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music what made you bring just absolutely new experience for me. For first time it was strange but now I even can't imagine how play without them. Can play missions for long time and music never boring me.

Thank you, these are the kindest words I received so far! I am happy you are enjoying it!

Any favs so far?

I asked because playing Nord's mod which now 2.48 and might not have those themes added yet. But this is fine I can replace track by myself using your files.

Thanks for the heads up, I will ask Nord to upgrade soon.

Don't forget to show support for Nord and his great mod 8)

How very nice. Great job!

Fantastic work.  Thank you for this! 

Thanks all! Do any of you have a play-through running?

Did you find any of the tracks distracting so far? Overpowering?

Looking forward to future updates.

I will upload the remaining tracks in the next few days. However all important tracks are already here, the only missing ones are Intro, Victory and Defeat movies, and the pre-mission for T'Leth. But I have some cool stuff planned for after that. Stay tuned ;)

Will you add dogfight theme too?

Hey there! If you mean the Interception themes, all three of them are already included in the mod as of v0.4!

Here is a demo of Interception 3

Or are you referring to some other track?

v0.4.0 update:
  • The three interception/dogfight themes have arrived and are patrolling
  • Next release will bring the Briefing/Debrief themes, thus 99% of playtime will be covered!

v0.5.0 update:
  • The five Briefing/Debrief themes are here! Islands/Ports/Ships, Base Attack/Defense, Good/Poor Outcome
  • Next release will bring the final themes: Intro, T'Leth, Victory and Defeat

Released Mods / Re: [TFTD] [Expansion] TWoTS+ Release (v.2.48)
« on: September 30, 2020, 02:36:14 pm »
Hello everybody! And thank you Nord for giving the soundtrack a home in the best TFTD mod of all time 8)

If you like it, give me a shout at,8606.0.html or — any feedback is welcome!

Orchestra of the Deep
The definitive lore-friendly soundtrack remake for TFTD

This is a remake of the TFTD soundtrack. It is my imagination of how the game would have sounded like had it been made today and by the same people. It is NOT a simple MIDI transposition: every track has been re-orchestrated, re-arranged, and expanded—but will always stay faithful to the originals. Think of about when you were a kid, looking at Doom's pixely graphics, and seeing glorious hi-def gore instead.

Contents and audio demos
✔ Menu:
✔ Geoscapes:
✔ Interceptions:
✔ Battlescapes:
✔ Briefings:
-- Story: coming soon
-- Brand new tracks: stay tuned!

Development status
👽 PLAYABLE: 99% of the play-time is covered by new music, with only a few rare tracks missing.
⭐️ ACTIVE: Current rate of update is once-a-week. Estimated two or three weeks for final release.

- v0.1.0: Most Geoscape themes
- v0.2.0: Geoscape 5, Menu, general polish
- v0.3.0: Battlescape themes, new Menu theme
- v0.4.0: Interception themes
- v0.5.0: Briefing / Debrief themes
- v0.6.0 (coming soon): Intro, T'Leth, Victory and Defeat

Download and installation
You will find the mod itself, installation instructions and project roadmap, at the MOD.IO page:

What feedback do I need?
I am looking for comments on sound levels, fastidious bits that don't sound well on your audio system, and whether things fits with the general atmosphere of your play-through. I am not looking for bug reports or new ideas just yet, that will come in the future.

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