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The X-Com Files / Re: Entere the alien embasy
« on: August 27, 2021, 03:21:04 pm »
so im not here to convince anyone, one way or the other, i just want to say that Jan 99 was very brutal for me with almost 20 ufos of various sizes in russia, and obviously i couldnt deal with anything bigger than medium in any proper way, and at the end of jan 99, russia had signed a deal with the aliens, and this is with me having dealt with the 4 cults by mid-december 98 and having promo3 by start of dec98. It just felt like a complete kick in the teeth as id done everything i could up till that point and had positive scores, and about a months worth of IRL investment in the evenings. So when and if i get round to dealing with the colony in russia, ill probably give them a few months of just nothing and the "cheat" and edit the save to bring them back into the fold, as if they can flip to the aliens in a month, they can probavbly flip back yo humans after a few months, kinda like in UNEXCOM.

Im slightly confused with the convoy missions, how do you progress from small to medium to large? Is it just a number that need to be done or a specific objective/character that needs to be caught?

Does this mean that if i have the most upto date version of oxce I cant play this mod?

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