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Work In Progress / Re: FMP Ranks - a side mod {WIP}
« on: November 21, 2015, 01:08:05 am »
Now that I got my new laptop back after a little service I found some spritesheets I made. If you want use them if not not... These were my ideas for commanders but true, bit linear, right?

Ooh, this Sectoid with a cape is great! I love it!
Immediately gave me an idea to make a 2nd Sectoid race, Elite Sectoids.
Just gotta add the Golden Headband and I'll have a Sectoid High-Commander and his personal Elite Guard.
Can't wait for the Mothership getting ready on the Hardmode Expansion, I want to add these 2 together!

I also like that Snakeman with a cape, though I'm probably going to avoid being too linear and give it to the Medics instead.
Snakemen are a warrior race after all, and warriors don't add up too much with capes I guess.  Could be Commander & Medics though, we'll see.

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