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You're quite welcome. If you're going to introduce any new flags in the next version, I'm down for recoloring those as well.

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Oops. Death sounds for soldiers were broken due to them being at different locations in OG XCOM. I deleted the appropriate lines, and now death sounds work same as in default TFTD.

That explains it. Thanks.

Here's a fully TFTD'd version of the mod with the recolored flags. I did mess around with the Portuguese, Slovakian and Spanish flags to make the intricate details a little clearer, but otherwise, they're basically the same as the originals.

If I was to put this on the mod page, would it be cool to put my name in the metadata.yml after Solarius's like so:

"by Solarius Scorch (TFTD recolor by BeOS_Refugee)"

Or just leave a note in the readme?

So, I'm looking to get this working in TFTD by recoloring the flags by hand. I've tried extracting out the palettes from the UFOPedia TFTD PALETTES.DAT images using aesprite, but I can't figure out what palette the flags need to use. I thought it was the Base/Research palette, but using that still results in some of the colors being off. I tried the other palettes, and none of them seem to be correct either.

I've attached one of the attempts at a recolored USA flag, then what it looks like in game.

Am I missing something obvious, or is there a quirk in TFTD's palette system that's messing this up?

Is there a way to run this with the correct color palette in TFTD? I could have sworn I saw a patch posted somewhere, but I can't find it.

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