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Released Mods / [UFO] [TFTD] PSX Music, SFX and Cinematics
« on: February 24, 2018, 09:35:13 pm »
These are the mods I previously uploaded on the mod portal. Since using it is discouraged now, I'm uploading them here for posterity.

These were extracted and recoded from the original PlayStation versions of UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep. They are quite large so I've uploaded them to MEGA so they fit.

- PlayStation UFO and TFTD Music!MVJxWCKI!vlqHmSVvoN2QM_oj3JvyFf0f21_4UCLdMA-wetTyOJg!JIoEkAbJ!odnWOe9av216YQD1o_ct9xWqoFZjvccEJK0-0169Rko

- PlayStation UFO and TFTD Sound Effects!5cpFlazb!NRiwwbPWpvfAXzIkTHHRR2axqLDxAwWf3fbQeCEDmh4!BAglEKKI!FQdL36Mj6GMmnUyUfktHA4BHSSYAkjlTZH7lKxI0YFs

- Playstation UFO and TFTD Cinematics!8IYxkQ7Y!2tmQHqsx0Aic25BHXP1X82BHLE1Q6WD29ByjeAymiFQ!RAZAkYDY!Yqq00SXRb7qN-ZcpkuGBTJ1vIhp28issbuX8pQ4QnTI

* TFTD cinematics tends to be buggy, probably due to the weird resolution they have. They are the same as the PC version ones, but contain weird bars on top and bottom, so you're probably not missing much.

Offtopic / Re: The PSX version had cutscenes, apparently.....
« on: June 15, 2017, 11:33:41 pm »

I am aware of the mod portal issue, but uploading a large file there sometimes takes hours so I don't want to go through that again, instead I uploaded a link to mediafire and posted it on the mod description. Here are the links in case you don't want to go back there.

If the devs are reading this, I also made a PR to support the "mission aborted" cutscenes: if you're unfamiliar with the PSX version the PR may seem pointless, but it's necessary to support this (btw: that build error has nothing to do with the code - it's some timeout one of the jobs had downloading a dependency).

If it ever gets merged I'll update the mod with the missing cutscene.

EDIT: Ok. I've just realized the mediafire links were taken down, I couldn't notice it because I was logged in to my account. I can't upload them as an attachment because of the file size. I'll keep retrying on the mod portal then, and update this when it works.

EDIT2: That was quick. It's working now:

EDIT3: The PR was merged, so I've uploaded version 1.1 that plays the abort cutscenes!


I'm going to use this opportunity to document how to make cutscenes for the nightly.

  • You need to extract the audio from your movie into a separate file (for example, an .avi into an .ogg). You can do this with a multitude of video converters, like ffmpeg.
  • Use RAD Video Tools to convert the video file into a FLC file, by going into the "Convert a file" option. Set the frame rate to 70. I also recommend that the target video dimensions are 320x200.
  • Open the FLC file with a hex editor (HxD is a good choice) and change the byte at offset 0x04 (should have 0x12) to 0x11, and the byte at offset 0x10 to 0x01. There is more information about what each chunk means here, see the "Flic Header" part.
  • Finally, create your ruleset with your new files! Details are in the wiki except how to set an audio track. Here's an example:
      - type: 2CYDON_7
      - type: cydonia
          - Resources/ANIMS/2CYDON_7.FLC
          - 2CYDON_7
          cutscene: cydonia

Released Mods / Re: [UI] Amiga/PSX Fonts
« on: December 30, 2016, 05:57:13 pm »
That one works perfectly. Thanks!

Released Mods / Re: [UI] Amiga/PSX Fonts
« on: December 30, 2016, 12:19:41 am »
With the latest nightlies, there appears to be an issue with transparency (with version 1.5 of this mod). The colors come wrong. I'm not exactly sure of what to edit, I've compared the original FontBig.png and FontSmall.png with the ones in this mod in gimp and the background is transparent, so there is nothing noticeable that could be causing this issue. Does anyone know why this could be?

Also, this mod's AmigaFont.dat is outdated and will crash the game. To make it work, you have to copy the game's dat, and edit the fields accordingly.

Suggestions / Re: PSX Cutscenes
« on: September 05, 2016, 03:55:47 pm »
I tried to mod them in last year but ultimately couldn't.

TFTD's cutscenes are in a different format than UFO's. One can try to convert UFO's videos (or any video actually) to the TFTD format (FLC) using RAD Video Tools or some old 90's era editors, but the current implementation of OpenXcom would only play the video without sound.

This happens because the FLC format has multiple versions, and OpenXcom has a custom implementation that does not conform 100% to the FLC specification, since it was made only to play the TFTD format.

Here I posted some of my findings:,3639.0.html

It's been a year since I was fiddling with this so I don't remember everything, but if I recall correctly, there was an open source library, part of ffmpeg, that in theory could be used in the current code in order to support all FLC variants.

TL;DR: It's not possible with the current implementation, unless someone codes it in.

EDIT: Actually, that was with last's year source code. I haven't checked if there have been any changes in the implementation.

Troubleshooting / Re: Need help compiling under Windows/VS2015
« on: September 06, 2015, 05:10:21 am »
Ok, I switched to VS2010 express and now it builds, but whenever I try to run the application I get the following error:

Code: [Select]
Unhandled exception at 0x005986dc in OpenXcom.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xabababab.
It breaks in the following line in impl.h:

Code: [Select]

for(node_map::const_iterator it=m_map.begin();it!=m_map.end();++it) {
if(equals(*it->first, key, pMemory))
return *it->second;

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Troubleshooting / Re: Need help compiling under Windows/VS2015
« on: August 31, 2015, 04:31:34 pm »
I thought so. I got confused because the Visual Studio link in the wiki redirects to the 2015 download link.


Troubleshooting / Need help compiling under Windows/VS2015
« on: August 31, 2015, 08:32:45 am »
I'm having problems compiling under Visual Studio 2015. I downloaded the dependencies from the wiki and added them to the deps folder, but I get the following error while the build process is linking:

Code: [Select]
Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol __imp____iob_func OpenXcom G:\Documentos\Workspace\Git\openxcom\src\SDLmain.lib(SDL_win32_main.obj) 1
What am I doing wrong?

Programming / Re: TFTD cutscenes
« on: August 28, 2015, 07:54:56 pm »
Code: [Select]
I think you can specify a "music" track, but I'll investigate.

From what I've seen in the wiki and the code itself, you can't unless it's for slideshows. Animated cutscenes only need you to specify a video file.

Adding that feature would solve the audio problem, but not the playback speed feature.

Programming / Re: TFTD cutscenes
« on: August 27, 2015, 06:06:18 pm »
Why not just make a video-only FLC with a separate audio track backing it, like in UFO?

How can I do this? As far as I know there is no way of adding separate audio playback in the cutscene rulesets....

Programming / Re: TFTD cutscenes
« on: August 27, 2015, 05:27:55 pm »
I've been experimenting with cutscenes for some time now. From looking at the code, I see that the speed the video is played depends on the audio length, at least for FLC files. Since we have no tools to create an FLC file with audio support (all the modern day tools only convert to video-only), videos are played at the same rate which is 1 frame per millisecond, regardless of the headers specified in the file.

Also, i've found out that the implementarion of the FLC player does not fully comply to the standard FLIC specification. For example, TFTD defines its audio chunks in a very different way than it should, it uses 0xAAAA to define an audio chunk and adds 10 bytes after it, while the specification dictates that it should be 0x0038.

I downloaded an old FLC compiler called EGI that could produce FLC with audio, but the game still does not recognize it because of the custom audio chunk header.

What this means, I guess, is that there will be no way to add a cutscene with audio and a proper playback rate unless the devs tweak a lot with the player code, and it still would be really hard due to the difficulty of finding a compiler that can generate FLC files with audio. I had to install EGI on a Windows XP virtual machine because it is incompatible with modern operating systems.

It would be much easier for both the devs and modders to support mpeg or other format, and leave the FLC player as is for compatibility.

Sorry for the double post, but i've released a beta version of this mod. I've not had the opportunity to fully test it, but from what I've heard so far the sounds are playing fine.

It also includes two extra ambient sounds that were exclusive to the PSX version.

If you find any observations you may post them in this thread or in the mod's page:

Open Feedback / Can't change ambient sound in terrains.rul?
« on: August 22, 2015, 04:29:11 am »
I'm trying to make new ambient sounds for missions, but when I specify a soundId that is outside the normal range in terrains.rul, the game crashes as soon as it's loaded.

This is an example of my custom ruleset:

Code: [Select]
  - type: BATTLE.CAT
      126: Resources/PSXSFX/0122_2.WAV
  - type: BATTLE2.CAT
      126: Resources/PSXSFX/0122_2.WAV

  - name: SEABED
    ambience: 126

Support for a feature like this would be very favorable for modding!

Work In Progress / Re: [WIP] PSX Sounds for Terror from the Deep
« on: August 19, 2015, 02:25:58 am »
Warboy, I've finished identifying the first half of the sounds and I'm trying to build a ruleset with the instructions you provided, but have some questions.

When writing the extraSounds for, do I have to write the files in the same order as I found them in the original For example, in, the first 12 files are footstep sounds, I assume I would have to put them in the 0-13 range you told me, but I'm not sure about what to put in the remaining 2 slots.

Suggestions / Re: Set an Avi/Mp4 intro by ruleset
« on: August 14, 2015, 05:46:13 am »
Try this site then tell me...

As expected, FLV files do not work, I believe Warboy meant FLC files...

This is the log output:

Code: [Select]
[13-08-2015 21:42:44] [ERROR] Flx file failed header check.

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