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Area 51 / Re: Re: [BETA][EXPANSION] UFO Redux - Playtesters needed
« on: February 21, 2015, 02:57:10 pm »
My question about the SMG is how to differentiate them from the Rifle. From the other mods the way to differentiate it was to give it more auto shots, which I'd rather avoid, or to give it less aim/TU usage stats, turning it essentially into a carbine rather than an SMG.
Less aim doesn't make sense, let me just get that outta the way. I never got that. An SMG is a magazine(Or Clip in Xcom's case)-fed, automatic carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges. So they would be smaller and do less damage. A common reason for SMGs in this day and age is the reduced risk for Overpenetration, so I guess an SMG wouldn't make sense :/ Other than for a lighter, does less damage rifle-like weapon.

However a Carbine would do the job perfectly. Fires the same shooting the same ammunition, while others fire lower-powered ammunition, including those designed for pistols.. But how to differentiate? I wouldn't know. Literally just a smaller rifle. Maybe because everyone is so large in Xcom that they have less aim stats because their sausage fingers can't wield the smaller rifle as well as the larger one  :P

Area 51 / Re: Re: [BETA][EXPANSION] UFO Redux - Playtesters needed
« on: February 21, 2015, 05:14:33 am »
I think an SMG is a welcome addition. I use them a lot whenever I see them in early game mods and the few mods that add Laser SMGs and Plasma SMGs. I usually issue them to my weaker soldiers/my rocketeers so they don't have to hoof it back to the Skyranger to grab a leftover gun.

Area 51 / Re: Re: [BETA][EXPANSION] UFO Redux - Playtesters needed
« on: February 10, 2015, 04:07:35 am »
I have some ideas. Maybe a grass version of the desert? Like no trees or anything. (If it's possible) It can go in flatlands places like Central Canada and stuff. Also, great work on the terrains! I love them all. They look fantastic and will surely change up the old green green and more green that burns my eyes now :P

Also with the side doors: It's just my personal opinion. I think it will also offer more tactical options for XCOM players. If it's a 10 person Skyranger, then I'd rather take the 10 people. Otherwise my entire strategy is thrown off. So because I'd rather not lose my first 3 rookies because of alien reaction fire, having some doors at the side will give us an opportunity to scout/kill the aliens at our flanks.

Heavier tanks is also an option, followed by "Improved Tanks" which use the same sprites, but can now mount a laser cannon/whatever crazy things you can come up with that aren't rockets, cannons, etc. Alloy and then Hovertanks. (Of course this is just opinion) Also, feel free to use some of the tanks in Tanks, Drones, Sectopods? Oh my! because while I haven't abandoned the project, it's going to be a while until I can pick it back up. School and stuff.

Area 51 / Re: Re: [BETA][EXPANSION] UFO Redux - Playtesters needed
« on: February 07, 2015, 10:56:51 am »
Because i don't like smaller teams and i like my tanks.
100% yes

Look coming from the author of the on-hold Tanks, Drones, Sectopods? Oh My! mod, I find that a lot of people like tanks. I won't likely play your mod if I can't bring a tank on my missions. It's a personal must for me personally and a few others (Since I know some people find tanks useless)

But if you do not hear my words, then at least have some side doors (or open sides) for a small portion of the Skyranger and Avenger. If I am going to be playing with smaller teams, I want to see what's at the side of my skyranger before I send out my rookies to take the first hit instead of my tanks.

« on: January 10, 2015, 10:45:05 pm »

Space marines mod released. Discuss here, report bugs and such. imm off to get durrnkhunk for nao.

Future plans:
+ fix all in first release
+ "advanced" weaponery
+Assault Marines
+Squad Leader suit

Distant plans:
+New planet placed into horus herecy chapter
+Thus adding Chaos marines into opposite side (from diffrend sides ,nurgle, world eaters, etc.)

and something more :>

10/10 mod would download again

Now we just need the Imperial Guardsmen and then XCom agents will truly be expendable :P

Stingray Missile Accuracy reduced by 20.
Avalanche Missile Accuracy reduced by 20, Range equals now Range of Terror Ship.
Okay so there are two things I want to talk about.
1. Why do you do this? It doesn't seem to add any benefit to the mod other than to make the overall game harder (Which most mods already do) but it is not tied into what I like to call the 'theme' of the mod. It just doesn't make any sense. Oh don't get the impression that I don't like the mod or the idea, it's a great idea. I almost want to download it and put it in my next playthrough if I didn't already have several mods that conflict with this one.

2. Why do people always make the missiles less accurate? That also doesn't make any sense. The AIM-54 Pheonix (A real life radar-guided, long range anti-air missile) had a larger range than the Avalanche (at approx. 190km) and is presumably more accurate. Even missiles like the Sparrow, Sidewinder and the AMRAAM (while shorter range, comparable to the Avalanche) are much more accurate. It just doesn't make sense other than making the game harder (Both realistically and literally) than it needs to be.

Rant over, :-X very good mod.
Will try on my next-next playthrough  ;D

I like to use the Improved Nations mod. Because of the changes you made to your mod, would they be compatible anymore? These two mods are staples of most of my playthroughs, and it'd be terrible to have to make sacrifices for either of these mods to work.

Troubleshooting / Re: Regarding the Geoscape Music
« on: December 23, 2014, 04:41:12 pm »
XCOMFan419, actually "randomization" of tracks is not even vanilla. Not for xcom1 nor for tftd. Both games using sequential tracklist play. And personally I don't see WHY we should do differently. It will allow their playback in the order defined by developers.

In the TFTD there are 6 tracks and they are played one after one, and changing to the next after battlescape.
I should probably clear a few things up:  :P
I have never played TFTD
And when I last played true vanilla XCOM (non-steam) my dad had to sit there with me so he could play whenever something serious popped up.

But I dunno. I really like the idea of more tracks and randomizing of music. I guess it's because of my tendency to get bored of overplayed music REALLY quickly. It's probably why I haven't started a new game in over a month now. It's just repetitive and boring, the music I mean. Gameplay can be changed up easily. And I like variety.

But I think Warboy should weigh in on this: Should we have "True Geoscape" music randomization, or would that take too much away from the Vanilla game?

Troubleshooting / Re: Regarding the Geoscape Music
« on: December 23, 2014, 11:10:17 am »
After some testing, Volutar is right. I skipped the first track just by going into the memorial screen. The Interception screen also offers the same track skipping, but it seems to play the same track before it started. The next interception screen afterwards plays new music. Either that or I just have really weird randomizing with the music.

Testing with GMGEO1-GMGEO9 it appears that there is no clear pattern between what track the game chooses. Randomized as Warboy pointed out.

However, the track still repeats until another Interception/Memorial screen pops up.

I would appreciate a real randomization feature for OpenXcom, and encourage people to add their own soundtracks into the game, but I also feel like it would take more away from the original game. Maybe have it as an Advanced Option under General or Geoscape? I feel like the game can feel a little less...repeated (for lack of better terms) with music changing one after the other.

Troubleshooting / Re: Regarding the Geoscape Music
« on: December 22, 2014, 08:51:28 pm »
So what's causing the loop of the first track? Do you know? Should I keep experimenting?

Troubleshooting / Re: Regarding the Geoscape Music
« on: December 22, 2014, 08:31:20 pm »
guess we messed that up somehow, it should do a random shuffle
So it isn't my fault? Oh thank god. I was beginning to get worried.

So thinking it might be something else I opened up options.cfg for what it's worth. I see two interesting things at the least: preferredMusic: 2 and musicAlwaysLoop: false

does that have anything to do with it?

Troubleshooting / Re: Regarding the Geoscape Music
« on: December 22, 2014, 07:16:29 pm »
an easy workaround for you to skip the pre-set first song might be to make the gmgeo1 file a half second of silence?
After messing with the files so much that I needed an uninstall, I finally got my own music to work!

Unfortunately, the half-second of silence doesn't work, as the first track repeats constantly. I've replaced GMGEO1 with other music to confirm this, and all that plays is GMGEO1. While the game will run and recognize the other tracks, it refuses to play them.

Any other suggestions?

Troubleshooting / Regarding the Geoscape Music
« on: December 22, 2014, 01:04:15 am »
In all of my time playing OXC, I can't help but think:
Have I been listening to the same Geoscape theme for the past six months?

Taking a quick look at the files shows less than interesting results as there are two GMGEO files, GMGEO1 and GMGEO2. I assume these are the geoscape themes. Using Windows Media Player, I found out that the themes, while alike in some prospects, are different in others. I can tell that I have been listening to GMGEO1 for most of my OXC experience. So now I have a few questions.

1. Where can I get more Geoscape music for the game? Is it limited to only two GMGEO files? (Yes, I already have the Amiga (CD32 and ECS), DOS, Windows, Adlib (Flac and ogg), MT32-rev2, PSX and Cydonia's Fall music downloaded. Currently using CF music, which is freaking awesome!)

2. Where can I edit whatever I need to edit to randomize the Geoscape music? It's getting tiring listening to the same old GMGEO1 time and time again. It's kinda making me dread playing the game again  :-\

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION][RESEARCH] FMP Core/Tech Tree part
« on: December 06, 2014, 10:57:11 pm »
Yeah, I was about to post about that. Past three games I have spawned in a farmhouse. Just the last one I spawned in a freaking UFO! This is getting ridiculous, and it's barely playable.

Work In Progress / Re: [BETA][WIP][BUNCHOFSTUFF] Xeno Operations Mod
« on: December 04, 2014, 08:56:40 am »
I'm at the end of the game with Xeno Ops and I've practically hoarded Elerium Cells at this point. Last time I checked I had over 1200, and this was with regular rearming of my plasma weapons and stuff like that. But of course, to keep up with the outstanding TU cost of the plasma weapons, I resorted to Lasers with Elerium batteries and Hypervelocity weapons. I quickly ran out of elerium, but still had mountains of Elerium cells.

Maybe an Elerium Cell to Elerium conversion would help balance out the endgame? Because I have stores of <=60 Elerium at any time, while storming every UFO I can. 

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