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XPiratez / Re: [TOTAL CONVERSION] Piratez Extended - 0.91 - 14 Jun
« on: June 15, 2015, 07:22:57 pm »
Yessss it's out time for some fuuuun!

I haven't upgraded to 0.9.i yet, but I don't see any relevant patch notes so.... I don't know what part of the deep one you make a pie out of, and neither does the game. I get STR_DEEP_ONE_MEAT as the item name instead.

Also, pipes of doom? You crazy crazy man.

Okay. I don't know for sure, since I don't know how the landing sites are generated, but this one seems a bit... off.

Need to take the rum away from the pilots maybe.

Edit: Yeah, I can walk off the ramp, but not back into the ship. Guess this is an all-or-nothing mission.


That's a lot better. Thanks.

@pilot & Ivan: Indeed, the strings reflect the actual current raw stats of the soldier. Note that they are stats before wearing armor, so sometimes it seems to be working wonky but isn't. I spent 20 minutes trying to debug a gal in runt armor being "erroneously" labelled a markswoman before realizing that she would deserve the badge if only I took the armor away...

I downloaded and enabled the mod from this post on a current save, and I got this...

Something seems a bit off here...

Edit: ack, too used to forums with auto-resize

Edit 2: Oh, reading comprehension. This probably needs a newer nightly than 04-12

There is no magic in X-Com universe, and I want it to stay that way :P

Seriously though, I agree that the probe mechanics is confusing. ... I'm not even a native English speaker; if you think you can write a better Imperial Probe description, please do so and I will include it in the mod.

Re magic: Oh of course. I mean magic in the sufficiently advanced technology sense. We do have voodoo, after all.

Re the rest: Well, let me take a crack at it.

"The Empire launches these shiny things to investigate activities their lackeys can't deal with. They're slow enough to follow and might lead us to exciting new booty. But remember cap'n, too much excitement isn't always healthy."

I think it makes it clear that you'll be finding something that's not normal and not the star gods. I tried to inject a bit more pirate flavor, too.

The probe text definitely means what it says, but I'd argue that it isn't as explicit about it as it could be. I present as evidence the fact that Talhydras, Icefox, I, and another friend of ours all got locked into an alternate explanation until coming here and getting it clarified. The idea being that the probe is surveying sights where the stargods might decide to do something, and then they'd show up in some semi-magical fashion rather than riding a conventional spaceship there.

I'm not going to keep picking at it past this post, just thought I'd chip in.

My campaign status: Led an all-melee all-capture raid on a guild base. Flush with that success, I went to the next mutant progrom with the same load. It was the star gods. O_O. I need to get some decoders up.

I have a save file that reliably produces the crash so long as the savescumming option is turned off. I'd be happy to provide it, but I have no idea were OX keeps it's saves.

Went to respond to this small ufo, got the message "Map generator encountered an error: No alien units could be placed on map". Turned on the savescumming to get there anyway, and is the terrain I'm on when I hit the ground.

The cats are relatively small potatos compared to obi-wan, really.

I do dig the idea and effects of low visibility enemies, but this particular implementation is... very unsatisfying for me. I'll not make a war of it, though.

I did run into another snag though. My current game is in a state where the AI consistently launches a terror mission(at Witchave) that crashes when I try to land at it. "Map block is not the size specified in maps/ is 20x20 , expected: 10x10"

Oh, I definitely ought to have aborted. I did a few times, but the mystery of both these enemies and trying to figure out the mechanic kept pulling me back. To say that no gear could have helped me was admittedly a bit of an exaggeration, but when a thing I can't see kills two soldiers a turn... it's not the difficulty, it's the sheer lack of information. Start on the wrong side of the map, and you don't know there's an exceptional threat until the invisible bastard starts mindcontrolling or knifing people.

I felt like I was fighting a bug. I know you said earlier on that catgirls are working as intended, but let me describe my experiences in some detail just to be sure.

Catgirl and the Public Enemy were both very hard to spot, only visible from certain angles. I didn't pin it down exactly for the cats, which seemed more generous, but for the PE he was only visible to people standing on the diagonal line leading directly to the left and only left of it. If a soldier couldn't see them, they couldn't shoot or melee them, even with clear line of fire. I tried force-firing on the location a few times, and shots passed through the target without impacting. Carpet bombing might have helped, but without a considerable portion of luck I wouldn't have had any clue where to toss.

I'm not asking for this mission to be easily winnable, or even winnable at all. I don't think you have to worry about the early game being too easy on the player either. I've had to be careful and pick my battles. Hunger for exploring the tech tree pushes me to capture everything possible, but threats have from time to time made me pass that up in favor of safety.

I've been playing this mod quite a bit the last few days, as have many of my friends. I really love it! My instinct is just to call it a game, not a mod, that's how impressive it is. Some of the artistic direction is not exactly to my liking, but I'm not the sort to get the pitchforks out over that. My only real gripe was some of the map design.

That was, until this fateful small ship showed up and landed. I don't get many landed UFOs for whatever reason, a chance to score big! Little did I realize I was stepping into catgirl hell.

Theatrics aside, fighting smugglers was really, incredibly frustrating. Searching here indicates that the behavior of the catgirls and ethereal only being visible from certain angles is intentional? I find it very hard to accept. Only with intense savescumming(something I haven't done for any other mission in this run) was I able to salvage this mission. I'm okay with hard missions, missions you should run away from, but having invisible people moving through my squad, slicing them up, one of them alternating between lightsabering and mind-controlling people... for a little while I was convinced that the game was glitching. It wasn't until my third or fourth attempt that I even knew the ethereal was there, and only through desperate cheesy time travel that I was able to research a catgirl and learn of their allergy to smoke before returning to the mission.

Getting a finally survivable outcome didn't feel like an achievement, it was just finally over. It doesn't really feel like having better troops or gear would even help deal with it, my only recourse is just to hug the left side of the map until I'm certain there aren't any more meleeists left. It was so intensely frustrating that it motivated me to register and post!  ;D

It hasn't put me off the game, though. Still playing. Just afraid of the next smuggler ship.

P.S. I noticed there was a big chunk of the smuggler UFO I couldn't reach. I was puzzled by this until I realized that it's a smuggling ship! Hidden compartments and all! Great touch.

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