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40k / Re: 40k
« on: December 28, 2018, 03:18:48 pm »
hey next version will be enforce , and that version be release soon  enough with a lot of corrections... but  meanwhile just replace this file in ruleset folder.
Once the mode becomes "main" there is no side mod available to active (we have to put that sub mod in the folder)
Thanx a bunch :)

40k / Re: 40k
« on: December 28, 2018, 10:13:05 am »
Hey people. Great mod and all, though I've a silly question to ask. How do I enable (or enforce) that PSI-line of sight thingy? Gettin' frustrated beyond any recognition by those all-seein sorcerers.

XPiratez / Re: A thread for little questions
« on: May 25, 2017, 01:18:12 pm »
Oh silly me, right. Thanx.
But if it defaults to ctrl+alt+x shouldnt hottkeys page list this instead of non-working ones? Imma go point this out somewhere

XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« on: May 25, 2017, 01:07:46 pm »
On hotkeys pedia entry, clear inventory & ship inventory is backsapce / ctrl+alt+bckspace but its default is x/ctrl+alt+x so it would seem (for a dummy like me) that they wont work. I believe it would be better if it says x instead :>

XPiratez / Re: A thread for little questions
« on: May 25, 2017, 05:09:58 am »
Backspace n ctrl+alt+backspace (or something) wont clear inventory or ship's inventory respectivelyy
 I was using those like half-a year ago but now they wont work :<
Keyboard itself is ok
What do?

Nah, I'm just being careless. I actually fed a dog cause cqc wasnt there back then : D
Also, weather forecast is much appreciated D, <3 <3

Finally got to play some piratez, nice changelog, gj gj still lookin forward to 1.0 :3 those fucking dogs tho

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - 0.99F.3 - 07.03 - 3 Years of Pirating
« on: March 18, 2017, 12:10:24 am »
Believe me, I don't know either. Some were downloaded from sound repositories, some were on my drive for years.
It's some rly nice coincidence since FAKK2 is basically a playable heavy metal magazine :D

Also since last update I cant change some of the settings in options->advanced, theyre greyed out, what do?

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - 0.99F.3 - 07.03 - 3 Years of Pirating
« on: March 15, 2017, 01:45:09 am »
That moment you realise one of the death moan sounds is actually from FAKK2 <333

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - 0.99F.1 - 13 Feb - Slave Wars
« on: March 07, 2017, 01:54:00 am »
recently I heard complaints that every other mission has bad weather. :)
Ha! :D
2. You CAN see weather upon arrival, by the background color.
Something's wrong on my end then, since BG changes only after end turn1.
1. Well I might add an alternate mansion for crawl lovers, but I'm sure as hell to get a lot of flak from crawl-haters :) I'd really love an alternate gothic tileset for that second Mansion :)
This is awesome tots, the sole idea of goin thru huge level facing 9000 enemies goosebumps me.
And I'm by no means good at anything, nor I claim to be, BUT I think I can point out why this time limit is wrong.
When there was no time limit you had two options - chop chop em up or grab stuff and leave.
Now you only have one - grab stuff n leave. Till you reach high tech of course, yet I hope you can see what I see there.

I'm also totally pointing this out again:
a way of reading bootypedia without pausing the game
Is it even doable code-wise or somehow? Me being relatively new (hardcore blackbird) player, found myself spending quarter playtime in pedia sippin coffee figuring out how not to fork up. Having game time not stop would be a huge boost to immersion, overall enjoyability.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - 0.99F.1 - 13 Feb - Slave Wars
« on: March 06, 2017, 11:03:19 pm »
Had some time playing this last update...
I'm just skipping mansions till better tech. Do want an option to turn mansion timer off. I actually liked those long, tedious dungeon crawling style missions.
Also I still cant swallow the 2nd turn weather discovery. Its just irrational even for a game.
Would've been much better if you simply saw it upon arrival.
The whatever weather is also rare. Couldve been better if it was more often, since now you sometimes forget it's even a thing.
Dunno if it's affected by mission location tho.
Also, what I thought of like 80% of geoscape is a way of reading bootypedia without pausing the game, that, if implemented, would be delicious. Tho I guess impossible, or it wouldve been already somewhere out there...
Great update overall, but those neg highlights. :*

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - 0.99F.1 - 13 Feb - Slave Wars
« on: February 19, 2017, 06:11:06 pm »
This game cures cancer.
Only thing I disliked in latest update is the mansion timer. First time I completed one (in 3 hours IRL time on early tech) I felt like +1 int lol. Felt like some beloved dungeon crawling.
However timer's no big deal anyways.

Couple questions Dix

This being 0.99, how close is this release to completion? I mean, it was 0.99 few weeks back and now theres all these changes
What inspired the game setting? It feels heavy-metal-ish as hell, which is uber awesome, but I believe there's more.
Does weather affect enemy?

Once again, this game is diamonds. Thanx. <3

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