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The X-Com Files / Re: Cattle mutilation maps
« on: April 18, 2022, 06:37:32 pm »
Have lived several years in rural land in state of Nevada where farms and livestock are a common and varied sight, I can confirm that cattle do and can wander. They're not securely and obediently compliant to where they're fenced in. If they can, they will wander outside the bounds into wilderness.

Map terrain changes imo didn't need to be fixed, the varied assortment was just fine.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.7: Market Corrections
« on: March 02, 2021, 12:02:48 am »
The main issue that I have with the scout-sniper mechanic is that if any of your agents hit an enemy, then all enemies "see" that agent. So your agent can be way off in the corner of the map, at night, covered in smoke, but if they hit an enemy, then the AI snipers can all light him up. This aspect both feels extremely unfair and is really confusing to the player.

I was watching Yeti's old X-Com Files streams, and he keeps thinking that enemies have ridiculous night vision and thermal vision because of getting fired upon in those kinds of situations.

Most of the tier 2-3+ Cultist enemies (particular Exalt and RD) have greatly enhanced night vision by their design (lore reason: Bio-Enhancement/Alien tech/Equipment). That, and the aliens majority all have varying degrees of good-excellent night vision compared to yours.

Short of taking LOS cover after your shot, being counter-sniped is unavoidable since the enemy actively scout-sniper spots for each other. Dogs + my own snipers + run command helped a lot to deal with them.

Just a little detail: the images you posted above actually show that you were not using the Terrain Pack during that game, since the Pack's additional cities are not displayed on Geoscape.

Check this thread for Nightly Changes discussion.

Isn't the terrain pack within the FMP mod? Having that enabled, should enable it, yeah? I don't see an additional option for it otherwise in the mod options.

Different nightlies, I've restarted my games, hence the two different campaigns I mentioned. Perhaps what was previously stated as something to do with no terror missions? It is true I never once see the pink marker applied/assigned which would enable the terror sites. The lack of being the cause within the ruleset, as to the cause within the coding somewhere?

That could be the reason then, yeh? The only mod I am using w/open xcom + updated nightly's is FMP. And presumably, that terrain pack or even FMP itself hasn't been completely updated alongside the nightlys?

I shouldn't be going months to a year w.o terror sites, except random MiB ones that don't even land in cities. I have been completely and thoroughly avoiding shooting down iris and letting them land, small and large, and have never experienced terror sites in openxcom.

See save file/images. It'll land on a city everytime, but never as a Terror.

I have never gotten a Terror Site mission marker(the obvious pink cross with iconic bloody civilian face) since I started playing in the past month. Of note though, I had just now landed on a very large UFO site on a city in Africa (but not Terror Site marked) and it's an MiB terror site w/Civilians.

Edit: nix that. the MiB ufo did NOT land on a city mark.

Roger. Images linked outside, and inside site. Where is the terrorized city!

Edit: Save attached.

Work In Progress / Question regarding Terror Site mission occurrences
« on: March 15, 2015, 10:53:32 pm »
So running the most recent nightly to date (March 13th I believe), and FMP mods for open xcom. All the missions, aliens I've come across run smoothly, but whenever a Terror mission UFO comes out to land on a city, it lands, but turns into a ground assault UFO mission when skyranger lands. Using  these mods/openxcom since last month in total, and I have yet to come across an actual Terror Site mission in the game. Is there an option/mod that I am missing that is preventing these from actually occurring?

Current game am in the month of March, no hyperwave decoder, but I am assaulting terror ships w/sectoids or floaters w/Cyberdiscs or Reapers respectively, but no city/urban maps w/civilians. The first game before that last month, had gone on into a year, and never come across a single terror mission as well.

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