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OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 30, 2024, 12:01:58 pm »
For some reason the zip file cannot be uploaded to the site. Well, to hell with him.

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 30, 2024, 11:55:51 am »
I was already thinking about stopping giving advice, but you won’t be able to do it without me.
I suggest defeating windowed mode and switching to full screen mode.

The fact is that you programmed the function of changing the size and resolution of the screen in such a way that with the original size of 6x everything is huge like on ps1 (but it’s cool that it’s in full screen) and the inscriptions on the globe are huge and the view in battle is small, but when I switch to 3x then everything is perfect (or almost perfect, even on a small phone), except for the size of the game windows.
In this resolution (1920x1080 3x) the globe looks good (many cities easily fit on the globe and, thanks to small letters, do not block the view), the battlefield is also clearly visible (the game panel is reduced and does not cover a quarter of the screen, the viewing range also increases), but the windows themselves just microscopic, that nothing is visible on the base, that in the settings on the battlefield nothing is visible in a small window (especially on small phones), it’s good that at least the window with the inventory is still on the full screen (they thought of making a separate function so that the inventory would be forced full screen size 6x even if the size of the battlefield is specified as 3x).

I suggest making a separate setting for the size of game windows:
Size Geo mode 3x
Size Battle mode 2x
Size Window mode 6x
Now not only will the soldier’s inventory be full-screen standard 6x, but all windows will be the same as in the original with the same size as the inventory (if desired, you can reduce the size of the windows or even specify the same size as the main 3x or 2x) and the game will work fully in full screen mode.

You can’t think of anything without me, this function should have been added to the game a long time ago, because it will significantly increase the comfort of the game both on computers and on phones (especially on phones, because they have small screens and it costs pay more attention to interface and window size settings).

I suggest starting to create this function now, because all the interface settings are inconvenient (that 6x is too huge, that 3x windows are too small to appear on the screen).

Here's a look at what it looks like on your phone and why you need to do it.
There are more screenshots in the file.

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 04, 2024, 09:39:32 pm »
One day I downloaded this mod and looked at who was adding what to their mods. Apparently an interesting mod, but I like light mods like FMP. To be honest, I have already made my choice, FMP suits me, it is easy to edit and I can easily edit its files.

I have only one problem, mods like FMP use a standard globe, it is impossible to use a hybrid globe for two reasons:
1) Third-party globes are not suitable, you need to create a new globe specifically for FMP (I don’t know how create a globe);
2) You can land in the ocean, while there is no function that can block this, turn individual regions of the globe into empty fields (fakeEmpty: true);
3) I’m not yet ready to turn FMP into a hybrid mod (it’s difficult to program everything correctly, and there are also no special functions yet that make it easier to create hybrid mods and prohibit UFO from invading TFTD).

I updated the textures of the hybrid globe (the ocean already looks good, the land also looks great by the way, you just need to change the id number on some fragments of the globe to change the texture), now from all this you can make a universal globe if the developers want it.

This globe can already be used in hybrid mods, you can give them my work if you want.

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 04, 2024, 05:19:35 pm »
Yes, I am Russian.

I downloaded many different hybrid mods, but I never found a mod from Ethereal. In general, my goal is simply to improve the appearance of the globe in mods such as FMP and X-Files (I love visual updates), but for this I need a new globe (created from my texture for the FMP and X-Files mods) and new globe functions (so that I can was to block the playing fields of the ocean and return it to its original, empty state, only externally as in a hybrid mod, but not physically).

So I created a texture from the best fragments, with such a texture any globe will look great. I would like all the globes to be updated for this globe and this globe also needs to be changed a little so that it looks more realistic, like in the picture "NUG-2000.jpg".
I am attaching the files in the hope that you will be interested in updating the globe and that new functions of the globe will be added someday.

PS. I myself can’t figure out how to create my own globe and what program to do it with, maybe you could share such a program and show how to work with it?

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 03, 2024, 06:59:11 pm »
Never Say Never Again.
I seem to have made a breakthrough again in improving the quality of ocean textures. I present to you my final version of the globe texture “New Universal Globe” or simply (NUG).
In 3 days I did what you couldn’t do for years (The hybrid globe was created on 05/09/2020 and was last updated on 11/27/2023 exactly 158 days ago), I hope now you understand my jokes about how I called you lazy people who are afraid of the ocean and do not want to fix and update this globe, as well as create new functions that will block unnecessary game regions of the ocean in order to use such globes in regular mods. Now do you understand how easy it was to improve the appearance of the hybrid globe? I don’t know how to draw at all, but at the same time I created the highest quality package of globe textures (it could have been done in a day if I wasn’t busy and immediately knew which textures to paint blue).

I recommend using the "NUG_GLOBE_TEXTURE.png" texture, it does not contain unnecessary textures that do not look very good on the globe. Need to remake the globe to match my texture and update the game so that I can use a universal globe in any mod (add a limiter to the "globe.rul" file that can be used to block any id and make it an unplayable, cosmetic field, for example assign ocean textures to id 13-15 and a locking function, then the hybrid globe will become universal).

I hope you will start creating a universal globe, because it would be a shame to delete such a good globe and use a standard one instead. I've done my part, come up with new limiter functions and created a new globe texture pack, now it's your turn to finish it off.

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 03, 2024, 01:49:15 am »
I'm glad that you are starting to like my updates to the globe, then I will try to create the final texture for the future globe, which may appear in different mods.
It is for this reason that I proposed creating many new functions and necessary restrictions for the globe and began working with the texture of the globe so that in the end everyone would like the appearance of the new, improved, more realistic globe, so that the new functions of the game would allow using this globe in any not hybrid mods (maybe someone doesn’t want to switch to a hybrid mod, but wants to play with such a globe).

I will say it briefly and clearly. Game developers, try to update the game so that you can use any globe in any mod (transform the ocean playing fields into empty fields, but at the same time keep the design of the ocean edges) and finally turn this globe from a hybrid into a generic globe with new quality standards (to such globes were used in standard mods, not just hybrid ones).

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 02, 2024, 08:01:17 pm »
I have never played OpenXcom at all (only the original UFO and TFTD on playstation1), I only started playing my FMP build once, and then I got to the point of creating a Gaus weapon and stopped playing because of a serious bug in my build. I intuitively make decisions about what needs to be added to the game to make it more interesting. I don’t know when I’ll move on to testing and passing.
And in general, don’t stress me out when I do something wrong or write something unnecessary. I already have serious financial problems, but I just want to offer my ideas and push the globe to further improve it, because a hybrid globe was created and immediately it was forgotten and not updated. I'd like to play FMP on a nice new globe (with the option to turn FMP into a hybrid mod without completely replacing the globe).

We continue to make an improved globe, which should become a single globe for all mods, both hybrid and dry.
So I managed to slightly improve the texture of the globe that I showed earlier. Most likely I won’t be able to make a texture better than this, if you need a more beautiful globe, then look for texture specialists (the VisualUpgrade and XenoOperations mod are where the sprite masters are).

Another variant of the globe is the standard textures of the standard hybrid globe from CMP_v5.0, only the distant ocean textures were repainted, the dots were removed and everything was painted over in one layer as in the original globe, only with different shades of depth. They say this globe is better than all the others. And what do you think? May I know your opinion? Which of all the options do you like better, one of those in the previous post, or one of these?
1 - is the original (UFO)
2 - TFTD
3 - Hybrid
4 - Hybrid-Raven
5 - Hybrid-UFO
6 - Hybrid-Raven2(second option)
Raven, you have the skills and the will to be a modder, then be one.
How can I become a modder if all my bank cards are blocked and I don’t even have money to pay for a room? I was already a modder in another community, on another site, I had already made the most global mod in the world for the game "Galaxy on Fire 2 HD" and even rebuilt the game completely and created an FHD version with 2x improved graphics. Then I was banned and since then other people have been updating that game according to my tips and instructions, based on my work.

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 02, 2024, 01:44:54 am »
So let's summarize everything that was said earlier:
1) Geoscape palette and the appearance of the globe - this palette may not have such a large number of marine shades as in the xcom2 palettes, but this is enough to create a sea surface (32 pixels of blue shades is quite enough), you just need specialists who will draw beautiful sprites sea ​​surfaces, or recolor ready-made sprites from the original globe blue (as I did in the pictures in the previous post and maybe I’ll try to do it even better);
2) Problems and amount of work - if you introduce strict restrictions on the behavior of the sea surfaces of the globe and block unwanted functions (prohibit all land creatures from penetrating into the sea half of the globe, so as not to create everything unnecessary), then even if a UFO is shot down onto the sea surface of the globe, it will simply will disappear and along with this many of the problems that arise on hybrid globes during the invasion of land into the sea will disappear;
3) X-Files vs Hybrid - there is too much work to implement a hybrid globe, but the X-Files mod is all work and implementation, I don’t know how you managed to create such a mod and why you need so much variety in the mod (which is why some say that this mod is very oversaturated with content), it already looks like a hybrid mod and it already has a lot of stuff (including everything needed from TFTD), which means it doesn't have to do that much work on it to add a hybrid globe to it. It’s just that because of the hybrid globe you have to redo everything and program various nonsense for a long time in order to create two duplicates of the UFO and the armor, but if new functions are added, then maybe to program the hybrid globe it will be enough to enter a couple of commands into the armor and the UFO to completely exclude the UFO from diving under water and if the land does not encroach into the ocean, then there will be no problems (if you add a hybrid globe to FMP and make it so that you cannot interact with the sea half of the globe, then it will simply work as a cosmetic improvement to the sea surface. There is no need to create sea locations, program armor, etc. If the UFO never falls into the water, and if it does, then it will simply disappear. Then, if desired, it will be easy to add new sea locations and sea UFOs to such a globe and turn the dry mod into a hybrid one.);
4) New features - these will also take a very long time to program, but eventually they need to be added to put an end to the complex programming of land objects in hybrid mods. Ready-made functions turn from a complex script into one word (for example, “landOnly: true”, just indicate yes or no and the end of complex programming, the beginning of easy commands). If these features were already created, then X-Files would simply add the UFOs and aliens from TFTD and just fly above and under water, rather than complex programming of special naval missions in sea armor (the mod has naval missions , there is armor and aliens from TFTD);
5) Jokes - I’m not a joker and apparently I’m bad at it, I wanted to brag that I’m trying to give a second chance to a hybrid globe and was even able to make new ocean sprites from old land sprites, while you just put it aside and moved on to more important things;

A lot of things have already been said, maybe even a lot of unnecessary things several times, I hope that I haven’t forgotten anything and have explained everything clearly and conveyed my idea. Why do I need a hybrid globe so much, because it gives freedom, it can be used both in hybrid mods and in dry mods like FMP as a visual improvement to the globe (if you improve the appearance of the globe to perfection and add restrictions there is no land under water), and You can also prepare dry mods for the transition to a hybrid form (if suddenly you wanted to add one special UFO to the dry mod, which you can shoot down in the ocean and play underwater without having to redo the entire globe again).

I hope that in the future the necessary functions and restrictions will appear that will facilitate the creation of hybrid mods to such an extent that any modder can easily turn his mod into a hybrid without mixing the land into the sea and the sea into the desert. It may also be possible to use a hybrid globe in any mod simply as a cosmetic improvement to the globe.

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 01, 2024, 07:04:59 pm »
I’m not forcing you to fulfill my requests right now, I just noted this idea as a priority among my other ideas, bringing it into reality will bring many important factors to the creation of hybrid mods or simply improving the globe.
I have respect for the game developers and the modding masters; if I call someone lazy or covard, then it’s just a joke (a joke indicating something that was created a long time ago, but was not completed to the end, like a hybrid globe and its appearance).
And yes, I’m slowly trying to make a preparation for a hybrid mod (I added sea aliens, underwater weapons, aviation, a base, then maybe I’ll add USO and aqualung armor), but for now I won’t make a full-fledged hybrid mod (maybe later I’ll learn how to work with a globe and everything else , what is needed for this). It’s good if a hybrid add-on (created by a professional) comes out for FMP, but if not, then maybe I’ll do something like that someday, I don’t sit back and expect a mod from someone (If l'm can't implement a new feature in the game, then why not tell other people about it who can do it).

And now about the globe.
You say that the geoscape palette does not allow you to make a good hybrid globe and that the hybrid globe does not look very good. Well, you lazy people  ;D (again a joke), look at my version of a hybrid globe with new sprites.
Do you think it already looks better than the original hybrid globe?

You can download all files in this file (palette, texture, screenshots).

So I decided to show you how wonderfully the “Vertical levels” function works in the FMP mod. For each region (id 0-13) I selected one external location for one region of the globe.
But for some reason, during the preview of the base (clicking on the entrance elevator), the entire location is filled with identical 1x1 blocks, but during testing everything works well (only for some reason the JUNGLE location does not work, it causes a syntax error).
My gratitude and respect to the author of this function, simply wonderful work.

PS. If you want, you can download the file and look at the screenshots.

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 01, 2024, 12:37:21 pm »
I, too, am not happy with many things in hybrid mods (the immersion of any aircraft under water, all types of aliens under water, the texture of water), but it’s possible to somehow program this so that these problems do not exist.

1) So that a UFO that falls into the water does not create any problems, but simply disappears just like in the original globe, the UFO must be completely destroyed upon contact with water (as in the original, it completely disappears and nothing remains of it), then there will be no problems with an empty and whole UFO raised from the depths or a land crew under water, everything will simply disappear the same way it disappears now, when the UFO falls onto the empty field of the globe, painted blue. This is why we need this useful function, which will eliminate such problems.
2) It is difficult to change the palette so that it contains pixels of all the necessary shades, and it is also impossible to remove it and use a free palette (as in the STR_IMAGE_CPAL ufopedia). Here I don’t know what to say (I myself once created my own dark GEOSCAPE palette to replace the color of the entire interface used by this palette), but I think that this is not a catastrophic problem, after all, now the sea looks normal in the original globe, you can just make water textures for the globe it’s simpler, such as the original blue texture, so that it matches the palette and there are darker and faded areas to indicate depth.

My idea is precisely what is needed to introduce a lock on the hybrid globe and make it impossible for all UFOs to land/knock down under water, so that the sea regions of the globe work the same way as the empty field of the original globe for all UFOs and other land objects. All this just needs to be implemented, but I can only come up with it and talk about it, but not implement it.

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: May 01, 2024, 11:56:33 am »
Why are you all afraid of the hybrid globe? Do you have a phobia of water? Meridian and Solarius_Scorch if you don't create this feature and apply it in all mods, then I will think that you are really afraid of a globe that is completely covered by the playing field with no spaces (there are land and water regions).

I suggest adding this function to the game (with a high priority level) "isCrashedOnSea: true" "isCrashedOnLand: false"
This function will work for UFOs in the same way as this function works for weapons "landOnly: true" When the "isCrashedOnSea" function is activated for one individual UFO, then when the UFO crashes into the ocean area, the script will work and a standard notification will appear on the screen that the UFO destroyed (or a new notification, the UFO sank/crashed), it is also possible in the opposite direction, so that the underwater UFO develops on the ground (as in the classic xcom2).
Well, that's all, this function will put an end to the conflict of the hybrid globe, it will be possible to specify a ban on use under water for everything that should never go under water (construction of a special base, separate atmospheric weapons, separate armor of soldiers and aliens, separate UFOs and xcom planes). With this function it will be possible to use the hybrid globe in any mod, even in the original xcom1 and xcom2.

Weapons can be blocked for use in the atmosphere or hydrosphere, the xcom base can be divided into underground and underwater modules, now all that remains is to add such a blocker for armor and for aviation and UFOs (in non-hybrid mods, just enter a blocker for UFOs and you can use the hybrid globe without fear drown in it :)) ).

I think you will add such an idea to your to-do list, because only a stubborn ram or a lazy sloth would be against such a function, which expands the capabilities of the mod and gives the globe a beautiful look (FMP, X-FILES, TWoTS and other mega-mods, It will be great if you add these functions in the future and switch to a hybrid globe).

#Base blocker
###  - override: STR_ACCESS_LIFT
###    fakeUnderwater: 0
###    provideBaseFunc: [LANDBASE]
###  - override: STR_LIVING_QUARTERS
###    fakeUnderwater: 0
###    requiresBaseFunc: [LANDBASE]
###  - type: STR_AIR_LOCK_SEA
###    fakeUnderwater: 1
###    provideBaseFunc: [SEABASE]
###    fakeUnderwater: 1
###    requiresBaseFunc: [SEABASE]

#Weapon blocker
###  - type: STR_PISTOL
###    landOnly: true
###  - type: STR_HARPOON
###    seaOnly: true

#Armor blocker (needs to be created)
###  - type: STR_NONE_UC
#$$    isAqualang: false #example - will immediately drown underwater
#$$    isAqualang: true #example - can be used everywhere
#Or here’s another example of how armor can withstand a given level of water pressure
#$$    isAqualang: 2 #0 - not allowed under water, 1 - at shallow depths, 2 - at great depths

#Blocker for aviation (needs to be created)
###  - type: STR_AVENGER
###    spacecraft: true #maybe this will give permission to dive under water? (you can do this)
###    allowLanding: true #can add new landing functions?
#$$    allowLandingEarth : true #example - lands on the ground
#$$    allowLandingSea: false #example - splashed down under water

#Blocker for UFOs (needs to be created)
###  - type: STR_LARGE_SCOUT
#$$    isCrashedOnSea: true #example - breaks on water
#$$    isCrashedOnLand: false #example - breaks on land

P.S. Maybe it was necessary to create a separate topic for publishing this idea, as Meridian said, but I have not yet figured out how topics are created, I hope that here it is comfortable enough to consider the list of all my proposals.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: April 30, 2024, 08:18:54 pm »
What a complex world, you practically have to do everything yourself.
If you want to do something well, do it yourself.
I finally finished reviewing all the CMP and FMP locations (I just didn’t have the strength to get to the Terrain Pack) and this is what I got (the file “” is attached below<error - big size file. Reduced weight by 10x).

These are all the locations that are in CMP and all the FMP locations (I did a review on my FMP-RAVEN, so there are different UFOs and a lot of civilians and there are 2 locations with a ship in the port from TP). Apparently, almost all locations from CMP were added to FMP (there are 12 more locations in CMP), only those locations that cannot be reduced to 6 floors and maybe a few more minor ones are not there, all the rest are there.

Well, CMP and a bulky mod, the locations are 9 floors, the game was slow on my 32-bit phone, it’s good that in FMP they are limited to 6 floors.
As for the list of all locations, what I did should have been done long ago either by the creators of CMP or someone else. I had to do everything myself to see the entire list of locations and decide what to do with them.
If you want to see what all the locations from FMP or CMP look like and how they differ and which ones were added to FMP, then you don't need to take 200 screenshots like me, just download the file below and see all the locations.

OXCE Wishlists / Re: _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: April 29, 2024, 12:07:25 pm »
Here's another annoying thing you could fix.
I created my own "XBASE" it consists of two types of textures (standard-improved and new from an alien alloy), the texture package is full (new sprites cannot be added, I even had to delete unnecessary sprites), I created 2 types of modules each (regular and improved from alien alloy), the tunnel-digging system began to place standard walls in the passages between the new alloy modules, I didn’t like it and I found a way out, I rewrote the script and forbade placing these walls in the passages, I myself placed different walls in different modules, the result was a hybrid base from ordinary modules and alien alloy modules.
Then I wanted to add a third type of base modules, underwater modules for the underwater base, but the texture package was full and new sprites could not be added, then I created a second base "XBASES" (with its own separate texture package) and in the file "alienDeployments.rul" I specified to use 2 locations in the mission "STR_BASE_DEFENSE" (XBASE and XBASES).
I started the test mode, during a test mission on the xcom base the choice of XBASE or XBASES location appeared, everything went well, in the first location the modules use a standard texture package, in the second location sea textures are already used, but when I started a new game and clicked on the entrance elevator (base preview), then I saw that the standard texture pack had been replaced by a second XBASES texture pack. To get the standard XBASE texture pack back, I had to completely remove XBASES.

Why can’t you create 2 different locations for a base defense mission, why in test mode this mission offers you to choose one of two locations, but in the game itself 2 locations merge with each other and the XBASES texture pack replaces the XBASE texture pack and standard modules use a different texture pack, but these are 2 separate, independent locations?
Is there a way to create base modules from different locations with different texture packs? Build 2 separate bases with different modules in different textures, independently of each other?
If not, then why not make it so that you can create a second base location and use some modules on one base, others on another, and at the same time get completely different bases created from different textures. Very useful for hybrid mods in which you can build a base both on land and under water.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: OXCE (OpenXcom Extended) main thread
« on: April 27, 2024, 07:59:02 pm »
I think I understand, this function probably works in OXCE Brutal-AI
In that case, I apologize for disturbing you (Well, they made different versions, it doesn’t work there, but here it is).

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