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Open Feedback / Re: How OpenXCom developed?
« on: March 23, 2020, 05:46:26 pm »

Open Feedback / Re: How OpenXCom developed?
« on: March 23, 2020, 05:07:51 am »

i mean, that's great but it doesn't help me get started

how can i mod a laser pistol if i don't have the original laser pistol values to work from? just WING IT and then go in game and test to see if the values aren't wildly out of balance?

thank you for at least giving me a hint on how to proceed. it's more than the wiki did which is just confuse and misdirect
The wiki was written for 1.0 and nobody's updated it since, I'll see if I can fix it up this weekend.

In the meantime your best reference is other mods. All the built-in mods (including UFO/TFTD) can be found in the "OpenXcom\standard" installation directory, you can crack them open in any text editor, that should help you get started.

XPiratez / Re: Transifex: Piratez translations
« on: March 07, 2020, 02:12:20 am »
Hello. I'm translating this mod into Korean(in Transifex). About 70% completed.

There are so many strings to translate. And pirate words, slang, and wrong(intended or accidental) words headache me. But, I'll do my best.

There are problem to display Korean Font in Xpiratez(It comes from the font settings of original OPENXCOM), but I can solve this problem by fix the setting in AMIGAFONT.dat and change font files.

But, after translation, OXCE's search is not working because there are no fonts for IME(such as 'ㄱ', 'ㅏ', and so on) Or, there are no IME for Korean.

I can make the font for IME and integrate(this changes current OPENXCOM's font completely). But if OXCE don't have IME, I cannot solve the problem.
OpenXcom currently doesn't support IME, it's a technical limitation.

But feel free to send us any font fixes, as we wanna support as many languages as possible.

Offtopic / Re: Another XCOM Project V.2
« on: February 25, 2020, 09:26:16 pm »
I'm not sure I understand - did the "original" post include two separate links? Why was the github-link mark as [do not follow]?
Links from new users are flagged as suspicious since spambots will often dump them after registering, and it looks like the suspicion was correct (not the link but the user).

The user looks like an old account that was hijacked, possibly using common/leaked passwords, so remember to use strong unique passwords online. :)

Troubleshooting / Re: No Installation Found Ubuntu
« on: February 20, 2020, 07:20:42 am »

Suggestions / Re: Question about the FAQ
« on: January 18, 2020, 10:10:23 am »
Yes, the FAQ is out of date.

Suggestions / Re: Custom new in game videos?
« on: January 06, 2020, 05:45:47 am »

Probably what you're missing is the subfolder. The original files should either be in "home/user/.local/share/openxcom/UFO" (nightly) or "home/user/.local/share/openxcom/data" (1.0). So for example the original GEODATA folder will be in "home/user/.local/share/openxcom/UFO/GEODATA" (no other folders in-between)

The Linux instructions are kinda all over the place (split between readme and wiki and different versions) but these should help:

We'll be rewriting everything in the next release.

Open Feedback / Re: Member Map
« on: December 22, 2019, 08:57:53 am »
There are some warnings being displayed now on the map page inside the map view.

Maybe an admin of this site should configure something there (there is a link for it)
Should be fixed now.

Open Feedback / Re: Forum is Under Attack by Russian Dating Scam Bots
« on: December 03, 2019, 04:05:22 am »
Ok. But it continues, this time with some tank spam, instead of adult sites. Maybe you can require users to have some forum posts, before allowing them to send PMs? It is doubtful any real person would start mass sending PMs immediately after registering.
We can't snoop on everyone's PMs. :P You gotta tell us when it happens. I've disabled new member PMs just in case.

Released Mods / Re: Terrain Pack considerations
« on: November 29, 2019, 08:48:33 am »
I'm closing this thread since everyone has made up their minds and this arguing is going nowhere. Diplomacy is more likely once everyone's cooled down. Here's my last post on this topic if you missed it.

TL;DR: Hobbes was unsatisfied with how some modders were reusing his work and decided to disallow it until further notice. If you've got any further questions or issues with this, take them with him. I'm sure he's not beyond being amicable if you come peacefully.

I wanna address this though:

  • A primary the source of this problem is a combination of poor communication and rudeness, most of which can be safely blamed on one specific user of Hobbes's work. But not all of it, unfortunately. Hobbes's reaction was and continues to be over the top and in poor form. And I don't really see anything changing if, hypothetically, the modder was polite, argued for donations being harmless or perhaps proposing to share them, etc. AFAICT Hobbes would still have gone into 'I'll take my toys and go home' mode. Given that he's a long-standing member of the community, a moderator and someone who occasionally tries to set standards, that's not a good precedent. SupSuper recently threatened to ban some users for relatively minor squabbling (aka the 'don't be a jerk' rule). What's going on here is full-blown drama initiated by a moderator. This is not good for the community as a whole.

  • Hobbes is not a global moderator or has any official association to the OpenXcom team. He's a modder like any other and we let him have his own subforum to rule over. Everyone's words are their own so take any implications of "speaking for everyone" with a grain of salt. Of course as anyone's popularity grows, they have more "influence" over the rest, but that's the price you pay for building your content on top of one another. I expect people to respect each other, not be paragons of virtue. If the most famous modders were setting the example, then hoo, hoo boy. Wow. :P

    Anyways we've already had private talks with affected parties and will be keeping an eye on how this develops. But I don't see everyone making mutant pirate mods just because that's the most popular commodity, so spare me the "slippery slope" arguments until it happens.
  • We rarely moderate on our own volition. 99% of the time I show up around here is because people have been reporting posts or PMing me. Most concerns are aired in private, naturally. So what to you might've been "minor quibbling" was a lot more bothersome to a lot more people. Whether it's just two people fighting each other or full-on community drama, it sets a bad atmosphere and disrupts discussions. You'd stop hanging around your favorite bar if there kept being loud drunken arguments in the corner making everyone uncomfortable, wouldn't you? Only option left is to call security.

    Likewise, the rules aren't there to be enforced with an iron grip. They're there so if someone keeps being a troublemaker, they can't say we didn't warn them. We read every report and have always been open to feedback, so if anyone thinks we're not doing enough or doing too much moderating, let us know. We maintain your anonymity and you can always contact us privately if necessary.
  • This is a public forum. "To ban or not to ban" is the only threat I got, either temporary or permanent, and can be revoked at any time. As far as internet punishments go, it's pretty harmless. You can still use the website, play OpenXcom freely, engage with the community or go call me bad names somewhere else. Just not here. This is all I got and all I can do is kick you out.

    This forum has been running for nearly 10 years and we've only had two bans (besides spammers), they were pretty extenuating circumstances, and they've never argued against it. So I think we're doing alright, but you're free to disagree.

Released Mods / Re: Terrain Pack considerations
« on: November 28, 2019, 07:07:55 am »
I've been asked to weigh on this, I was waiting for discussion to die down so I could take in all the facts before making a statement, but it doesn't look like that's happening any time soon.

Serious sounding statement representing OpenXcom follows

Do what you want. We're not taking any sides on this or enforcing any restrictions at this time. OpenXcom waives any responsibility regarding what players do with it. We are fine with you creating OpenXcom-related content (mods, videos, guides, etc) for free, donations or otherwise. We're only required to do anything about content hosted on and servers if lawyers come knocking. In fact, legally, you could sell OpenXcom for $10 on Steam tomorrow with all your own original content and be in the clear (so long as the code remains open-source).

We only ask that you respect creators' wishes to the best of your abilities when using their content, and we will do the same. Any disputes should preferably be solved privately between the parties and not by us. If you force our hand, you probably won't like it.

Content creators, if you have concerns over how your content is used, attribution, remixing, etc, please be upfront about it. As has been brought up, licenses like Creative Commons may be useful as they've done most of the work. We can provide advice but we'd rather not be judge, jury and executioner. Don't assume saying nothing means free-for-all, this isn't Google Images. These arguments come up all the time in modding communities, so none of this is new ground. Research and cover your ass if you must.

Personal opinions from SupSuper that may not represent the views of any other OpenXcom contributor follow

From my perspective, Hobbes had an issue with how other modders were using his content, brought it up with them, and eventually settled on a resolution. A bit drastic, but a lot was discussed in private so we're not seeing the whole picture. Nonetheless the issue was resolved, each side's wishes were followed. There was no big public outcry, no schism, no end of modding. And yet, everyone else decided to start sniping from the sidelines, worried about imaginary repercussions and coming to defend their side. "Slippery slope", "Think of the children", etc.

This is not a legal matter. Mods are a grey area. OpenXcom is a grey area. Attribution is not absolution, it's admission. Fair use is a defence for the courts, not a "get out of jail free" card. As it stands, we have mods using everything from copyrighted content, IPs, trademarks, etc. Trying to define what is and isn't "original content" will not go well for you. Any army of lawyers could wipe you off the map. The law is not on your side. Don't bother arguing this.

This is a moral matter. Just because the law is not on your side doesn't mean nobody has any say. In the end we're all operating entirely on "good faith", that's basically how modding works. It doesn't mean we all have the same opinions: "money poisons all", "everything should be shared", "my time is valuable", "for the greater good", etc. I get it, they're controversial topics. But I think the involved parties have already made up their minds, so arguing further is just adding fuel to the fire. Respect everyone's opinions, agree to disagree.

Personally, I do not fear the army of lawyers, or the slippery slope of jerks that are just waiting for the chance to tear modding apart with their stashes of exclusive closed content. That's counterproductive. I don't think there's any inherent benefit in enforcing everything to be under one rule. Content creators can create amazing things whether for free or for a price. Different people have different priorities and produce content differently. Let authors have their say. I don't care for getting credit or a cut of everyone's work. I'd rather OpenXcom be a launching point for every kind of crazy cool idea people have, than just another source of the "license boogeyman". But this is all personal, so I may be proven wrong. Hope not.

Saves should be fine, it's only mods that may not.
(eg. if you have to upgrade your mods to work on the latest nightly, then any saves on the old mod version may not work on the new mod version)

Open Feedback / Re: Forum is Under Attack by Russian Dating Scam Bots
« on: November 13, 2019, 07:06:49 am »
Thanks for letting us know. In the future, report spam directly to an admin or moderator so we can deal with it faster.

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