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OpenXcom Extended / Re: [SOLVED][Suggestion]Random alien stats.
« on: November 23, 2020, 03:51:38 am »
Attached is a sample mod changing all stats.

Can this be added as a optional sub mod for the next OXCE version?

I feel that just like the range based accuracy submod, random stats for aliens will make the game a lot more unpredictable, the key trademark of UFO and TFTD.

Released Mods / Re: [UFO MEGAMOD] XCR: X-COM Classic Remastered
« on: July 04, 2019, 08:13:08 am »
This mod is exactly what I was looking for!!! Too bad it doesn't use OXCE as a base, I stopped using Nightlyes loooong ago.

Work In Progress / Re: [OXCE+] Lua Integration
« on: September 22, 2018, 06:02:07 pm »
I hope that one day this Lua Integration could be used by modders to add multiplayer to OPEN X-COM in a similar way that Multi Theft Auto adds multiplayer to GTA San Andreas. That would make my life finally complete and I will be able to die in peace =)

With a slight delay of 10 days (because of a lot of work), version v0.2b is finally ready!

This version is more complete than the previous one, the listOrders are better organized and the weapons work well.

The problems reported by Alnoaht, Valmont and Yataka Shimaoka were resolved.

Death in the shape of a panzer battalion.

* All Tier I weapons, obtained through some very simple investigations of NATO and USSR. Now every assault rifle features a second special use: M16 uses M203 GL, FN FAL uses Underbarrel .12 Gauge shotgun and AK-47 has a deadly bayonette.
* Shotgun stun shells! Knock out and kidnap those pesky aliens!
* New tanks! 2 Tier I tanks, linked to the same weapons investigations. One fast and light, the other a bit more resistant. (NOTE: I put shielding similar to the real one in the BMD-1, please, tell me if it is too weak to increase it) and a brand new XM22 Legionnaire laser tank, researched after Alloy Manufacturing and Laser Cannon. (Special thanks to alinare for allowing me to use their sprites for the XM22 and the BMD-1 and for their help for the HWP.)
* New investigations of the new types of UFO, obtained through interrogation of Navigators and Engineers.
* Inventories for tanks.
* UFOs are now classified by "classes"! The Large and Very Large are now very slow and have weak weapons, but they have a lot of resistance (Valmont's suggestion, tested by me and by Alnoaht.) The Scouts are slower, to allow the Tier I planes to catch them.
* New handObs for basic weapons! More are coming, one for each weapon.
* New organization of weapons / tanks / etc in the UFOpedia

Amazing Release Espartano! Nice to see so many players being hyped by this right now. As a youtuber a few of my fellow comrades are playing this mod right now to evaluate potential streams.

Downloading this right now!

By the way: The new tanks look awesome!

Question: Is a new campaign recommended?

Yeah I meant "Hojas de Calculo" para balancear el mod y rastrear los cambios/progresos.

Lastimosamente mis habilidades para sprites son terribles =(

Well, you convinced me. I will modify the stats of the UFOs in the next version and we will see if it works!

Cannot think of a better combination than Xcom, Independence Day and the Cold War. Mix made in heaven!

The best part is that Cold War era was so secretive that anything could've happened so the credibility of all this is very high!

I can help you doing spreadsheet and ufopedia (both in english and spanish) work for you if you want ;)

I am sorry I overwrote on the save slot  :'(

Next time I will keep them for you.

A solution to the super Tier IV interceptors is to also lower their speeds to those of the fastests UFOs or perhaps a little slower.

On earth, no matter how big or how many engine HP an Aircraft has, the smaller jets are always faster because of weight/power ratio and also aerodynamics. Huge UFOs can probably be faster in space but on earth, also taking gravity into account, smaller UFOs and Interceptors should be faster.

Big UFOs should also have a minus to dodge so most weapons hit them (as seen in Independence day). But make up for that with incredibly strong shields/hulls =) (Only nuclear weapons can damage them).

I think this mod should go full Independence Day mechanics as those are less gamey than the default Xcom ones. (Besides it would be very refreshing for players!)

Note: On Independence day the small UFOs were a lot faster than earths jets but more so in acceleration than in final speed and they balanced that with very inaccurate "plasma" weapons so the Jets had a chance.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Cumulative damage effects on UFOs?
« on: July 20, 2018, 09:34:59 pm »
This is currently not possible.

And the same applies also to xcom craft, they don't get slower or less accurate after taking damage either.

Wow that was fast Meridian!

Too bad, would have been a wonderful feature and open up many modding and roleplay possibilities, more memorable interceptions (notably a weak spot in Xcom that you've been able to improve quite a lot) but I guess Xcom already has so many features and some of the most recent ones thanks to you!

OpenXcom Extended / Cumulative damage effects on UFOs?
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:33:41 pm »
I was wandering if it possible to have cumulative damage effects for UFOs?


- I attack a UFO-1 with Interceptor-1 and deals XX amount of damage to UFO-1.
- Interceptor-1 is outrun by UFO-1 and returns to base for repairs but Interceptor-2 soon afterwards engages UFO-1.
- For Interceptor-2 I assume it is easier to down UFO-1 since it is already damaged and I also suppose UFO-1 is not able to "Repair" Mid air.


1) Can this damage on UFO-1 be complemented with some modifiers like:
- UFO-1 is slower based on the damage/location of damage taken?
- UFO-1 has reduced accuracy because of damage taken?

It would be awesome if, even if we don't manage to down a UFO, we can at least slow it down enough so that our slower crafts have a chance to intercept it.


Me sacaste una sonrisa con tu comentario. :')

Y vos nos sacaste muchas sonrisas a nosotros cuando ganamos las misiones casi imposibles que nos pusiste ;)

Yeah, that's one of the points of the mod!

The corrected v0.2b with the rest of the weapons will be avaliable in the next few days, probably tomorrow. :)

My game crashed after two months of in game time, here is the log file:

[20-07-2018_23-38-23]   [WARN]   STR_UNIFORM_WOODLAND not found in en-US
[20-07-2018_23-38-47]   [WARN]   STR_ALLOY_CRAFT_ARMOR_UC not found in en-US
[21-07-2018_02-23-11]   [WARN]   STR_ALLOY_AEROSPACE not found in en-US
[21-07-2018_02-45-15]   [FATAL]   A fatal error has occurred: Segmentation fault. This usually indicates something missing in a mod.
[21-07-2018_02-45-15]   [FATAL]   Unfortunately, no stack trace information is available
[21-07-2018_02-45-53]   [FATAL]   OpenXcom has crashed: Segmentation fault. This usually indicates something missing in a mod.

I was at the geoscape and my Hercules was on its way to a terror mission.

I think the Aircraft Weapons that you can buy are a little bit bugged or perhaps it should appear which plane can use which weapons etc.

Also, there are many different missiles and aircraft weapons but it is really hard to tell which one is the best for any given situation.

Researching the UN/Soviet supports gives nothing as you can buy all the stuff before the research is done anyway.

UFOs are very aggressive and when I go to intercept them in 70% of the time they end up intercepting me :)

Loving the mod so far! But some parts of it seem overly complicated for no reason. There are many aircrafts you can buy but it is hard to tell which one to use since they don't differentiate between them too much.

Perhaps you did that so that players can just choose the plane they like the most and not loose much in the process.

But I think the weapons platforms and the aircraft should have more clear advantages/disadvantages/differences between them like:

- The Thunderchief is old tech but very reliable, it has average stats but its repair takes half the regular time and it is cheap in terms of maintenance.
- The Migs are very good, fast and maneuverable but you can only buy them at your base in Russia and are very expensive to maintain.
Etc. Etc.

- Also, if we are going to need heavy nuclear bombers to down the big UFOs then I think you should reduce the speed of some of the bigger UFOs. Like independence day, the bigger motherships were slow as hell.

- That way the different airplanes will have better and more unique roles: Use the fast and agile Interceptors to down small but fast UFOs or use the cumbersome but heavily armed bombers on the Bigger UFOs that don't move so fast.

Thats it for now, will give you some more feedback later on!


The preliminary version of 0.2 is now avaliable, if you want to try the new crafts. :)

Me parece que el motivo de que no se pueda minimizar, según recuerdo comentaba Meridian, es debido a cuestiones técnicas propias del juego. Y quizá también, por lo que comentaba ohartenstein23. Siempre lleva un escolta en zonas con presencia UFO. Otros transportes podrán llevar armas y sistemas AUX.

Es un gusto encontrar otro hispanohablante en el foro. Gracias por disfrutar mi trabajo, cualquier duda o sugerencia, no dudes en hacerla. :)

Descargada la nueva version, estuvimos esperandola con mi novia y entrabamos al foro todos los dias, gracias!

Will give you further feedback as always, keep it up to the to do list... I love that your mod is doable and not insane as some other mods that will probably never be really done because of their scopes.


I think that the new Fuel Tanks (thank you for your suggestion, Valmont!) with 150 extra units will extend the escort range of the fighters/bombers.

But if it is very difficult to face the HKs so early in the game, I could delay their appearance a bit. ???

We love the challenge! And with the changes you did to Fuel Tanks and Tier 2 Interceptors it is more than enough so no need to delay their appearance.

La parte que no es agradable es que cuando un HK ataca un transporte lo unico que podemos hacer los jugadores es mirar la pantalla mientras nuestra nave es destruida lentamente. Si tan solo se pudiese minimizar esta ventana y hacer otras cosas mientras la nave es destruida no seria tan desagradable perder una nave. Por ejemplo si un HK esta destruyendo mi Hercules al menos mientras eso ocurre ya puedo planear el contra ataque o la venganza y no mirando una pantallita por 60+ segundos. Es solo una cuestion de jugabilidad mas que de balance.

Por cierto hubo un problema de instalacion de mi parte, habia instalado el mod sobre el Nightly+ OCE+ cuando deberia haber instalado solo OCE+.

Ahora cuando pruebe 0.2 seguro voy a tener menos problemas porque ya solucione lo de la instalacion.

Desde ya muchas gracias por tu tremendo trabajo!

You can send help - attach an escort to your transport before you send it out.  Do you really think an aggressor targeting an unarmed transport will really wait the time it'd take for your interceptor to launch and arrive to help?

The problem about attaching escorts is the tremendous fuel difference between transports and interceptor crafts making escorting not really viable in this particular mod (it works fine in vanilla because interceptors have 1500+ fuel).

Also, in this particular case the HK intercepted my Hercules/Skyranger very close to my base (~40KM) so my interceptor would have had the time to arrive before the transport was destroyed, you see:

- It was a medium scout and it took at least 60 shots to down my transport each shot taking ~ a second.

- My Hercules would have made 10 Km in those 60 seconds and the Interceptor at 1.400 KM/H would have made 24KM but since they would have been going in opposite directions the chances of arriving in time are +- 4KM.

Of course Xcom is not exactly known for being realistic so we have to factor in the fun factor here and I think many will agree that it can be more fun to have the same functionality (allow minimizing the windows) when intercepting and when being intercepted (HK).

Right now it feels like the Aliens are cheating a little bit.

That's weird. This happens more than once?

Yep, that were the famous Hunter-Killers. They are already scripted into the campaign, so you will face them since november-december, with more difficult HKs appearing later in the campaign. But sometimes, a loner UFO can turn HK.

When a HK catches you, you can't leave the screen to wait for reinforcements. Most of them, leave the fight when you hurt them about the 50% of their HP.

Actually, I think it's possible to out-run a HK, but you need to be faster than the UFO.

I think it is kind of unfair that when we are attacked by a HK we cannot send help (minimize the interception) to prevent our personnel carrier crafts from dying helplessly.  :'( but I also know that it wasn't you the one who created the HK so its behavior is not in your hands.

I will suggest this in the HK mod post here on the forums.

I've finished them yesterday. I'm going to release them today or tomorrow. They nearly double the average Tier I stats, are very beautiful. :')

Also expect to find some new guns and a reskin to others. :D

Feel free to give your suggestions. If it fits into the mod, I will (try to) add it. :D

Can't wait! I will be one of your beta testers ;)

Thank you so much, Valmont! It's always nice to heard some nice words. ;D

I know, it is supposed to be low for the Tier 1 planes. I even made some maths to calculate the most realistic fuel capacity. The Phantom had the worst combat range, some 84~ fuel units. It was almost imposible to use, so I increased it a little.

Try to engage in squadrons of two planes, the MiG-25 Foxbat and the F.6 Lightning are useful to pick up small UFOs. Or you can wait until the UFO slows down to send some bombers/fighters. Be careful, some UFOs actually hunt your crafts.

Yes, I'm taking this in account. Maybe even  decrease a little the speed of the Scouts, to give Tier 1 UNEXCOM fighters a chance to fight back. Mostly because, their speed it's their real one.

The first researchable planes (after some Alloy research) are an important boost to UNEXCOM air forces, both in terms of combat range and fighting capacity. They are almost done. ;)

Got it, i'm going to increase that too.

Thank you too for playing! Any more feedback and/or suggestions are always welcome. ;D

Thanks for the tips Spartan and we the fans should be the ones thanking you devs and modders for many many hours of not only entertainment and fun but also tactical and management thinking that Xcom tough so many of us.

I tried engaging with two or more planes but the game would not allow me for some reason. (Clicking the top left square icon to minimize the pursuit did not work).

Also, on one ocation I sent my hercules to a landed medium scout and when the hercules was about 50km from the site the UFO went airborne and attacked my Hercules. (It was amazing and scary to realize how reactive and human like the aliens are now!)

I guess it was my fault for not sending an armed escort jet with the Hercules but the bad part was that when the UFO engaged the Hercules I was not able to minimize the interception window (again clicking the top left icon did nothing) so I could not send help and had to just watch for a minute or two how my Hercules was slowly destroyed by the UFO.

I felt desperate and helpless during those minutes and I don't know if that was intended or a miss installation on my part? My GF almost started crying because her soldier was about to die and there was nothing we could do but then I told her about saved games and she got better.  ;)

Also, during the engagement the only options I had were to engage the UFO in long/short range, and since my Hercules had no weapons it would be nice if I had the option to try to Outrun or let go of the UFO like regular interceptors have. This might've been pointless since the Hercules could never really outrun a UFO but at least I would have felt better like I did everything I could. ;D

The only other suggestion I have is that the Sherman Tank looks kinda bad compared to the other units so maybe it could be improved just a little. It looks stretched and kinda out of proportion.

Looking forward the tier 2 jets!

Valmont out!

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