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Troubleshooting / Re: Game crashes at reaching June 1st 1999 (game time)
« on: November 30, 2018, 03:35:06 pm »
Dear SupSuper,


Your patch worked like a miracle! That was - as your nickname suggested - absolutely SUPER;D ;D ;D

You´re right: I turned some of the mods on or off quite frequently during gameplay. But so far I did not notice any problems with this. Until now....  :-[  I especially quite often turn on or off "new UFO types", "YetMoreUFOs 0.6" and "Solars New Ufos" because after shooting down a UFO it happens relatively often with those mods enabled, that at least one of the powersources is still intact and I can capture the Elerium.

And the reason for disable the Terrain Pack is, that saving and loading during a battle is quite slow with it enabled...

I`m sorry to have caused any inconvenience because of my (unintentional...!) foolishness!

Thanks again for your help und kind regards

Troubleshooting / Re: Game crashes at reaching June 1st 1999 (game time)
« on: November 28, 2018, 07:41:44 pm »
I don`t know, if it helps, but just in case it gives additional clues, here is also an attachment of the "options.cfg" file

Troubleshooting / Re: Game crashes at reaching Juni 1st 1999 (game time)
« on: November 28, 2018, 07:14:03 pm »

thanks for your quick reply! Yes, I was aware about the "error" references in the log file, because I tried to reinstall the game this time without any mods - as I hoped to avoid the problems this way, but which did not help at all...  :'(  Now I copied all the previously installed mods again into the "user" folder. But the crash still occures.

Attached now the "new" openxcom(2).log (showing the "result" after re-installing the previous mods) and the requested save game.

Kind regards

Hi folks,

hopefully there`s someone who can help me with my problem, that suddenly has arisen. Please forgive me, if this is the wrong forum...

So far the game ran quite smoothly. But at the turning of May 31st to June 1st it crashes again and again. The error message reads as follows:

"OpenXcom has crashed. Segmentation fault. This usually indicates something missing in a mod. More details here: E:\OpenXcom\user\openxcom.log
If this error was unexpected, please report it to the developers"

Well... Yes, it was "unexpected" - and also quite annoying. I attach the log file (to me the content of the file doesn`t mean anything).

I even tried to completely reinstall the game (using the newest availlable nightly Unfortunately it didn`t cure the problem: After loading the latest savegame and progress towards the turning of month May: The game still crashes.  :(

Any idea what I can do? I`d hate to start a new game, because I´ve already invested a lot of time to bring my troops to the present level of experience. Do you need any more information to narrow down the problem? But please be "patient", as I´m not very versed with the technical side of computers.... I`m always extremely happy, if everthing runs smoothly without any need of manual interference from me... (shame on me...!)   :-[

Thanks a lot in advance for any useful advice!
Kind regards

Open Feedback / Re: can`t destroy power source with laser rifle
« on: September 24, 2018, 12:41:28 pm »
Laser rifle has power 60.
Terrain damage of laser rifle (and other projectile weapons) is 25-75%... i.e. 15-45.
Power source has armor of 50... i.e. cannot be destroyed.
Minimum power needed to have a chance of destroying it is 67.

Thanks! I was not aware, that the damage to terrain is calculated differently. Now it`s clear, that my memory of destroying a PS with a laser rifle was wrong. Sorry!  :-[

As for extracting Elerium, on the picture you can see that Elerium was not in the Power Source already before destroying it (that purple ball is the icon for the Elerium).
It was either never there or got destroyed by an explosion (Elerium can be destroyed by an explosion even if Power Source remains intact).

Then it has to be the first alternative, because prior to destroy it with a shot from Heavy Plasma there was no explosion in this room. And as it is in a base, it can`t be any previous damage from crashing either. So it has to be some "chance"-thing at creation of the battlescape map, whether or not one can extract elerium from a shot at an otherwise intact PS.

Open Feedback / Re: can`t destroy power source with laser rifle
« on: September 24, 2018, 12:04:02 pm »
Hi Reaver,

Thanks!  I played the original version (at that time even installed from floppy disks...!  ;) ), I did not change the damage model and I`m pretty sure, that I did not use a Heavy Laser at that time. I never used this (as far as I can remember....). So probably my memory is wrong (it`s really a long time ago....). But the already killed snakeman are "kind" enough to leave some Heavy Plasma lying around (and I had the good insight to research it as soon as possible, so I can use the looted weapon). So there`s no need to take an additional Heavy Laser along in the future. Somehow I never liked this weapon. I don`t know why...!

But there happend something else "strange": Only one of the two power sources leave a Elerium crystal behind after destroying both PS! They even look slightly different: one has a blinking light at the bottom (the left one; that did not leave a crystal) and the other one (to the right) even showed the icon of the crystal on the ground later. See screen shots.

BTW: If you are wondering about the two Snakes in the same room: they were stunned and awoken later; and are used for target practice with airsoft-pistols (0 damage each shot....  8) ) now. Yes, I know: I`m a mean bastard to frighten those helpless Snakes, but it is very efficient!!!  ::)

Open Feedback / can`t destroy power source with laser rifle
« on: September 24, 2018, 01:16:38 am »
Hi folks,
I just try to milk a snakeman base and this time got lucky to get a base layout with two power sources. Of course I´d like to capture the Elerium (without destroying the whole base...) but I found it impossible to "kill" the power sources with laser rifles. I have one PS encircled with 6 troopers and each of it takes 3 autoshots  (which makes a total of 54 hits during one turn - and I tried this for several turns....!) but don`t get any results! With heavy plasma it needs only one shot and it produced the desired Elerium-crystal. I may be wrong (as I played the vanilla version a looooooong time ago....!) but I thought, that I could destroy a PS in those "old days"" also with a laser rifle. Did I miss something? Thanks!
Kind regards

You can only use medikits on aliens if you have "alien bleeding" option enabled... weird, I know. :P

THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You saved my day, this did the trick!!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

 I disabled this option intentionally, because in one case the revived alien had only 3 health left, but also 3 fatal wounds. And I did not have enough timeunits left after reviving it to additionally also heal the wounds! So it died during the next turn.

Kind regards
Thunder (I´m really relieved now that I don`t need to reinstall the game!  ;) 

1/ Medikits work fine for me... I can't reproduce your issue :( I have used only terrain pack 4.1 and yet more ufos 0.6 mods... and xcom nightly 2018-09-08

2/ As for why you cannot revive the alien, that's easy... he has too much stun.

Thanks a lot for trying! But too much stun is not the problem. In my case the med kit refuses to notice the alien as potential body to "heal" at all... It`s frustrating that you couldn`t reproduce this strange behavior of my med kits that suddenly appeared. I already tried to disable all additional mods - but this problem is persistent. It even occured in a older save game, in witch I know, that I revived the previously stunned aliens without any problems! Maybe I should completely new install the whole game....  :( Although I had hoped to avoid this... Or waiting untill I have the necessary ability to use the PSI amp to get a comparable "result" in disarming the opposition before I use them as shooting practice.

Additional remark: I can use the med kit on my own soldiers! Even if I stun one intentionally and render it unconscious I can revive a unconscious trooper on the ground with stimulants, I can heal wounds and I can raise the energy level on a "standing" trooper without any problem! But if I try it on a stunned alien, the kit does not notice that a body "in need" is under the person who try use the med kit...

You don't need mods for this: when facing Mutons equip all your soldiers with Laser Pistols - the pistols can't harm the mutons and they don' require clips
You don't need mods for this: when facing Mutons equip all your soldiers with Laser Pistols - the pistols can't harm the mutons and they don' require clips

Sorry, but this is not quite to the point. I have no problems with limited ammo of the softair pistol. One mag with 22 shots is enough for 2 x 11 for training both reaction and firing accuracy. And more than 11 "actions" either way doesn´t give any more potential increase of the stats (if I understand the article about experience in the UFOpedia correctly).  But even if I heed your advice and use laser pistols instead, I need to "disarm" the aliens (whatever species) first in order not to get shot at.... Right? And in doing this I either have to stun them first or use PSI for MC or panic attack. But I`ve not reached this ability yet. So at my current game (game time: end of February) there`s only the choice to stun and revive the potential shooting-dummies. And exactly this doesn`t work any more suddenly (but did beautifully before...)

thanks for your quick reply! Here is the save and a screenshot. I hope, that it works to uplode it (as I`m not very proficient in computers...)

Hi folks,

hopefully someone is able to "enlighten" me concerning a stange problem now first encountered. During my current mission I suddenly found out, that I can`t revive stunned aliens anymore! In previous missions I moved one of my soldiers (holding a med-kit in one hand) directly over the stunned alien on the ground and gave stimulants until it became "alive" again. Now, in my current mission, it doesn`t work anymore at all!  :'( If I try to use stimulants on a stunned alien "under" my soldier I constantly get the message in red "Nobody is there!" (thats only a rough translation of the shown message, as I play the German version, but I think that you know what I mean...)

Just in case, that you are wondering, why I want to revive a stunned alien at all: Since I came across openXcom recently for the first time, I also use some of the offered mods. In doing so, I found a real mean and devious way of improving the stats of the soldiers quite quickly by using the mod "Airsoft Pistol". It does 0 (zero) damage and therefore I can shoot a whole ammo clip (22 shots) with all of my soldiers at the unarmed alien without killing it and gain up to 6 points (!) increase both at reaction and firing accuracy per mission on each and every soldier! As stated before: I know, it`s very mean and "dirty", but also very effective....!  8)

Any idea, what could be the reason for this sudden strange behavior of the game??? BTW: I also use recently (among some other - but small - mods) the TerrainPack 4.1 and YetMoreUFOs (for different floor-plans of the alien crafts) and a mod with an additional scout drone.

Kind regards

Help / Re: Problems with mod TerrainPack 4.1
« on: September 15, 2018, 11:23:55 pm »
No, there isn't, we unload them for you at the end automatically.

Wow! Good to know! Although I`m almost sure, this was not the case in the origninal game. That`s pretty convenient! And saves me at least in the furture some (minor...) trouble and "headache"...  ;)
 THANKS for telling me!  ;D

Help / Re: Problems with mod TerrainPack 4.1
« on: September 15, 2018, 10:16:16 pm »
Huh??? Isn`t there one mag more per alien weapon to be sold afterwards if I unload those guns? I agree, that some more mags to sell is not a fortune, but I tried to "maximize" the result of any mission in the past. Was all of these efforts to get to the guns before the mission ends, in vain?  :-\

Help / Re: Problems with mod TerrainPack 4.1
« on: September 15, 2018, 09:50:13 pm »
well.... aborting a mission is actually not what I`d like to do. But (on the brighter side...) I have already "found" another "solution": Just by being patient (and waiting 10 eventless turns), the last remaining alien soldier came out of hiding all by himself und conveniently let my troopers kill him from aross the water.  ::) That way I can`t unload their guns, of course (and loose some loot that way), but still better than completely aborting the mission. Does it happen often, that the maps are only partly accessable?

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