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IDT Modding Hub / Re: [OXCE][WIP][DLC] UNEXCOM: Bureau 11
« on: August 18, 2021, 09:10:53 am »
A new update is ready.

UNEXCOM v0.8.7 Above and Beyond is alive (since may)!

What's new in this update?

Code: [Select]
30-May-2020 v0.1 Proving Grounds
Changes made:
*Removed vanilla content
*Added Act 1 weapons, ruleset by Brother^2, sprites by efrenespartano
*Added Act 2 weapons, ruleset by Brother^2, sprites by efrenespartano
*Added Act 3 weapons, ruleset by Brother^2, sprites by efrenespartano
*Added initial research, by Brother^2
*Added ammo resprite script, wrote by Filip-H
*Added new backgrounds for all the base screens, by efrenespartano
*Added new crafts
    - Cadillac El Dorado, by Alex_D
    - U-2 Dragon Lady, by efrenespartano
    - Mudranger, by the XCF team
    - UH-1A Iroquois, by Alex_D, Nord & efrenespartano
    - F-104 Starfighter, by Andr
    - X-62 Skyranger, by efrenespartano
*Added new craft weapons, by efrenespartano
    - Sidewinder Missile
    - M61 Vulcan Cannon
    - Fuel Tank
    - Flare Dispenser
    - Improved Spy Camera
    - Experimental Jet Thruster
*Added item categories
*Added custom difficulty names
*Added Alien Laser Weapons, ruleset by Brother^2, sprites by wolwerin
*Added food and medical items, by Brother^2
*Added Laser Devil Axe, ruleset by Brother^2, sprites by wolwerin
*Added new soldierTypes, by RamoZ
    - Bureau 11 Agent
    - US Army Veteran
    - Directorate 17 Agent
*Added D17 unit, ruleset by Brother^2, sprites by The Martian & efrenespartano
*Added US Army unit ruleset by Brother^2, sprites by Hans Woofington & efrenespartano
*Added Hybrid Thin Man, ruleset by Brother^2, sprites by efrenespartano
*Added CMP Vanilla
*Added IDT_RED_FARM terrain, Experimental

The main focus on this first update is to try and test the weapons (and the enemies) on the mission simulator. This is also the second IDT mod to use Filip-H's ammo resprite script (the first one is Counter-Terrorism Operations), which allows to dynamically change the bigOb sprite based on the ammo loaded. Our goal is to have this feature on all our mods.

Our next goal is to add the campaign with both Act 1 story missions and side missions. The work is slow but steady!

A new update is ready.

UNEXCOM v0.8.7 Above and Beyond is alive (since may)!

What's new in this update?

Code: [Select]
11-May-2021 v.0.9.0 Above and Beyond
Changes made:
*Added endgame arc missions
*Added Alien Space Station missions, maps by wolverin
*Added Space Shuttle Transport
*Alien Lasers no longer usable by players
*Alien Lasers can now be dissasembled, used in craft laser manufacture
*Airstrikes can no longer be used on terrorist missions
*New sprites and audio for airstrikes
*Flashbangs now reduce reactions and accuracy for a turn
*Simplified weapon modification recepies, removed toolkit
*Readjusted mission amounts, significantly less UFOs now spawn
*Enemy units now have only half time units during the players first turn
*Adjusted Saladin machine gun tu costs
*Terrorist commander now also unlocks terrorist operations research
*Added bulletsprite for flechettes
*Added SR-71 Blackbird
*Fixed certain alien engineers not unlocking plasma weapon research
*Added new hidden enemy turn backgrounds
*Removed Avenger
*A guranteed alien base now always get created
*Terrorist missions now have names
*New Flare Sprite
*New Bear, default, personal, heavy and power armor sprites, by Hans Woofington
*Increased Bear front armor
*Fixed alloy rifle and carbine firing wrong ammo on burst fire
*Linna satellite inaccesible on game start, now behind satellites research
*Increased the speed of T1 and T2 Fighters
*Adjusted firestorm weapon slots
*Hunter-Killers now have radar circles
*Despawn penalty for terror missions halved
*Stunning enemies now improves morale, just like Kills
*Changed Soviet craft names to nato callsigns
*Removed CQC
*Added salamadron corpse sprite, by ReaverOfDarkness
*T2 satellite now can equip one more weapon and has more hitpoints
*Items in hangars now spawn in a single pile, by ReaverOfDarkness
*Reduced civilians on base defence missions
*Added death sounds to turrets
*Adjusted Ufopedia, added new articles
*Added sprayWaypoints to all SMGs and LMGs
*Added new sprite for battery
*Fixed small turrets sprite, they now point towards where they look
*Improved Cobra, Flanker, Hind and Viggen base sprites
*New sprite for XM22 tank
*Added flavour text to main menu
*Added armour repairing
*New sprite for hunting rifle and FN FAL
*New M1 sprite, by Shawn Clarke
*Added UN path
*Added Stoner weapon line
*Added UN laser weapon
*Added UN T2 Craft
*Added new medical items for space missions
*Added new space armors
*Rebalanced soviet laser weapons, by ReaverOfDarkness
*Rearranged ammos to be nested under guns, by pedroterzero
*Made certain ammos only buyable once appropriate research has been gotten
*Normalised audio, by pedroterzero
*Ufopedia typo corrections, by pedroterzero
*Added Companion Book, by im bored, Southoftheline, Ace009, Filip-H & efrenespartano

12-May-2021 v. Above and Beyond Hotfix
Changes made:
*Fixed Antarctic base crashing
*Adjusted auto shotgun ammo cost
*Fixed the heavy personal armor repair manufacture not requiring heavy armour wreck
*Fixed missing string
*New USSR support image, provided by Cupon4uk
*New sprites for some aliens from the recycledalienscollection, by wolverin
*Adjusted Wound and armor-damage values of ballistic weapons

Yeah, i forgot to update the forum thread since 3 months ago. :P But better late than never!

So, basically the mod is completely playable from beginning to end! The main story arc is finished, but we are still working on refining and balancing the mod, plus making new content.

Make sure to
play the Overseer mission without saving and reloading
. There is an issue with the map generation of said craft and you cannot finish the battle if you have saved and reloaded... not even once. The issue has been found and it will be fixed on the next update. Otherwise, feel free to go!

Also, our fellow Streamer friends have been playing UNEXCOM!

Make sure to give them a check over Twitch and YouTube.

Watch wolwerin's campaign

Follow ClosetYeti's playthrough

Check out nomadic_engi gameplay!

Tools / Re: Android Editing Tools
« on: August 09, 2021, 07:28:05 am »
I often do modding on Android and I recommend Acode.

The github support is awesome and the app itself its quite easy to use.

Resources / Re: The Martian's Cydonian Art Gallery
« on: July 30, 2021, 12:08:27 am »
Awesome sprites as always, The Martian!

Released Mods / Re: [TFTD][MAJOR] Return to The Deep
« on: July 15, 2021, 10:47:47 pm »
I'm not a big fan of TFTD, but you had me with your Red Alert 2 joke! I'll give it a good try, sounds like a reasonable and well planned mod!

I like the concept of having First Alien War tech, I'll bug you with issue feedback if i find any.
Congrats on your new mod, btw! Looking forward to seeing additional progress on your project.

My friend Filip H told me he's working on your mod. And he is a staple of hard work and high quality standards, so I'm sure this project will become an excellent mod!

Great idea and brilliant implementation, i look forward to see more news from you.

Tools / Re: UnitSprite Studio
« on: May 02, 2021, 06:10:38 pm »

I was waiting for this, thank you so much! Your tools make my life easier. :D

Work In Progress / Re: Unused Sprites from XCOM
« on: May 01, 2021, 03:25:49 pm »
Ok, as I promised.
Hope you guys give it a good use

Thanks a lot for your efforts! :D Its awesome. If i use it on my mods i'll let you know. Looking forward to see more of your work!

I've been on the hype train since... huh, two years ago. I'm glad it finally came to the hype station!

Congrats for your new release, my friend! Looking forward to see this mod active a long time.  ;D

Tools / Re: HandOb maker
« on: April 26, 2021, 09:23:31 pm »

Mate, dunno if it's a bug or something on my side but could be possible to save the handOb and floorObs in the OXC palette like on UnitSprite Studio? Every time I save a sprite it removes the palette and I need to fix it.

Just a minor hindrance, otherwise the tool works delightful. Keep up the good work!  ;D

Tools / Re: VSCode OpenXcom Modding Tools
« on: April 26, 2021, 04:48:48 pm »
Over the weekend I released 0.8.0 with a new feature and a quite some fixes. It now has context aware autocomplete, across files. From the readme:

A new update is ready now.

UNEXCOM v0.8.7 Above and Beyond is alive now!

What's new in this update?

Code: [Select]
20-Apr-2021 v0.8.7 Above and Beyond
Changes made:
*Fixed Tunnan article not appearing
*Fixed some alien races not having sectoid and ethereal officers, reported by Cupon4uk
*Increased SH-missile effectiveness against UFO shields
*Fixed some live aliens not disapearing after being researched
*Adjusted Long Rifle Ammo capacity to 14
*Fixed alloy sniper ammo being the wrong size, reported by Cupon4uk
*Fixed SKS ufopaedia category
*Fixed some ammunition types being visible in ufopaedia before appopriate research, reported by Rclipse
*Pilot armor now improves pilot interception stats
*Added images for small fighter and troop Lander
*Improved range of Hind, Hind now performs missile strike on the first turn
*Improved air strike item sprites
*Added alien lasers, rulesets by Brother^2, sprites by wolwerin
*Added Thin Man, rulesets by Brother^2, sprites by efrenespartano
*Fixed counterterrorist missions not appearing
*Added terrorist HQ raid mission, map by wolwerin
*Rebalanced mercenaries and special forces, moved their research behind terrorist arc progression
*M16 is now default rifle of USA path, M16 M203 now behind special forces research
*ADEN cannon now only available after NATO air support research

This update fixes many bugs, bring us closer to completing the main story arc  (the Terrorists can now be defeated) and on the next update we will add more Space-related content (after so long!)

Below, the new Terrorist HQ mission and a hint of the new Space missions! (Images by Filip-H)

OpenXcom Extended / [SUGGESTION] Priming grenades sound
« on: April 26, 2021, 06:50:01 am »

I'd like to make a (i hope) small suggestion for a new addition: a priming sound for grenades (battleType: 4)!
My ideas for it are basically having a small "ping!" when you prime a Frag, a tic-tac sound on a TNT pack or a lighter starting fire on the cloth of a Molotov!

Example below

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_GRENADE
    explosionHitSound: 50
    primeSound: 51
    tuPrime: 20

I hope this may be useful for other modders besides me and i hope this may be easy to implement. Thanks in advance!

Tools / Re: UnitSprite Studio
« on: April 26, 2021, 04:32:07 am »

I'm not sure I understand what you need. I've never done any unit sprite recoloring myself.
I came up with something like this:
You would select which layers and frames you want to change, then create a list of operations to do on the pixels. For example 'Change color' or 'Change brightness' and then apply the operations.
I've added a draft of how the UI could look.

Basically this is what I had in mind! Thanks a bunch, looking forward to see it implemented

Tools / Re: UnitSprite Studio
« on: April 10, 2021, 05:15:50 am »
That's basically what I've doing since I started using it. I'm not saying it's impossible to continue to do it like that, but I'd like to spend more time working on this tool when doing sprites. xD

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