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Open Feedback / Question about GIF and PNG
« on: May 05, 2015, 03:59:23 pm »
Hello everyone,

I created a new research and drawed screen for it (first pic). But in game this picture have absolutly another colors (second pic). I saved texture in gif and in png but without any results.

And another similar question. When I create a new weapon's picture (third pic), I save it like gif with green background, right? But when I started XCom this picture haven't a transparent (fourth pic).

Does anyone have any idea where my mistake?

Translations / Re: Russian Translation
« on: October 03, 2014, 03:47:43 pm »
Thanks, everyone! NotePad++ working perfectly!

Translations / Re: Russian Translation
« on: September 29, 2014, 06:48:45 pm »
Hello! Sorry for posting in old topic.

I try translate some weapon mods on russian, but i have problem with unicode. For example, i take translated by another person ruleset and see:

STR_SHOTGUN_UFOPEDIA: Стандартный тактический дробовик. Использует дробовые патроны 12 калибра, нанося большие повреждения слабозащищенным целям на близких дистанциях. Однако низкая проникающая способность и высокий разброс дроби ограничивает эффективность оружия против бронированных или удаленных целей.

"STR_SHOTGUN_UFOPEDIA:" it plain text, but next words is unicode symbols saved as plain text (a few byte for symbol, i guess).

Now let's see on my translation:

STR_MACHINE_PISTOL_UFOPEDIA: Эта модель пистолета-пулемета специально разработана для ведения огня с одной руки. Такое обращение уменьшает точность стрельбы, но недостатки компенсируются наличием автоматического огня и увеличенной обоймой.

How i can save my translated ruleset in two codes, like upper example? Of course, i can save ALL ruleset's text in unicode, but it's not good idea, i thing.

By the way, можно ли в этой теме писать по-русски?

Open Feedback / Question about OpenXCom v1.0
« on: September 06, 2014, 09:32:47 pm »
Hello everyone!

I tried to install OpenXCom v1.0 but this version don't work without SP3. Problem with kernel32.dll. But when i use nightles build it work perfectly, nothin problems. I know, better download and install SP3, but for some reason i can't do it.

Because i just want to ask: what different between v1.0 and latest nightles builds? Some different gameplay or something?

P.S. Sorry for my terrible english.

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