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Released 1.14 with all the small changes I added.
Mostly research tree to make sense for more distant and less distant discoveries. Should make better sense and be easier to track with research tree.

I just realized Tasoths don't have psi skill in this mod. That is strange as they were strong psi race in vanilla and even MC Disruptor required tasoth interrogation.

I am going to re-add psi skills to some units. Here is the plan.

medic, technician, navigator, commander
Excluding lower ranks to avoid psi attack in early game while assaulting small USOs.

navigator, commander
Need to give them something so they at least stir things a little during terror missions.
Also want to increase their health. After discovering gauss rifle they are as easy to kill as aquatoids. They should not be the easiest race.

squad leader and above ranks

Not sure. Maybe give some to commanders?
Also plan to increase their health just a tiny bit to make sure they are tougher than tasoths.

all ranks
They are very easy to kill. So they should be quite psi annoying. I don't see this happening in this mod.

OXCE Suggestions Abandoned / Re: [SUGGESTION] Reaction mechanics
« on: November 25, 2022, 03:14:42 pm »
Thank you for response, everyone.
Now I am thinking this might not be a good proposal or it should be rethought.

OXCE Support / Re: [QUESTION] Examination room - recoverable?
« on: November 25, 2022, 09:46:58 am »
Thank you for clarifying.

Apparently the info about its inrecoverability is incorrect then.

This page claims it can be found on Hunter (Abductor) but it also lists it as zero in the recoverable items table. Strange.

OXCE Support / Re: [SUGGESTION] Melee reaction attack
« on: November 25, 2022, 08:44:17 am »
Great. I need to copy these constants to my rules then. Thank you.

OXCE Support / [Answered] Examination room - recoverable?
« on: November 25, 2022, 08:33:09 am »
Pardon if this was already answered. Didn't find anything about it.

In vanilla examination room was not recoverable. It was converted to some other item. So never appeared in store and never can be researched. Is this fixed in OpenXcom or extended?

OXCE Support / [Solved] Melee reaction attack
« on: November 25, 2022, 08:13:09 am »
When unit reaction fire is triggered it turns toward enemy and shoot.
Unit capable of melee attack also can perform reaction melee attack when enemy is adjacent but only when it is directly in front of the unit. Unit does not turn for reaction melee attack by 45 degree left or right even if it sees the enemy and can turn-attack. Would it be possible to allow them to turn-attack with melee also?

OXCE Suggestions Abandoned / [ABANDONED] Reaction mechanics
« on: November 25, 2022, 08:08:24 am »
Abandon reason: the concept has flaws and needs more thought

Hello, fellow players and modders.

First of all, I clearly understand that redoing reaction mechanics would be pretty drastic change. I don't even hope this will be implemented but still like to open a discussion. As the last resort, I can modify it myself and propose a change in the code.

Vanilla reaction mechanics is well defined but pretty weird to say the least. It include the amount of TU left on target. Why target TU should have anything to do with reaction triggering is beyond of my imagination. When opponent enters unit visibility area with the last step spending all of their TUs - immediate reaction follows. Whereas, if we can imagine unit with 1000 TUs then it can safely enter enemy visibility area, do a break dance, then leave - nothing will happens.

I am thinking reaction time should depend on reaction stat and how long enemy is visible only.

Specifically, this is proposed formula.
Unit reaction probability = "reaction" / 100 / 8.
Enemy perform an action and is visible at the end of this action.
Dice are rolled for above reaction probability so many times as many TUs are spent in action. Reaction is triggered when first roll succeeds.
As soon as reaction is triggered, unit continues firing/stubbing until exhausted their TU or killed the enemy.

That includes all enemy actions because reaction is triggered by the time passed since enemy is first seen, not the type of actions it does.

Reaction 100. Reaction probability = 100 / 100 / 8 = 1/8.
Enemy makes one 4 TU step and is visible at the end of step.
RNG is rolled 4 times for 1/8 probability. If at least one time it succeeds, reaction fire is triggered.

  • Time unit reaction is triggered depends only on unit reaction and length of enemy visibility. That equally applies to all combatants.
  • Uniform and simple algorithm. No additional counter needed. Every enemy action is computed right away.
  • More randomization. Now soldier may not be shot right away from the side when they just emerge from the door.
  • More often reaction fire, despite the above. Even low reaction soldiers eventually react if they see enemy long enough. Which make putting them on standby a viable tactics.

OXCE Support / [Solved] Recovery score modification
« on: November 25, 2022, 05:47:36 am »
Hello everybody.

I am trying to modify recovery score.
1. For items it is recoveryPoints parameter.
2. There is also a 750 score points for successful artifact mission.
3. How to modify recovery score for killed aliens, killed civilians, killed aquanauts, destroyed platforms, etc.? <- main question
4. Do I understand correctly there is no other score sources besides above?

Thank you.

Good ideas.

Alien containment
As you correctly noticed, it is the path to all other alien technologies. I would not delay it too much to not frustrate player. At the same time to prolong it a little we can use alien + terrorist autopsy combination. Then first terror mission at the end of January should unlock it and player may have alien containment sometimes at the end of February which should be good enough as they also need to capture and interrogate bunch of aliens. It does not need to be more delayed than that.
<- any alien autopsy + any terrorist autopsy

MC reader
I perceive it as rather cool toy adding variety in game but not a game breaker. It helps with targeted capture but even without it one can just stun all aliens in medium-large USOs and sort them out later. Probably makes sense to give it to player earlier when it can be used to discover and exploit subtle advantages in enemy armor/health/TU, etc. With better armor and weapon development it become less relevant.
It may not even be dependent on live aliens so it could be researched in parallel with alien containment. I am thinking to replace live alien dependency to alien learning arrays. Let me know if you believe this item should be delayed more.
<- alien learning arrays

MC lab
I understand you don't have major concern about this one so it may stay the same and alien learning arrays dependency would just shift to MC reader.
<- MC reader + medic

For alien components in general we can use them to manufacture player subs. The rationale for that would be that they are part of alien subs so could be as well used in ours. They are not manufacturable and used in about same proportion in our subs as in alien ones.
Alien cloning may be used for manta/hammerhead (both research and manufacture).
Alien cryogenics may be used for hammerhead/leviathan (both research and manufacture).
Another option is to make manta depend not only on components but on live aliens too: technician and navigator, which makes sense.
Or both of these options which should be fine too.

That what I was looking for. Thank you.

So here is their appearance in vanilla:
Alien Learning Arrays: Cruiser
Alien Cloning: F.S. Cruiser
Alien Cryogenics: Battleship
Alien Implanter: Dreadnaught

With this in mind I would remove alien component requirement from alien containment and rewrite the proposed tree like that.

Allen containment   <- any alien autopsy. Optionally, few autopsies? Aquatoid and Gillman?
MC reader         <- any live alien. Optionally, few of them + terrorists?
MC lab         <- MC reader + alien learning arrays + medic
MC disruptor      <- MC reader + MC lab + alien implanter + navigator/commander

What do you think?
That may be too easy for first three but that should be fine. I do not want to scrutinize the progress to MC lab. MC disruptor, from the other side, should be hard to obtain.

That leaves the question what to do with cloning and cryogenics? Cloning is somewhat easier to obtain from F.S. Cruiser but it is not good to add it as a dependency to M.C. Lab as you may encounter F.S. Cruiser only few months down the road + building the facility + one month of initial training = too late.
Maybe add them as requirement for alien weapon just for fun? Cloning for thermal shock launcher and cryogenics for PWT launcher?

Yeah. I may mix these dependencies up because I don't know where each component appears. I assumed they are listen in order of easier to harder to obtain. Do you know which USO carries which components? I will rearrange my proposition then.

Just researched the thermal shok launcher and I was able to use and manufacture it and its ammo before researching the ammo. Is this right? Using latest openxcom extended and v1.13 of the mod.

This mod auto advance all ammo after weapon research. Check your ufopaedia and you'll see both weapon and ammo there (maybe on the same page).

A little more research sophistication ideas.

Allen containment <- any alien autopsy + alien cryogenic
MC reader <- any alien autopsy + alien cloning
MC lab <- MC reader + alien learning array + any live aquatoid
MC disruptor <- MC reader + MC lab + alien implanter + medic/navigator/commander

This way player can research MC lab by raiding some mid size USOs.

The weapon- ammo research paradigm is something we should simplify.  Researching weapon should include ammo as well. There is no sense to use then separately.

As for Allen containment I already found this bug and fixed it can update 1.13.

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