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40k / Re: 40k future plans and Work in progress / Suggestions
« on: February 11, 2019, 08:26:55 am »
I understand what you tell about the stormtroopers, but i did not explained well what i was thinking  :'( "if you can hire they just from cash should be possible to put the no used hellguns on the "new recruits"." Sorry my english its not perfect and some times i have difficult to explain what i'm try to say.

About Veteran Guardsman i think you told something about training bravery with melee combat? thats will help a lot to get the 60 brav needed to be promoted the other stats are more easily to be trained.

Maybe future work for Hellpistols to come with commissar and officers was the initial weapon instead regular laspistol.  Could work like variant of the long-las with the same ammo sistem. would be cool.

And i know some changes also impact in all tech tree and on the game play at some point and its not what i want. 

Yeah... melee weapons are really OP with you get close enough to use it is probably guaranteed kill most of melee weapons have low turn used arround 15% (power fist are fixed with 15 TU used, its right?)  ::)

40k / Re: 40k future plans and Work in progress / Suggestions
« on: February 08, 2019, 04:02:51 am »
At first let me give my congratulation for everyone is helping this project. I'm loving to play this mod i'm big fan of all content of this forum. And i also so big fan of the 40k lore.

I'm playing multiple campaigns of this mod, and now i will share my review and give some ideas for what i think it will be useful to balance the IG and the Marines.

For the imperial guard i think you have good advantage of fire power, and when you get the long-las and volleyguns this two weapons really changes the tide of battle against chaos  ;D
I think IG is well balanced but is very rare to leave mission without loses, i can say IG are soldiers are like glass cannons and is pretty fun to play with.I played long campaing with IG i think you get so much adamantine and you dont have much things to spend it, did a lot of marauders still having a lot of adamantine now i can take down easly large ufos. Maybe be possible to manufacture AD. carapace for regular guardsman could give little more use of resources for the imperial guard.

I just think need to change some values about manufacturing cost of the volley gun cost 60k to something like 20k near the value of the "MK7 tatical suit" and also be possible to manufacturing hellguns.
Be possible to hire new stormtrooper at price of 50k when you finish the research, i think it's fair.
And when you hire stormtrooper by commission they could come as veteran soldier with little be more trained. 100k for soldier is very expensive. comparing with the price of the space marine.
Officer and comissors <3 all i have to say.
To promote guardsman to veteran i reduced little be the bravery needed to upgrade, i did this bcz no one of my veterans could gain bravery without be medic.

Marine Campaing i liked all my longest campain is with tatical operations, also have devastation armor that is good. Devastation operation is the only one didnt play yet, with assalt operations is amazing bcz you can fly and have some extra spots to invade some large and medium ufos very fun to play. And for the scouts operations i think ad scout armor could be more commun equipmente like any other mk7 suit.   

About weapons "some of this changes i edit on my campaign to see how its working and becomes very intristing"

All meelee weapons and socking maul should recive some bonus from streangth.

Lasgun and lascarabine snap shot precision 70 to 80 like the bolter. Laspistol increased by 5 the snap.

I changed the price of manufacturing the MC ammo bolts to note use ceramites anymore but i also nerfed bonus dmg little be 20 to 15. Prices becomes 10 adamant for pistol clip, 20 for the bolters and 40 for the heavy bolter but  i also increased ammunition of the heavy bolter to 60 rounds. ohartenstein23 told me on the youtube some this things will be reworked on the new version and i'm really ecxited to see  ;D

Heavy Bolter: i changed this weapons to be more agressive, increasing the damage of the "AP ammo" to 75 and "MC AP ammo" to 90. Dmg pre-armor multiplayer 0.1 to 0.2 (i did this bcz heavy bolter use higest calibre rounds than the regular bolts weapons and is a very powerfull weapon against any infantry or light veicles). Also reduced Tu used of the auto shot to 48% to be possible shot 2 times sometimes just looking for the sides.I tried to use it before that changes but i think the regular bolt are performing better, that's way i did this changes to turn this weapon a good option for the devastation operations and someone how wants to a carry big gun. I really wants to see MC heavy Bolter on the future <3 probably with additional shot on the auto fire will be nice!

Sentinel: I tried to use some sentinels with the IG but i think they didnt perform well they dont value 4 soldier slot, maybe a possibility to creating AD. Sentinel with volleygun and 110 armor for something like 125 admation would be nice.

I have much more to share but for now i think it is...

Thx for everyone and keep going  ;D

40k / Re: 40k future plans and Work in progress / Suggestions
« on: February 05, 2019, 03:35:27 am »
Any 2x2 units should be put at the top of the crew list on a craft - they can only exit the droppods if they're in the southernmost pod.

There also bug if you deploy 2x2 unit on the valkyre as the last unit, they will not spawn on the mission bcz i think valkyre have that single spawn point in the back of  the craft.

Could be fix putting spawn point 1 tile afront of the craft and increasing soldier number to 12 instead 10?

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