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XPiratez / Re: Succesion-Style Collaborative X-Piratez Let's play!
« on: June 10, 2019, 02:09:23 am »
Hi, I'm Gothmos in the discord.
I'm interested, 1-2 months sounds good to me. Just about finished my current playthruogh of 14a (at conq grind) and am not keen to commit to another full playthrough but a few months sounds manageable.
I'm in favour of upgrading mid patch, would suggest not starting until the big patch expected within a few weeks.

XPiratez / Re: A thread for little questions
« on: June 05, 2019, 05:25:44 am »
Anyone knows where to get the golden statue? That's the only thing I'm missing to get my magical girl outfit.
Follow the smuggler mission story arc and you'll find it.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Working Title: Useful hotkeys
« on: July 15, 2018, 09:21:14 am »
My Discord name is Gothmos in XPiratez chat if you need to DM me.

I'm also considering making a sort of "screen by screen" walkthrough for how to complete various tasks in XPiratez with all these extra features to do it smart and easy.

OpenXcom Extended / [Documentation] Working Title: Useful hotkeys
« on: July 15, 2018, 09:19:26 am »
Hi, this post is my first rough draft of a list of useful extra shotcuts sorted by screen for XPiratez. Made for 0.99J3.
This has been compiled from Meridian's changelogs for OXCE+, it's possible I've missed things in the changelogs, ignored things I don't even notice now and not noticed features added in OXC or OXCE. I've yet to do a proper formatting or spellchecking pass, just getting this out here for now.

Please let me know if I've got something wrong or I've missed something.


UNIVERSAL (In most menus)
+ Access Bootypedia shortcut (using configured keyboard shortcut, default "U")
+ View Bootypedia entry for an item with MIDDLE CLICK
+ In large menus of strings you can press q to search for specific items ("Q"uick search) (added in research, manufacture, ufopedia, stores, buy, sell, equip craft and inventory).
Esc to remove any written text (resets filter), enter with no text to remove quicksearch box.
In the inventory screen, you can additionally search for categories of items (Categories as shown in the dropdown menu in the craft equipment menu).

-"Predict UFO trajectory" option used to exist but is currently removed for performance reasons
+ T for targets of interest (lists current available missions)
+ CTRL+cancel in "UFO Detected" window will put this UFO on ignore list (=will not be re-detected again), displays the "Full reverse!" tag instead of "Abort!" in XPiratez when done right.
+ Q to open the Techtreeviewer
+ C to view global research screen (shows what research at which base and if any brainers anywhere are unassigned at a glance)

+ Ctrl+B to reopen mission briefing during mission
+ Access Bootypedia (default "U")
+ Kneel indicator now included (I think this is the indented kneel icon)
+ If holding unconscious unit in one hand and knife weapon in other, Execute option is now available (on the knife I believe)
+ Hold CTRL when choosing where to fire to "FORCE FIRE". This can be used to make a shot you know you can make but the game doesn't, or tactically blow holes in scenery for example.
+When moving, you can:
1) Hold SHIFT when clicking on a tile to walk to the lcoation without stopping every time an enemy is spotted.
2) Hold CTRL when clicking on a tile >1 tile away to RUN to it. This increases energy useage and decreases TU cost per tile.
3) Hold CTRL when clicking on a tile adjacent to the moving unit to "sidestep" to the target tile. The unit will walk towards the tile but after the animation will still be facing in its previous direction. Useful for sidestepping around corners to avoid reaction fire.
+ Hold ALT to see visible unit facings
+ Hold ALT after using motion tracker to see revealed locations of enemies. (Reminder: only works for "motion")
+ CTRL+E to view the no experience indicator
+ Crtl+H to show the hit/miss log for the last "action". (This is not meant to tell you how much damage is being done, only if it's hitting / actually hurting the enemy)
+ Ctrl+M for Melee-weapon damage preview (pre resistance and armour calculations). For projectile weapons, see the next tip. The damage for projectile weapons shown is if they have a melee attack (example: Police shotgun's gunbutt attack)

Damage displayed considers:
a/ base weapon power
b/ power bonus based on soldier's stats
c/ power reduction based on distance
d/ damage distribution (e.g. 0-200%, 50-150% and so on)

It does NOT consider:
- armor of the enemy
- resistances of the enemy
- many secondary OXCE effects (armor effectiveness, immunities, non-heath damage, etc.)

+ Hold ALT when selecting where to fire a projectile weapon to see its potential damage displayed on the crosshair. Same considerations as CRTL+M. The reason for this difference is because the damage of a projectile weapon is dependant on the ammo, which can be changed.

+ Auto sell feature. If items are set to be sold in the after-mission loot screen, in each mission after that they are automatically set to be sold (can be turned off). This is particuarly useful for junk items you don't want cluttering the base.
+ X to "Sell all". Can be used in After Battle Loot or Base Fence screens.

+ Bootypedia shortcut (see universal, "U" by default)
+ Explosives are un-primed automatically before dropping them during inventory management, unless manually dropped on ground
+ Select Avatar GUI in,6128.msg94105.html#msg94105 Inventory (with preview!) (same hotkey as for minimap, default "M" or right click)
+ Change armour with hotkey (default, "A" or left click)
+ See armour information (Middle click, most items bootypedia entries can be seen like this, works in most menus)
+ Scroll ground inventory backwards (shift-click or right-click)
+ Hold ALT to see potential damage range of the selected weapon
+ X to clear selected girls inventory
+ C to copy current girls inventory as a temperorary template (until you exit inventory screen)
+ V to paste the current temporary template
+ TAB to cycle to the next girl (same effect as clicking the next unit button). There is a user definable option to scroll to previous girl. (I use "d" as it's not used on the inventroy screen otherwise.
+ CRTL+LEFT Click to move item from inventory to ground and vice versa.
+ Global equipment layouts, more info:,4747.msg69139.html#msg69139
The gist is that F5 to save an inventory template to a slot. 20 Slots are available which can be named arbitarily, 1-9 can be acessed by hotkeys. F9 to open the load template menu.
Note that "Q"uicksearch does not work on the F5 or F9 menus.
+ Ability to remove all unused items from craft inventory. (Shortcut is CTRL + ALT + X, where X is the hotkey for "clear inventory".)

It works:
- in base pre-equipment (with a craft)

It doesn't work:
- during mission briefing
- during battle
- in base pre-equipment (without a craft)

+ Ability to enable/disable mind shield in base view (R-click)
+ RIGHT CLICK a facility to view the menu provided by the facility. ex) Right click the vault to see stores. Right click prison to manage your prison. (This is useful rather then sorting your Fence menu by people)
+ LEFT CLICK a facility to sell it
+ CRTL+LEFT CLICK to relocate it for 99K
+ MIDDLE CLICK to open ufopedia entry for building

CRAFT MENU (thinking of splitting into craft crew/equipment menus)
+ hotkey to de-assign all soldiers from all craft at once (key for clear inventory, usually "X"). Use from the menu where you select crew for a craft, not before choosing the craft.
+ X to de-equip ALL items from the selected craft in the equipment screen
+ CTRL + ALT + X to remove all UNUSED items from craft inventory (use from soldier inventory before leaving base, see INVENTORY)
+ I to open Inventory from Craft Equipment (uses the battlescape inventory hotkey, I by default)
+ Quick Load/Save hotkeys (F5/F9) in the Craft Equipment menu let you save/load up to 10 equipment templates for your craft. See,5637.0.html
+ Show selected stat in "Equip Crew" and "Soldiers" window without actually sorting the soldiers by holding control and clicking on the desired stat in the "sort by" dropdown menu.
+ Shift+click to display sorted units in descending instead of ascending order.

+ X to mark all displayed items as seen
+ Right click a manufacturing item to toggle its status. The order goes New->Seen->Hidden->New. "Hidden" items aren't visible in the menu unless the "Hidden" tab is selected from the dropdown menu. (Similair to "missing facilities")
+ Right click arrows to add max amount. (Right clicking the runts arrows will use all spare or remove all runts from project. Right clicking the amount will make infinite or set it to just finish the item in production, no more)
+ Q to quicksearch for specific words

+ Right click an item to toggle its status. "Hidden" items aren't visible in the menu unless the "Hidden" tab is selected from the dropdown menu.

+ Can click on medal names to see their ufopedia entry, ESC to return to the hand's diary. (also works wherever medals are shown)

+ Zoom graphs with + and -

(to be constructed)

Edited 2018-07-16: Fixed CTRL and SHIFT descriptions for battlescape movement. Added force firing.

XPiratez / Re: [MOD] Unified Uniform Production Names
« on: June 29, 2018, 06:49:40 am »
Thanks for the fast reply :)

XPiratez / Re: [MOD] Unified Uniform Production Names
« on: June 29, 2018, 06:13:10 am »
Can anyone confirm if this works in J2? I'm not even sure how to check if it's working correctly myself.

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