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The X-Com Files / Re: Various thoughts and suggestions
« on: October 09, 2021, 04:50:34 pm »
Refering to 4, i think information could be presented in a more clear way regarding some important stats. For example, I think that ranges could be moved to the main page of the weapons.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 2.0: We Will Be Watching
« on: October 07, 2021, 01:04:25 pm »
Isn't the XM29 OICW grenade a bit OP? Specially considering that the program was cancelled in part due to the low lethability of the grenades, they currently outperform similar competiton like the ligth cannon. Add to that the pretty good accuracy of the weapon and you got yourself a pretty damm good HE sniper I honestly think the firing extra damage should be removed + accuracy drop off should be the same as normal rifles.

XPiratez / Re: Stuff I'd love to see in XPiratez!
« on: October 07, 2021, 01:48:36 am »
Just one very silly suggestion  but can we get on the normal revolver the ability to set six waypoints on the autofire for cowboy(cowgirl) shenanigans. Alternatively  a revolver with the 0,01*firing accuracy ^2 formula and bonus damage from accuracy  but that can only be shoot on whole magazines  with again the possibility  of setting six waypoints.

Yes I have had chainmail for some months but Codex craft requires some Rng  with drops and research as pretty  much everything  in game...if you don't  have Emp grenades and get impossible spawns you will be force to leave and take extra negative score. I don't  dislike difficult  missions, and I think some like mansion assult should be made harder to clear,  but I believe that a game to be fun needs to have a struggle  but give a reward for it... but I honestly  think the sky ninjas are on the frustrating end of the scale.

Termidor, these outposts aren't full fledged alien bases (as Dioxine pointed out, every faction gets a custom base layout), Hunting party (8 gals, immune to detection) is enough to take the smallest ones out. At the start you need to blow up a small turret or two, then use a hammer to break the outer wall, and then simply shoot inhabitants since most of them are melee. The only trouble is high caliber turrets, but ninjas drop EM grenades which oneshot them.

If you aren't sure that you can, with them being so close together you could build a base inside their range with 2 hangars, trigger interceptors with a random craft and land, wait until they return home, and send a proper invasion party during interception cooldown. Since every base gives millions in loot, it will be worth it to build a base just to abandon it later.

alternatively-alternatively, your codex craft most likely would be able to reach the base before being spotted, and returning from mission crafts are damage immune.

For t2 and t3 outposts you could bring a bunch of mortars from crazy Hannah and burn them down from afar.
Hahaha codex craft that's a good one considering my tech level. And yes, I could just force my way by save-scumming like crazy because getting spammned in front of the turrets is a dead sentence. Would give it a try regardless, but still I think the ninja outpost design isn't good for gameplay.

Edit:Just tried, get spawned in front of the two 14mm turrets  :-X Honestly at the very least the bases should be tied with game absurd to try to take then down with tac vests and RPG .

I'm goingo to rant a little but the sky ninjas mechanics are a complete bummer... got a game in the previous version where despite getting crap ton score from missions plus research I still got -1500 socre at the end of the month... with seven ninja outposts (I hope the number is a bug)  continously spamming ships in my area. Honestly this is plain and simple bad game desing, as the player can do nothing against it early on and it 's just pure RNG. If the player do bad or you have a month with low activity, then yes you should get negative score, but it is frankly absurd that a good month get ruined due to forces completly outside of player control, that is simply bad game desing. I really don't think that having the bases pop up early on add anything meaningful to the game except exta frustation, and considering the amount of hours that needs to be invested on just one campaing, it is really frustating to have it that way.

I've attached the  7 bases positions ( there are two more in the philipines + an alien base in South Africa ) as well as the relevant charts. In october I had -500 score which was perfectly fine: I had few missions, and I could only intercept some civilians ships november and december however, despite having very similar scores (and in december I did more research so I imagine it was bigger) the score differrence was of 4000 to -1500 due to the activity in asia that was completly under radar coverage. ANd just to be clear, I was intercepting everything that I could intercept and in general I have  been very succesfull in the campaing, specially as it has been my first campaing with no battle save-scumming. It is just so frustating that  after so many missions I just got hit with such a big negative score.

XPiratez / Re: A thread for little questions
« on: September 23, 2021, 09:29:53 pm »
It is intended tha the sky ninjas base can pop up as  early as june 2601? I got it pop up, and the next month two extra bases appear, drooping my Infamy to -3000. I don't know if you are suppose to counter tham with recon expeditions, but it seems rather harsh compare to previous versions. Also is the losing condition having two negative months or having negative score in two months in a row?

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.7: Market Corrections
« on: December 08, 2020, 09:09:49 pm »
Well I'm glad it could  be useful, because  I doubt  I'm doing it again   8)  And yes more of my observations  are highly  subjective and without  too much experience  to back them up as it is literally  my second game with this mod, but  I think is always useful  to give a personal  point of view.

That's a really odd statement. What's easier, hitting people with a stick or hitting people with your bare fist? (And spears win anyway.)
I really can't  tell as I'm not a expert  on melee weapons, but I do think a knife is easier to use than a sword from what i read and see. The effectiveness  of them is a completely  different  question, but it seems to me that knife requires  less skill. In the mod Knifes already are less accurate with a 75% chance to hit, so it would  already  take that they are harder to hit with into account .

 ..chitin knife is weird be concept, axes are only two-handed in fantasy (unless you mean polearms), pitchfork from my experience doesn't have a cutting edge, and the pickaxe was left alone for a reason (like, it should not be a good martial weapon).

Yes the chitin is a weird weapon which I think  is fine, but considering  it comes rather late in game, it could  be at the base level damage of the tritanium  knife. And I should have clarify in this point, but isn't  the axe just a woodworking normal axe? Considering  it is in the hands of civilians. As for the pitchfork, you are stabbing  a man with it, not to different  from thrusting  with a knife, so cutting  seem more fitting.
I'm considering reviewing all anti-terrain values, so we'll see.

All these are simplifications due to the fact that we can't have separate underwater versions of weapons.
Yes I suppose so. I do think however  that the weapon needs a heavy buff, at least work like X-bows do. On underwater  missions  you can bring 5 harpoons per person max while heavily limiting  your inventory  space, and a normal crossbow outclasses  it most of the time.

Well, it's technically a pistol. :P

I supposed it was meme more than anything  else, but considering  it has a auto setting , giving it more smg stats wouldn't  hurt

See my comment on pistols.

See my comment on pistols.
I do think it is strange that rifles shooting  a bigger bullet are more dependent  on user accuracy  than smaller bullet rifles. As for the second  point I don't  think it would  reduce choice as currently  some of those rifles are worse in every aspect to other. I know it is strange to bring the Austin argument to a 1995 game, but if I want to use the Ak47 over the AKM I don't  think it should  punished by worst stats.

Well it's more advanced than other similar weapons, and I don't think it's that great - the competition from BlackOps and M.A.G.M.A. is fierce.
Also, see my comment on pistols. ;)
I actually  find it better than the black ops smg (significantly  more accurate )and the MAGMA Smg is rather heavy which is an important  downside. Regardless,  I think that at least the armor piercing  should be reduced:the P-90 shoots bullets similar to the ones of rifles, it shouldn't  outperform them on this point (I assume that the rifles are using AP ammo).

It gets the same damage stats while being easier to aim, make more funny by the fact the Mosin is scoped while the rifle uses iron sights

Seriously?  -_-
It is a sniper rifle and should  be treated as such. The vintorez fulfills a similar role (being even more intended  for closer quarters than the SVD) and it uses the square formula as well. I know it is arbitrary to decide  what each weapon gets, but I do think the formula  would reflect  better it's intended use.

It's so OP that I don't want to also make it easy to use to boot.
I'am missing something  here because  i can't  see how it could be very OP. You can't  shoot an run with it, shooting  it eats a whole turn, using it for one enemy is a huge overkill, spraying with it is a lottery and it's weigth limits heavily  it's usage and possible  load out. A tactical  sniper or a minigun  seems like much more optimal  load out, and from my experience with it there are much better weapons for a similar use.

You have a very unusual view on this. Which again, means that the balance is right.
  Just to clarify, I was referring  to the tritanium  drum. Not that magnun  aren't  good weapons, but I think the black ops pistols are more effective  against  enemies at this stage (syndicate, cyberweb) than magnun rounds.

I'm sure this is why it's the most popular SMG, maybe after Mac-10...
There is clearly something  I don't  see here  :-\

Sorry but these observations seem rather off, and do not match my observations, not observations of other reviewers.
Just to inquire,  what is the general consensus of them? I researched them rather late (with laser rifles on the field), but the chem rounds seems to be specifically  good in the LMG (in that they can drop a muton in one hit, or melt a black sun soldier with an auto burst) but the other ones fall more on the heavy side of things and their chem rounds being unable to deal properly  with armor.

Completely arbitrary.
On the first one the shotgun slug does the same damage in the shotgun and the CAWS, while their tritanium  versions  differ, so I thought  there was a typo. On the second point,  the UAC shotgun  could be buffed to at least be more competitive , as it is the slower firing shotgun  rigth now while being limited to a heavier shell types

And the spread is standard. I don't think it should be better, but I'm open to suggestions.
If it isn't  a sawed-off  of then it's  range performance  could be better , which all the computer stuff and such. And as I said, make it usable for one handed use, so that it could be paired with a pistol or a smg

But it's not what this weapon is...
The turbo sniper already  gets similar stats, and i thought the auto was similar it, being a in-between  the sniper and the rifle.

You are literally insane. :D
I was going to originally propose  for it to do auto cannon damage ;D . But for real, the Auto cannon is more accurate  than it which is something I can't completely understand. I love the concept  of the weapon with its multiple  ammo types, but I do feel it gets obsolete  rather fast.

Why prevent reacting, though? It's up to the player.
Mind guided missiles can only be "launched " yet reactions use the snap shot  action, which seems unintended.

It think it'd make them too reliable.
Well, then at the less the canister  launcher could get this treatment.  It doesn't  carry much ammo and it's not specifically accurate,  and the projectiles it shoot would probably  still damage you if hitting close enough.

It works like any other flame weapon. Which is certainly not 0-200. (It has damageType: 2.)
Yes that what I was referring  too. So instead  of the incendiary  rocket working as in vanilla, it could work like the napalm grenades. That was also why I proposed  removing shrapnel  weapon fire effects.  Why bring incendiaries if they do less damage and do much less effect?

Yeah, and spend the rest of the battle running around and screaming.
With a dead guy from the reaction fire from a plasma gun 7 titles away  :P Don't get me wrong I like flame weapons as a concept, but their usability  leaves a lot to be desired.  Sure they take away the enemy morale, but  there are weapons that do exactly  that while doing damage (chem weapons for example). Also using it against  zombies is very disappointing,  specially   considering  how good are napalm rounds against  them. At the very least it could cause no reaction fire (you are being burned alive after all!) to make it less suicidal.
It's not hilarious, it's perfectly normal, and the mechanics (armours, resistances) accounts for this obvious effect.

Side question: Why do we need enemy dropouts for gauss and mass driver weapons? In Final you can just research them organically, so I wonder why the change.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.7: Market Corrections
« on: December 07, 2020, 08:12:18 pm »

Mid game:
- Here there is much more to talk about as the weapons could be both divided by categories or features. I will try to talk about each weapon category but in some occasions  talk about whole weapons groups

- About pistols I can see two issues: the first one related to the balance between  magnun weapons and the standard pistols and on the second point  to the smart pistols.  On the first point,  magnun weapons fall short compare to standard  pistols mainly due to their poor armor performance. Sure they do more damage, but the final difference  is usually  not that big. Considering  their ammo clip size and their weight, they bring few advantages  to the table. Even the smart magnun  fall short as it quickly  runs out of ammo. The change I would make is to take out the armor penetration malus from this weapons, so their shots are more effective  against  the foes you usually  encounter.  About the smart pistol, the problem  is that it  simply  too good. Not only it completely overshadows the normal black ops pistol, is so good that it is even better than the later laser pistol.  I propose here two changes:make it heavier, 10 units of weight while loaded, and make it a little bit less accurate,  maybe 85% and 90%. It would  still be good, but the heavier weight specially  could  balance it a bit.

-The black ops smg could  get some armor piercing,  maybe 85% as the proposed P90 change, to make it a bit more viable. It currently  fall behind most other weapons for CQC
 - The Uac Smg could  be buffed as rigth now it is like a black ops rifle but worse. Better accuracy  would be welcome, and a larger magazine  could also prove helpful.

Pulse weapons
- I think pulse weapons are an interesting  bunch. I do think that the LMG loaded with chem rounds is actually  a competitive weapon in the hands of accurate soldiers due to the power accuracy  bonus, but overall  they do feel a bit lackluster due to their accuracy  and their weigth. I would  propose five changes: make them more  accurate,  at the level of their competitor black ops weapon, make the tritanium ammo do extra hp damage (it can be justify as using tritanium as shards) like the ceramic round, make them fire slower, a small base damge buff for the pistol and  finally make the chem round a single buller but with very good damage (for example 60 with the rifle) while removing the accuracy power bonus. I think that better accuracy would help a lot these weapons, but should  be balanced with a lower firerate. To compensate,  higher stoping power could help a lot. As for the chem rounds, they only currently  work on the LMG because  they have good base damage.  I feel a single shot would be better as it would allow this weapon to also work against enemies  with a moderate  amount of armor, and make for an actual  chem line of wepons (as the chem guns and the canister are more special types). The chem shotgun ammo could actually  be recycle for the Thrasher  shotgun,to add more variety  to the mix.

- With that said about pulse weapons, I think rifle selection could be improved. Rigth now we have the 2 black ops rifles, the UAC one, the Smart rifle and the pulse rifle. Currently  the smart rifle is the superior  option ,as it overperform the normal black ops rifles, the pulse rifle have it's issues and the UAC rifle is a joke. Keeping the line established with the previous  line of rifles, I would  suggest  changing  the smart rifle ammo to do less damage but be armor piercing. I would suggest a 24 damage normal bullet and a 32 tritanium one, making the maximum  damage of the auto equal to the one of an auto burst from an assault, and with a 90% AP damage. My idea here is that the smart rifle shouldn't  overperform completely  the previous  rifles, and while superior,  to have situations  were a normal rifle might work better.

- In relation to the Uac rifle, a more accurate  snap shot would help a lot. An auto setting  could also be nice. Also applying to the pistol, a lower shotgun spread would make them far more competitive. These weapons aren't  stated to be shotguns, so their bullets should  probably  land closer together than the current  behavior
- Some minor changes i would make would be: get the tritanium  shotgun shell do 55 damage like the CAWS clip; make the UAC shotgun fire quicker to maybe 30% snap, 65% aimed;  and increase  the reload cost of the Thrasher  to 15 or 20 TU, as it can shoot very quick for such a good weapon.
-  I feel like the auto could get a much faster firerate. Considering  rigth now the only advantage  it has is an auto setting, and lacking slug rounds, even the standard black ops shotgun seem like a better deal. I would  argue to get it armor piercing dart rounds, but I think a two round snap shot an a 4 shot  auto could improve it a bit. I feel like the two round snap is could be enough  buff.
- The smart shotgun is a bit underwhelming, considering  it is supposed  to be one of the most advanced  shotguns. While accurate and fast firing, it has a bad shotgun ammo (worse than the saw off) and needs to be shooted with two hands, while being worse than a CAWS as a main shotgun choice. I would  make three changes:make it lighter,  remove the one hand penalty and finally reduce the pellets spread. I could see this weapon working as a secondary  weapon, specially  for undeecover missions, rather than being a main weapon candidate.

Sniper rifles:
- I think that giving sniper rifles all the same power bonus could help. The barret for example is a best weapon than the standard black ops sniper rifle with tritanium ammo thanks to his bigger power boost and better armor piercing. Other example is the PSG 1, that gets less damage boost than the .308 cal while being harder to aim, or the tactical sniper getting even less bonus, with the concusive round getting a very low 10%. Considering  that you need to be using accurate  soldiers with this rifles due to the acc^2 formula, I think their power bonus should  be the same and then have their base damage balanced around it. I think it could help for things like the barret that keeps being effective most of the game.

-One weapon i would change is the auto sniper, as i fell is underwhelming  compare to his  bolt action brother. The issue i see here is that it shoots as quickly  as the normal rifle while being  more or less just as accurate.  The auto setting i feel is not that great, usually  missing rounds. I would change it to be more of a marksman rifle, with a 35% snap shot, more accurate  auto setting  and removing the minimum  range, with a less powerful  power bonus. A better rifle for gun an running,  but less for stationary combat.

- One thing that caught  my attention  are the accuracy  knnel bonuses and the accuracy  drop on these weapons, as I feel they are a bit arbitrary. Maybe they could be revised,  as they are factors that make an impact  but they  don't  become apparent  very quickly  (for example the barret snap shot Is more accurate  than the standard  rifle one when kneeling).
- Here i would make a big change and make the assault LMG different  than other two LMG. In the cult arms tier there are lmg(the fn minini) and heavy mg (the Mg3) and i think this distinction  should be maintained.  The assault  lmg should focus on more mobile tactics, being more accurate  on the standing and shooting more bullets, while the LMG (which should be renamed ) and the smart gun should be better at kneel shooting and have more range. Ideally the blance should  be miniguns for close range, assault lmg for being multipurpose  and the MG/smartgun for static positions.
Heavy weapons:
- the light cannon could get a slight accuracy  boost as rigth now is more in accurate than either the auto cannon or the assault  cannon while being weaker. Overall it is a weapon I like quite a lot due to it's  versatility,  but it's  lackluster  accuracy  makes it go obsolete  rather fast

- The sonic heavy cannon should weigth less, as with the focused clip it weigths a staggering  amount of 64 weigth units, making it impractical  to use it in battle. A weight  more in line with other heavy weapons would probably  make more sense , maybe at 48 weigth when fully loaded.

- The cyber web normal weapons (the Ionizer, the Ion blaster and the lightning  thrower) need to be more accurate  and fire slightly  faster. While their X dimension arsenal is fine, their earth weapons usually  only fire once per turn and completely  miss their target.  Being also quite heavy, their use by Xcom is difficult  to justify
- The same i said to melee weapons apply here: there needs to be more consistency. Damage spread depends on damage type, so while concussive  grenades do more consistent  damage, plasma ones can either miss completely  or do double damage. I do think all explosions should be ruled by the 50-150 formula, due to the nature of the attacks involved. Different  damage types are already  a big point of using different  grenades/missile/shell  types, but i don't  think having 0-200 ones mixed with 50-150 ones are good for balance.

- About  missile  launchers,  one I find in a bad position is the multi-launcher. This weapon is more of a competitor of the auto cannon than the normal missile launcher, with very few advantages  and one big flaw in it's ammo weigth.  Also the lack of power of its  missiles means that is usually  a best idea to bring a normal missile launcher for longer  range support.  I think a lower missile pack weigth could help, along with an accuracy  in the lines of the other launchers.

- The advanced missile launcher should  only be used for mind guided missiles. The current setup allows for troops to take reaction shoots with this missile type. The E-115 missile should  in turn go to the normal mssile launcher, as a final upgrade to it

- The auto mortar should be what his name imply.  The current accuracy  model 70 %*0,75*300% makes it perfectly  accurate  at any range, which for a weapon that usually  one shoots any targets it hits, is mind boggling.  I would  prefer if the weapon had the same accuracy  of the normal mortar but having a two round magazine  that could be auto fire with way points.

-Should shrapnel  weapons leave fire after hitting? I do think that this type of weapon already  overperform  over normal concussive weapons, but the extra fire seems unnecessary.  Considering  also that cutting  is a better weapon damage type than concussive  when it comes to enemy resistances, i think that the extra blast radius of this weapons is not very balanced.

Chemical weapons:
- I think this weapons deserve  the two roll system considering  the nature of their attack. Acid could probably  splash in the case of the canister gun or cover a wide area in case of the chemo gun, so even near misses could still do damage.

- Speaking of the chemo gun, a lower TU use would help it a lot. Being a weapon with such a close range, the rather high TU usage of 65% makes it impractical  to use in more situations,  specially  compare to a minigun,  as you will expose your agent to just use it one. I think this weapon has more in common with the flamethrower, and it should be better suited for close assult use.

Flame weapons
- the last big change i would  proposem I think most of this weapons should  stop using the vanilla damage effect and use a 50-150 formula. Most napalm ammo already  work like this, so it would  make sense that the night ligther incendiary rocket worked this way. As for the flamer, the current utility  of the weapon is rather limited as enemies would usually  survive a full auto shot from it. Hilariously it seems to work better against  4 tile units like sectopods, ignoring  their armor and doing 4 times the damage. I think that having it do direct damage would  make more sense, increasing  drastically  it's utility for it's  intended role against  soft targets.

I'm going to leave it here because  I have write quite enough  already 8) One last suggestion,  make handcuffs  be usable with one hand rather than requiring  two, as they are quite limited  as they are rigth now.

Ps I may have overdid by quite a big margin lol

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.7: Market Corrections
« on: December 07, 2020, 08:11:23 pm »
- There is a lot to unpack here so I will try to divide my suggestions  into arbitrary  groups that I hope that make sense. I will also make individual  suggestions  when needed

 Melee weapons:
  -To start with, I would  suggets changing their damage rolls to a 50-150 spread instead of the current  0-200. Considering that units have a melee dodge chance, and that charging is a risky endeavor, I think that consistency in damage   should  be a given. Considering also that some weapons already have it while other do not (for example compare the knife with its  tritanium version) it would also help rationalize (I hate this word) the combat system.

- I think it would  be good if knifes accuracy  was determined  by 50+0,5 formula. From what I know knifes are easier to use than swords, but right now in game they are only truly useful  on soldiers with martial  arts training that can hit their targets.  I do also feel that the electric club is a too dominant  choice for a melee backup weapo, being more effective  than other melee in taking down opponents,  making it an almost no brainer. An alternative  melee weapon for it would  be welcome. Also their power bonus could  be changed to 0,1 reactions + 0,1 melee accuracy.  I do think that skill bonus in general  should  be tone down a bit and make base damage  more important   with a few exceptions for two reasons: to make weapon obsolescence  more important  and to  make elite warriors a bit more balanced. I do think that stat bonus damage  leads to a double accounting  problem where weapons do not only hit more often, but do often double damage in the process. Melee weapons  are the more clear example where two transformations  make the difference  between having to engage  an enemy  with multiple  units to bring it down to clear a whole UFO with a katana and a knife.
- Some concrete  balance changes would  be: lower the weight  of the combat knife to 3, make the tonfa use the 50+ 0,5 accuracy, buff the chitin knife to the level of others knifes , the axes should  probably  be two handed weapons and have lower strength bonuses, the pitchfork  could do cutting damage, and the pickaxe could use normal  wepon mechanics now that they can hit terrain.
-  I 'm going to include here the laser cutter as I feel it needs a buff, as taking a hammer for demolition  is normally  a better idea, being  able to do similar  damage, and being much more multipurpose. Maybe it could  be remained as an anti-large weapon such as the sectopod for base defense missions with a lower TU cost and better CQC accuracy

Traditional  weapons:
-Throwing  Knifes could use some base damage but get less damage bonus. They are a strange weapon in that they are practically  useless  below 70 accuracy  but at 100 they do some very serious  damage. I think it would  be preferable  if they had a lower skill factor to make them a better weapon to train throwing  ability  with. Also the aimed shot could cost more but have more effective  range while having a similar  acc to the snap shot: right now there is little reason to use the snap.
-Crossbows could be a single shot option  but do more damage. I don't know if it would  be possible to have stackable  items in the inventory,  but it is strange for them to have the same firerate of a sniper rifle. Also the harpoon  launcher is already a single shot weapon that gets completely  outclassed  by these weapons. Also their tritanium  arrows could probably  be at 36 damage to make them  more in line with other tritanium  ammo.
- The heavy Xbow should  be heavier, but do much more base damage than the normal Xbow while having the same bonus as the normal version(make it a heavy cannon version of it). Xbow doesn't get their strength from the user directly,  so it is strange to see it so reliant of it. Ideally,  it should  be closer to the gas cannon in base damage to make the choice of heavy underwater weapons more interesting (right now while the Xbow scales better, the gas cannon two snap shot in one turn make it more useful).
- while talking  about  underwater  weapons, the harpoon  launcher could  use a buff, as rigth now is a complete joke. First,  the max range needs to go: it doesn't make sense that other weapons doesn't  have it while the harpoon  launcher is impaired  by the laws of physics.  Secondly,  it could  use a damage buff to rifle levels, and maybe get a 0,1 firing accuracy  bonus like the xbow. Finally  the HE round could do damage similar to the tritanium  one. Considering underwater  units usually  have good concussive resistance , the current  round is close to useless. The balance  could  be that the Xbow is more accurate,  but the Launcher more hard hitting. Also if the xbow keeps their quiver clips, I think the harpoon launcher could use the same treatment.

Firearms general:
-Weapon damage mainly come from their weapon calibre. There are plenty  of examples of weapons firing the same round yet having different  damage values. For example the glock,Beretta and the Uzi or the Colt,the Tommy and the Mac10. This more a realism argument  than a gameplay  one although  I do think some of this weapons deserve a buff (Uzi at 20 is a joke, the colt could use a bit more damage).
Early gun balance:
- Overall i quite like the balance early on, as there are many options and you are quite dependent on what your enemies bring to the table. I would however  make two changes: The calico could use SMG rate of fire (I will propose a 3x snap an a 6x auto) as rigth now it is a very poor weapon choice, and the Nitro express  could use a higher base damage but a lower power bonus. It shoots a big round, where it hits should  make such a difference.  Treating it as a Sniper weapon may not be a bad idea

- Another change I would  suggest is to make the 7.62 Nato rifles do more base damage rather than to rely  on a power bonus. More accurate  users already  benefit  from hitting the target more time anyways, and it is kinda of unnecessary.  I would  suggest a 34 damage round and also that it fires slower, maybe at a 30% snap minimum

- Continuing  with the rifles, maybe it wouldn't  be a bad idea to have the similar calibre rifles to have the same stats and their choice be mostly  cosmetical, and be balanced against  each other caliber. So for example the 5.56 could fire fast ( a 20% snap) and be relatively  accurate  but have lower damage, the 7.62 WP fire slower (a 25% snap) and have lower acc but hit harder and the 7.62 nato fire slower (a 30% snap), be terrible at auto shooting but have the best stopping power. I do think this would  make the choice similar (because  there are rifle better than others at each category) while allowing  the player to choose the rifle they like the most.

-One weapon I would  slightly  nerf is the P-90 as it is too good rigth now. It combines a good ammo capacity, very good armor piercing for its  class and good accuracy.  It practically  outclasses every 5.56 rifle, and it is probably  the best rookie weapon even when black ops enter the game. I would be catious here and suggest that it's  damaged be reduced  to 22 like others SMG and it's  armor piercing  to 85%. In return I think a 5 burst auto could be good (in fact most smgs could get higher burst amounts) to make it better at CQC.

-Some minor changes would be: Bolt action should get the same accuracy  modifiers as the Nagant, the SVD should be treated as a sniper weapon when it comes to its  accuracy,  the PKM could use a 2 round snap shot at 30 % TU.

- The HMG could get a 2 round shot.  Rigth now it is a weapon that you don't  want to be using most of the time, as it requires  a lot of patience  to use, and it is either a gross overkill, or a lottery machine with the way points. I feel that a snap shot option could  make it less situational, as more situations  were you want to use it a minigun would  work as well.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.7: Market Corrections
« on: December 07, 2020, 08:10:37 pm »
Okay as promised here is the second part of my suggestions.  I will try to keep it short and precise
- Overall I retract from my previous  statement where there aren't  enough  techs, there are in fact a lot of them  ;D However  you can be blocked from important one by bad Rng as you need to farm captives to get them. One thing I would change is the current progression of 5 different  techs > alien vocabulary > the good stuff, to divide things more. For example, instead of having the toxi suit after the toxi-gun, have it behind alien chemistry that currently only serves for vocab. In the same vein, some stuff could be move it to promotion I in case you can't fill all the vacancies for advisors. I can't  say anything  too concrete,  but having a more diverse tech tree instead of relying on a few important  techs could  make the game better, specially  if the player want to play with "blind research".

- Promotion  Three prerequisites could change. While maintaining  deep ones communities and alien language,   I would change cyberweb portal to a previous  cyberweb tech and Into the dark to Hidden caves. The rationale being that you can get Deep ones communities much faster than any of the other options. While I see alien origins  as a failsafe, the current setup have a very optimal path of going after the dagon church to get deep ones than trying anything else. I do think that promo III should  come soon after defeating  a cult, as an important  step up to face better armed enemies.

- Navigators could probably  be able to tell more about different  UFO types, at least at the same level of engineers. They shouldn't  become useless so quick.

-I don't  know if it is possible, but staff input should  only be choose  as an option if there is nothing  important  that  the prisoner  can tell you. They are fun fluff bits, but they can keep you out of key research and can be bypass by just keeping non-important prisioner around just to game the system, which feels like gaming the system  more than anything else.

Overall  I like the tech system  and I feel that, except  some exceptions, it is in a good place.
Craft systems;
-two small issues here: the avalanche  is still the top weapon, and mass driver cannon is much better than the other cannons. For the first point, apart from the range, heavy missile platforms usually  carry excessive  ammo for their firerate: if facing a passive ufo you want the avalanches range without  doubt, and against  hunter-killers your cannons are going  to end up doing most of the job. Heavy missile systems like the heavy stingray or the heavy storm Lance could get faster firing to make them more useful  against  targets that try to shut you down. As for the mass driver cannon, it's stats are simply to good compared to the previous  cannons. I do think it should  be an upgraded,  but not such a powerful one.

- I like the way things are balanced around in the early- middle part of the game with the armored  vest, the shield and the heavy suit, each having their ups and downsides. The only armor I would  give a stat boost is the Jumpsuit  to make it more appealing  to recruits (maybe a firing accuracy  bonus or a small TU boost) so as to make it more preferable  than the starting suit (either one of them offer  minimal protection  anyways).

- However I do think the mid-late armors could use some rebalance, specially  the personal armour and the Cyber armor, as the specialist  armors are fine (aqua suit, toxi, flying). The problem I see is that the cyber armor over shadows the personal armor in almost every way. Sure it has less plasma protection percentage  but you are most likely to be damaged on a personal armor (needs 53.33 to be pierced  compared to the 60 of the cyber) and if you are hit with bigger weapons you are probably fuck anyways due to how nasty plasma is in the mod. Not to mention that against most common threats (including  alien laser weapons) is better to be using a cyber armor than a PA. When this is computed, even the alloy vest compare favorably  against  it. The cherry on top is that the cyber armor boost reactions, so it becomes apparent  that it is a non-brainer to give all your troops this armor. I would suggest two changes: buff the personal armor to at least alloy vest protection  levels, maybe with 70% plasma protection , while making the cyber armor a heavy armor  choice that while boosting  firing accuracy,  have a lower energy recovery rate, is heavier and give less TU. I do think the ciber should  give better overall  protection,  but the PA should  have it's  uses.

-On the topic of armor, could armor recovery  require two sets of dead bodies instead of one? I must say I'm  not a fan of this as a concept as I feel it makes player losses less costly  for certain  armors that you are going  to be using anyways. In line with the economic  changes I talk about, more expenses would be welcome, so that you can't just replace every armor you lose cheaply.  Alternatively,  it could  be a process  only available  for cheaper, worse armors, so as to make a difference  between  expendable  outfits and expensive  ones.

- One minor thing, but should advanced dog armor have it's  energy recovery  be independent  from their current  sanity level

-I'm not going to comment  on more advanced  suits, but i do hope that more advanced  versions aren't  dependent  on synth-muscle, as they are just locked away by RNG.

The X-Com Files / Re: Worst I have ever seen
« on: December 06, 2020, 07:40:36 pm »
I was going to report  the same situation, what a  nasty bug    :-X I do think the castle assault  mssion could use an overhaul, as it is difficult  for the wrong reasons, mainly that the map is to big and you are going to be bug hunting enemies (without  bug hunt because zombies) while everyone lose their  shit. Maybe the spawn point could be at the sewers of the castle and the mission map be limited to it(the castle)?  Close quarters with zombies are usually  much better.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.7: Market Corrections
« on: December 03, 2020, 03:32:21 am »
Congrats on the new release ;). I suppose it ain't  compatible with 1.6 saves right?

This is something I have finally addressed in the (yet unreleased) 1.7. Namely I eliminated manufacturing for money, except from some limited materials. I don't know if it will be enough, we will see.

I actually  haven't  made any money out of manufacturing.  You could get a net positive  with UFO components  but I was swimming  in money by them. My main source was looting. I believe  that this part gets very unbalanced once  you reach 1999 and UFOs start flying around. Not only you do more missions, but the money you get from plasma weapons (that you aren't  going to use in a while) and UFO stuff is quite significant. I believe  I got 2M$ from selling 8 corpses+their weapons+ the components from a downed large scout. The second point of money is the council, that gives me much more than what I need to maintain  the base.

As I said I believe 1999 is when the problems come as before that it was a real struggle  to get everything  I wanted. I would  suggest the following changes:
- No score should  be given for retrieving common components, and much lower score for corpses. My scores though  1999 have all been insane, getting  over 10000 points in October which was mind breaking. You can clear a lot of missions with heavy casualties and still come up with very good scores. For example the underwater factory gives 2000 aqua plastics. That means that even if you lose all the squad except one, you are going to get an insane score anyways.It is already  hard to lose a  game,  but I do think that there should  be some tension  regarding your performance.
- In relation  to that, the council  should  give less money. As the intended objective  is to get going by loot, I don't  think it would  be too bad if you get less money than what you need for maintenance. Maybe higher maintenance  cost  for advanced buildings (Imp Lab) could  help.
- Less money from components and alien weapons. Considering  that earth governments  can't  use plasma, maybe a lower selling cost would make sense. Overall the idea should  be that you still make a profit, but less than what is currently  in game.

The entire reason why I went with alenium was because HWPs were phasing out organics in late game.

...and honestly, you sold the shards? You're joking, right? It's almost like selling the Tiny Drill in Piratez.
I can't  say I relate with this  8) And yeah I did a 4d chess move with the shards, as I wanted to boost my research as much as possible  early game. Kinda of shows that early on there  is a real tension in managing the resources  you got.

Having said that, I agree that some sort of recruitment system would be better than a straight purchase, but when I was adding this, it was not possible yet (I think). Also, I honestly don't know how to do it - some ideas would be welcome.
Actually  I do have two ideas. One would  be relatively  simple- add a building  (a radio station) - that after build allows to recruit  hybrid agents though  the manufacturing  screen. The requirements  to build  the station should  be easier than the rat breeding  grounds. Fluff wise, it could  be justified  as interfering  with the Hybrid chip so that it can be recruited.

An alternative proposition would  be to have a land survey system but for recruitment of mercenaries,  being much more expensive  than regular  agents and having higher salaries,  but with better initial stats. Hybrids could  come it in this system,  appearing  once you unlock them. It could  actually  make for an interesting  mechanism  if properly  balance, allowing for some unique troops for your squads. Ofc it would  require  much more work, so I see it more feasible  for a submod

As for the general insanity issue, sorry but you haven't really proposed any improvement, or at least I don't understand what you want me to do. Can you specify maybe?
Sanity loss should  be related to the mission type+the enemies you face. Attacking a cult HQ? Your troops  get a little nervous. Attacking a cult HQ with inhuman enemies? More stressful. Facing different  UFO types shouldn't  be more taxing the bigger they get as you are mostly  facing known enemies.However  a terror mission should  scare much more to  clear than say a battleship. 

Er... what craft? How is any craft related to global detection? Please elaborate.
The AWACS for example. I can't  see a reason to lose a hangar space to get one of this if I can get passive detection outside my radar range

But why not? I honestly can't see how this doesn't make sense. It's not like Syyndicate people don't carry heavy weapons or use weird equipment (thought admittedly not often).
Thank God they didn't bring their mind guided missiles to my fights :P. But on more serious  note, is to make things more different. Of course  the enemy  count  would  need to be balanced as well, maybe two CEO,a Minotaur and a Robot as the tougher  enemies. Also I proposed the map change because the current  mission  seems to favor camping from the spawn point too much, considering  all the blind point you get at the lower level and the amount of enemies you face (the same can be say on the Black Lotus Hq)


Both are possible, especially the walker. But should I make every robot in the game available as a HWP chassis? That's kinda excessive. :) (No really, this is a serious design problem.)

It was more a rule of cool suggestion  than anything  else. However  I don't  think there is a walker type HWP apart from the Sectopod, and that usually  comes much later in game. (That is until they appear on your base uninvited x)

And people say that I am a sadist?! :D
Considering  how much "fun" I had with those guys , I would  say I haven't  reach that level yet  ::) . The suggestion  mainly  come about  because  they are melee enemies (so they could  trigger a reaction shot ) and the spiders could  use some buffs later game (once you reach shogg they are a pushover).

Ypou mean, some more uses?
Yes, sorry, more uses . I didn't  notice they had a dependency. Still an early game use (I'm having a very silly idea of buildings throwable nets with then as a short range weapon) would  be nice.

 That's why I added special negative missions and events for when you're purposefully stalling cult termination. I think that's all that is needed.
  Hmmm maybe they could  reduce money apart  from score? As I said before score isn't  too much of a problem, and it gets compensated by clearing their missions .

And why is that?
Why would  you dress as cavemen if you intend to take their cargo by force anyways.  Wouldn't  make more sense to just dress in civilians  clothes instead?

Also two bugs in top of my head: you don't  seem to get access to the BS ammunition  for the HC at any point  in the game, and the focused sonic shotgun clip is unlocked by focused  sonic weapons, not the corresponding tech.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.6: Life Will Never Be The Same
« on: November 28, 2020, 08:11:32 pm »
Well, I'm at November  1999 and things have go a little boring so it seems a good time to leave the game for a while. Overall I had a lot of fun but things started  to get less interesting  when the aliens started invading. Here is some general feedback, I hope that it can be useful:
General stuff:
- The state of the economy early game it's really good, but as the game progress  it becomes easier to manage until there is no real financial challenge. Part of the problem is how the council showers you with money, but gains from loot increases higher than expenses, specially  with all the UFO's around. I assume that it is one of the hardest thing to balance in the mod, but maybe unusable loot could be sold for less and the cuantities gained be smaller. Alternatively more advanced stuff could  be much more expensive,  so for example a Thunderstorm (love the art of it) requires  a bigger investment, specially  considering  that better weapons tend to increase gains.

- I can't see the point right now of having more than 4 bases. Limits on research buildings  do encourage to get more of them, but eventually  you get to a point  where you are researching everything  really fast. On the other hand the manufacturing nerf makes building  bases to get money useless (and you float in money anyways). While there is nothing  inherently  wrong with not filling all the bases slots, I think it is a great opportunity  to try some alternative things. For example bring back manufacturing bases but instead  of centered on producing alien tech for sale, make more advanced items require extra facilities. For example some planes should require  a wind tunnel facility, or the HWP should  require  a  foundry to make their armor. The idea being that while basic workshops can be useful  to supply your forces with ammo and grenades and basic equi, you will need to specialize  certain bases or make a factory base to get the better stuff. We already have something  similar in game with the rat breeding  facility, and I think it could  be beneficial  for the game to slow down the introduction  of new equipment.

- I do believe  that there should  be an option  to buy shards and that hybrid recruitment  should  be limited. On the first  point I screw up in my game by selling  the shards early on, but once I got some of then  I do not think they warrant such a limited supply. HWP comes with their pros and cons, but I believe that taking into account  transformations,  biological  beings make for a much better investment. As for hybrids,  I find strange that you can get them  from the black market  so easily.  Maybe a system similar to the one use by rats is preferable,  where you can recruit  imprisoned  hybrid agents, or build a building  (a contact network  for example) that allow to purchase them for a big price on the market.

- The use of sanity as a feature seems interesting,  but I have some problems with his implementation. For example, while the excellent  metamorph mission gives an opresive feeling (the one mission that actually unsettled me), assaulting  a large ufo fill with familiar enemies is somehow more taxing. Or for example assaulting the underwater factory gives the unspeakable  horror modifier yet all you face are things that seem normal in comparison to a standard  terror mission. I would  suggest that the mechanic  should  make more sense to the scenario  the agents are facing: Large ufos should  be hard to enter due to aliens camping inside then (side issue here, but I found it easier to attack then in the mod that in the final modpack because  there seemed to be less aliens inside then.  Maybe the alien turrets have something  to do with it?) while other missions should  be hard because  they sap your agents morale ie: attacking a zombie hive.

- Passive global detection shouldn't  be a thing, as it makes radar craft redundant. Considering  this type of craft leaves you without  a hangar slot, their usability  is really limited to justify  their price.
Enemy balance:
- The initial cults make for a quite entertaining  enemy, but i do have some suggestions. For starters Exalt and the Church could give better rewards, compare to the rewards of red dawn(bio and durathred) and black lotus (good psionic weapons and martial arts). From the church while the acid stuff is good, the other staff is less useful, and from Exalt the best thing you get is the Barret, and only because  they use American weapons. For the church of dagon I would actually  suggest using their hounds as an excuse to give bio enchantment  but for dogs, that could  actually  use some transformations. Exalt meanwhile could be use as a gateway for the heavy ballistic  suit, so that instead of getting  it at promo III, it is an advance prototype of one of the masters. I do believe some reward symmetry is desire so that favoring one over the other isn't  a suboptimal  choice per se. Also Exalt could pack some extra punch. While their enforcers are tough, in general  they are easier to fight than the Russians or the Black lotus. Maybe a mind control enemy could be nice, to spice things up.

- Nothing to say about Osirion as they fill their role, but I do have some issues with the Syndicate. The first one is with their final mission, which I do believe could have been much better if it was an undercover mission. As of right now it feels like the black lotus HQ but with no armor. Thematically it also doesn't  make much sense, as why use the impersonator if you are going to bring rocket launchers and psi weapons. It would  actually  be a nice change of pace if you need to win a big battle without  all the good stuff. Apart from changing the enemy composition,  I think the big building  map would be more fitting. The second issue I have with the is the final message you get from then. I don't  have a problem  fighting the original bad guys as they fit perfectly  for the mod and I do imagine that it is one of the next enemy, but the resolution  of the events leave, imo, much to be improved.  If the CEO are already established  to be from the even worse group  (I'm trying to avoid spoilers here and to not use a much more colorful vocabulary), why do you recieve a real life larping invitation  that you can not use at all? Shouldn't this be the moment where you can make a choice  as if you want to be an as***** that kills civilians by collateral fire or one bigger as***** that does it on purpose and actually undermines the Xcom project? Finally their big beefy troops(minotaur and the walker) would be nice if they give some extra tech. For the minotaur, and i don't  know if it is possible,  it could  be use to introduce sub-dermal armor, that would  be a transformation  that increase the armor of the agents by a few points. Alternatively  their macro flamer (that they refuse to use) could be a an entry point  for extra large weapon( I'm thinking here on some things from xpiratez). The ultimate  fantasy would be trainable  minotaurs with Greek names, but i think it is more fitting for a sub-mod. As for the walker a HWP base around it  could be a cool bonus.

- Overall  i quite like the underwater missions, as they do offer a change compare to land battles. My main gripe with then is in fact that the Ai can't make an effective  use of melee weapons and just stay away while being slaughter.  If it could be made to be more aggressive,  or alternatively  being given sonic weapons as a standard,  it would make for some interesting missions. The only one I didn't  enjoy was the factory  as it was a huge map with a heavy sanity penalty and it end up being a camper fest.

-Ciberweb and the X dimensions are mostly  fine. Minor  improvements  i would  make would  be to give the misticks a different color to distinguish them  from the technomads, that space tecnomads shouldn't  get a second life (why them are they wearing a suit  in the first place) and that there should  be more cover in dimension  X maps. This last point  becomes very apparent  in the fortress  assault  mission as it is either impossible  because  your door is facing the map or very easy if it is facing the border. More corver could  be done with hills and terrains features, and I do think it makes for a more interesting  combat.

-Hybrids and Advent make for a fine opponent although  some weapons (cough chem cough) could use a buff. Overall the hybrids missions make for a quite varied bunch, although  some of them become trivial with good armor (cyber)

- I already talked about  zombies before in that their missions  should  be more rewarding, but they do make for some interesting opponents.  Can't  talk about Shoog as I only cleared one mission. Also spiders are fine, although  the  stealh spider could get assassin levels of invisibility  and spiderweb definetly needs some uses

- I got some mixed feelings about  the cult.  While I absolutely  enjoy their missions due to the sheer absurdity they reach (I can't  imagine how it goes on superhuman with so many enemies ), they don't  pose a threat with advance armour and they actually  don't  makes to much sense as a Xcom enemy, considering  most if not all the situations they are involved  the army could  take care of it (I mean the outpost battle makes me imagine Waco but the SWAT having super soldiers) Also the amount of stat gains you can get from them can actually  be problematic,  as i can't  see a reason why I would like to end  their storyline if they make for the perfect training  target. I don't  know what could be done to beef them up as with their numbers better weapons could  quickly  turn problematic from a balance sense. Equipment  specialization  for each sub culture could  be nice, with some unique variants for them, but overall I can't  say what would  I do to make them harder.

- I don't  like the UAC storyline so far for two reasons. One their missions  feel like less interesting  versions of the Syndicate storyline with the exception  of the cavemen one. That last mission is so  BS. First and foremost,  it doesn't  make much sense to dress as cavemens if your plant is to kill the people guarding the cargo. Second while in general I would say UAC weapons are trash, facing twelve or so of those dude without  armor is a very steep difficulty, more so with concealed weapons and on a land rover. Also what you get from this storyline doesn't  seem worth it, considering  you can get their weapons from the cult. Overall  i would  change three things: For the cavemen mission, make it a concealed  mission where you faced some weak opponents (one or two UAC and some other cavemens)but you can only bring primitive weapons or the light pistol/spypistol (as they need more use). Second , that the UAC engineers  or staff should  give access to some unique  staff, be it craft systems, special ammo for their weapons and things alike. Finally, they should have some more personality  so that they don't  end up filling like discount Syndicate.

- Surprisingly,  the enemies I have the most problem with are the aliens. The main beef i have with them is that fighting  against  them feels absolutely independent  from the rest of the mod. While each enemy usually  have a storyline that you follow, aliens follow more or less the same model of operations of the final modpack. Also their entry completely changes the balance of power for the worse as UFO's are flying cash cows. Thus while I'am figthing a Syndicate  whose objectives i can't  understand  at all but at least have some progression,  the aliens just go with their battleships as if nothing happens on the ground. Wouldn't  make much more sense if they are integrated  in the general  storyline, and they appear once their other plots fail? Also the difficulty  of facing them  is a little disappointing (except etherals),  although  this has to do more with gun balance.

I'm going to leave it here for today as it is quite a wall of text. I don't  know if you will find any of this useful,  but considering  the amount  of effort  this mod has, is the least I can do. Also I can give my thoughts  on gun and armor balance on another post, although  that is going  to be much more practical.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.6: Life Will Never Be The Same
« on: November 18, 2020, 01:13:05 am »
One quick question,  is there a chance to get extra alenium (?) shards beyond the three you get after researching about them? I'm currently  at April 1999 and I kinda of lost all the shards (two of  then were sold and one was a KIA in a mission I retreat from) so I was wondering if at any point there is the possibility  to get more.

Ps: Is there a reduced chance to trigger terror missions?  Seems  strange that I haven't  gotten one yet.

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