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Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:19:37 pm »
Hey everyone! Sorry for not really being a part of the community for so long. Had a rough year, didn't really do much in terms of maintaining the port. Still, I'm not dead yet, and I'll try to contribute whenever possible!

Having said that, I've managed to get some use from Travis, and now there will be automated builds for OpenXcom-android on my Github page: - these are all signed and are slimmer than the ones I used to produce (but are single-arch).

There are still some bugs that I know of and hope to fix eventually, and lots of bugs that I don't know about. I'll try and read through everything I've missed, but, chances are, I'll miss a lot. I know, github issues seem intimidating and for many that's yet another service that they'll have to register at, but I'd be really happy if you wrote about your bugs there!  :)

Can you please confirm you still have the issues, or it's just me?

The sound issues come from using the bleeding edge SDL version. There was a major rewrite of the resampler, and as a result sound got broken. I hoped it would get fixed soon, but alas, no such luck. So I guess I'm stuck with a sensible choice of using stable 2.0.5  :)

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 01, 2016, 11:21:15 pm »
Huh, looks like I've missed a bunch of stuff! Turns Out (tm) school tends to take up a lot of time from anyone involved.

So, there's a new version, but be warned: it's not really tested! It's more or less a "successful build after a merge" build, with stuff probably broken in unusual and unexpected ways.

Still, it's up-to-date, as of time of writing, with the current upstream (dbd3979).

As usual, grab your copy at the Mod Portal (, and you might try your luck with my dropbox if the portal acts up for some reason:

Builds & Ports / Re: Port to chromeos?
« on: February 01, 2016, 05:21:52 pm »
From what I've heard, there's now an ability to run android apps in ChromeOS with Google's Arc Welder:

I don't have a ChromeOS device, however, I've tried using this tool with a slightly modified build of OpenXcom for Android (basically, I've put all assets into the app package), and it seemed to work on my laptop in Chrome. There were some issues, however (most notably, mouse wheel was misinterpreted, and resizing the window crashed/restarted the game), but it worked overall.

Unfortunately, I can't redistribute the modified package, but it's really easy to build one yourself! Just follow the instructions for the Android port build ( Be sure to put the game data into the app/src/main/jni/OpenXcom/bin subfolders, because right now I don't think an ARC app can access local filesystem.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: December 01, 2015, 08:47:55 pm »
Looks like I've once again forgotten about my thread. My bad! Anyway, let me try to sort things out:

Hello, I installed OpenXcom for pc and everything works great!  I'm pretty good at following instructions but I seem to be having some trouble getting this to work on my tablet.

If you're talking about the instructions on the website - yeah, these are outdated. Still, they're probably too confusing for their own good, so I've decided to finally update them.

Anyway, you should try doing a "clean install" (deleting anything related to OpenXcom on your device and installing the .apk again). Copy only your game data (not OpenXcom files!) to a folder on your device, and make the "preloader" use this data. Everything else is contained inside the .apk itself.

If the problem persists, try getting a logcat dump of the loading process - OpenXcom sends quite a bit of debug information to the system log!

I can't start the game. I've moved the game data for both UFO and TFTD to the correct directory. However, when I launch the game I get the black screen with copyright and stuff and then it just crashes. I'm on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Android 4.1.2

That's weird. Maybe you're missing some resources? Try getting a logcat, it should definitely help diagnose the problem!

Also, since there's been a lot going on in the upstream, there's (finally) a new version out! It contains everything from the "big" OpenXcom, all of those bugfixes and niceties like buying/selling categories and soldier diaries. Grab it at the modsite: - or from my Dropbox:

Be sure to report any faults and have fun!

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: August 21, 2015, 10:50:55 pm »
When you will publish it on Google play?

Unfortunately, my answer is "not soon". OpenXcom for Android is still not that easy to setup properly (even though I hope I'm making moves in the right direction), it requires original game data that can't be shipped with the game, and that's just asking for an endless stream of 1-star "how do play game" and "requires external data, what a ripoff!!11" reviews. And I'm not even mentioning some features that are still unavailable to mobile users, like force-fire and alternative movement modes!

If I'm ever publishing this port, I'll probably go for some other place like F-Droid. Even then, there's still plenty of things that have to be done before the project is "release-worthy".

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: August 21, 2015, 06:00:02 pm »
I think that's the problem, I have the same files on openxcom on my PC and I can play without any problem but in my phone the port don't recognize the files

Okay, there actually was a bug in my code which caused the checker to fail if you didn't have both ANIMS and FLOP_INT subfolders. Shame on me, I guess! A bugfix is now on the modsite and in my dropbox:

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: August 21, 2015, 11:57:48 am »
Hi I'm having some trouble, trying to install TFTD.

That's weird. Just for reference, installation instructions are like this:
  • Copy the contents of your TFTD installation from the PC to some folder on your Android (by the end of this step it should contain folders like GEOGRAPH, GEODATA, etc - the list of required folders should be in your openxcom/TFTD/Readme.text file)
  • Run the game and go to the "configure folders" screen
  • Push the "install from directory" button under the TFTD status label
  • Navigate to the folder you've made in step 1
  • Press OK

Note that the game data is copied, not moved, so you should ensure there's enough space on the device.

If all else fails, please send me a list of files that you have in your TFTD installation - there's a possibility that you have a version that I didn't account for, and that's why the installer barfs.

Hope this helps!

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: August 21, 2015, 01:33:32 am »
Everything is ok. False alarm :)

Glad to hear that :)

Thank ypu sfalexrog! Cannot wai for the 2.0 packaged .apk!!! <3

No sooner than there's a 1.1/2.0/something milestone, I guess. Right now it's a "Kinda Nightly" :p

Which brings me to today's announcement: a new version is out! Mandatory pointy list:
  • Based on upstream 9ba220e;
  • Has minor interface tweaks;
  • And all the bugfixes you've been waiting for!

Much like any other time there's an update, you're advised to download it from the modsite ( in case it's hard to find), and if it doesn't work for you, there's always my dropbox:

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: August 16, 2015, 04:15:04 pm »
Very bad build. Lot of things lot working.

Maybe because I just updated the apk and it didn't apply the patch or why?

Example :
inventory stats -
Tftd instalation -
Somhow I don't get item from the mission -

Fmp mod... Or the mod is broken?

That's weird. I just did a clean install (grabbing the .apk from the modsite and moving my current OpenXcom folder), got thrown into the "select folders" dialog, installed UFO Defense and TFTD from it, and everything seemed to be working. I also tried the latest FMP, and it seemed to work, though I didn't do a thorough testing.

Can you please do the following:
 - Save a game (preferably in battlescape mode when you don't get items from the mission),
 - Go to your OpenXcom folder and find the savegame and your Options.cfg file,
 - Send them both to me?
 - It would also be great, though not really necessary, if you grabbed a logcat of the game starting up.

Anyway, thank you for writing about these problems, I'll try to solve them as soon as possible!

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: August 15, 2015, 07:53:59 pm »
This release is brought to you by Z. Nadir's telling me that Alien Containment actually has its own screen!

New version!
  • Updated to upstream git 868d699
  • Long-pressing on modules will act as a right-click and take you to the module's menu
  • Long-pressing on a soldier in a craft equipment screen will take you to his/her stats.
  • Maybe something else that I don't remember!

Grab it at the modsite or, if all else fails, from my Dropbox! Here's the link:

Builds & Ports / Re: Android Port (SDL2)
« on: August 14, 2015, 09:28:04 pm »
I installed the android app from the playstore last night.

Well, that's curious! Normally I'd just direct you to the "proper" Android thread, which is located here:,2428.0.html, but would you please be so kind as to provide a link to that playstore? There's no OpenXcom in the Google Play Store as far as I know, and the version that's published anywhere but on this forum and the modsite is not known to me.

The problem is probably because of the wrong data/ruleset for the game, it's probably a really outdated version (the app has since been modified to include everything you need except for the original game data), so you should probably remove the version you got, get a recent build and try it out. Also, please PM me the .apk you got from that "playstore", I'd like to have a good look at it.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: August 09, 2015, 07:59:38 pm »
it has an annoying issue of not being able to use .mid files that my game came with. I went around looking for .ogg files to replace with and I did find some, but the sound quality is half static.

Unfortunately, midi synth is not really supported in Android. I've tried a test build with TiMidity-enabled SDL2_Mixer, but it requires sound fonts (and I have to hardcode the place where the user can put them), and it sounds all kinds of wrong. So, yeah, your only real options are FLAC, OGG, and Adlib.

As for the quality, have you tried setting your sample rate to a higher value? It's 22050 by default, you might want to increase it to 44100, though you should check your files to have the same sample rate, since SDL doesn't do a good job at resampling sound.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: August 04, 2015, 06:09:01 pm »
(Huh, apparently someone did something and ran OpenTFTD ruleset on a build that doesn't exactly support it :P )

So, you've waited for it.

You've asked for it.

And with the blessings of our benevolent masters, SupSuper and Warboy, TFTD is now more than a four-letter word.

And I may only humbly offer the Android version that is built with the OpenTFTD ruleset and code: (it's not yet on the modsite, but apparently the modsite doesn't really work for android OXC anyway)Update: looks like the modsite functions properly now!

So that all of us can suffer everywhere.

Okay, so joking aside, the Android version is still lacking a lot of things everyone has asked about (*ahem*decent Battlescape UI*ahem*), and I didn't really give the port nearly enough love that it deserves. Still, TFTD support is there and it's nearly as good as on PC (which itself still suffers from some bugs, as far as I can tell). I've tried playing (ehm, playTESTING) this thing for a bit, and it seems to run fine, which is to say, it didn't crash horribly for a good 30 minutes.

Since TFTD support is a bit rough, I'm not yet offering to install it through the dreaded Configure Folders dialog. Instead, you'll have to go through this process yourself, placing all the required folders in your openxcom/TFTD folder (which helpfully contains a README.TXT file to list what's required). Don't worry though, the setting will come soon.

There's also one more thing that I need help with: there's at least three TFTD versions out there, probably even more. What I would like to know is what are the major differences between them, how they affect OpenTFTD and how to determine the version by looking at data files. I want this thing mostly for the Configure Folders dialog section.

And feel free to report system-specific issues to my Github! I'll look into them - eventually  :P

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 24, 2015, 07:29:58 pm »
Will I could play the oxc extended on android?

Regarding the OpenXcom Extended mod, there's a way to compile it into the Android version (like, in fact, many of the binary mods!). You'll need to build the version yourself, though. The rough idea is outlined here: ("Mod compatibility" section).

In there's a branch called sdl2_extended which is a merger between OpenXcom Extended and SDL2-Android port. It might give you a nice starting point!

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 24, 2015, 07:02:03 pm »
Okay, so I've hoped I'd be here a bit more frequently, but it looks like I'm failing in that so far. Anyway, there's a new version! Go grab it at the modsite (if it ever works right) or from my Dropbox:

Nothing much in terms of changes, synced up with upstream 8f64f70, fixed (hopefully) mouse for Samsungs, made some improvements to soldier reordering (thanks, Syrion!). Like always, hope it works for you!

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