEW2 if you can as it make it easier for me) that will allow us to also provide the mapfiles in the downloaded mod for Other modders to expand your work.

Can i just contribute a Map Block instead of a map set?
Yes, BUT, if your expanding a vanilla mapset, you need to make sure your new block is in the same "style" of the original map and you will need to ensure you provide a  working Ruleset also to allow this to mix in at the correct "ratio" so it doesnt look out of place.

I have this mapeset you can include but i have modified one of the Vanilla MCD/PCK/Tab files when i made it, what do i do?
Simply rename that file with a unique ending so it wont overwrite any Vanilla files when i merge it, as an example, i am sure everyone modder has seen a Terrain file with "_L83" on the end, these are vanilla files i modified instead of making from scratch. Also, dont forget to update your Ruleset to the new file names before sending them in!

Can i create 2 version of the same mapset, donate one edition to the community but still keep the other version free of all your licence BS?
Yes, once you contribute a set of maps to us, they become the property of the whole community and will NOT be removed even if you request, but as the original creator, you can have your own set and  choose to do what ever you please with them even use them on a commercial project if you wish, the originals are still yours.

Hey, i have this script that Mixes mapset A with mapset Z, can i contribute it?
Yes, BUT, the 2 mapsets should blend together seamlessly and they total feel of the map should still be maintained. As you can image, if you where mixing a Desert block with some Polar Blocks, expect to be told no :)

Will the map pack contain UFOs?
Yes, however for TFTD the Vanilla game states that the aliens USOs are all based on Underwater Animal Designs, as such to keep the Vanilla feel, we will only support USOs that look something like a animal (it doesn't need to be perfect just not a huge 8 level high cube  :P ) For Vanilla UFOs they game is a little more flexibly when it comes to the shapes so as long as its not to far from the original designs they should be acceptable . Each UFO though should come with the correct interception ( dogfighting) image. Note : any NEW ufos should be similar in total Size to a existing class of ufos.

Hey, i found a error on Mapset X, who's job is it to fix it?
We would prefer the error be flagged with the mapsets original creator ( and a list of who made what will be in each download) so they can fix the error. If they are unwilling or unable to fix the error, then we will have a look and try to fix it ourselves.

Who is running this thing?
To start with i ( Luke83) will act as Administrator of this map pack but i would love it if some other Senior members of the modding community volunteered to help out with this also to spread the workload a little would be great, In a perfect world, this would not just be a IDT team project but a mix of several modders form several "projects", let see who else would like to contribute. All Assets contributed become the property of the community but credit for each contribution will always be given to the original creator, the Administrators are only involved to act as Quality Control and merge and release the data.

Will you be updating the Globe with more Textures?
Eventually YES but due to other modding obligations it may not be for several months, however if you have any TEXTURES for the globe that you would like to contribute, please send them in :)

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