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Title: SHIV
Post by: Bonakva on January 23, 2021, 12:08:30 pm
Just a thought
Why not make SHIV counterparts?
I don't understand why scout tanks only have a shotgun to open doors. You can also install a machine gun. This makes a good SHIV for the early game.
Title: Re: SHIV
Post by: Solarius Scorch on January 23, 2021, 12:22:26 pm
From some googling, I assume you mean some sort of a robotic  tank.


How would it differ from normal X-Com tanks?

If you're thinking of some earlier, weaker robotic vehicles, then I'd love to add some, but I don't have any good sprites.
Title: Re: SHIV
Post by: Bonakva on January 23, 2021, 01:02:44 pm
The main difference from conventional tanks is their size (1 cell versus 4). Naturally less armor.

SHIV in xcom2012 / LongWar1 are analogs of tanks in 4 cells.
They can scout the area and take damage, so as not to substitute the main composition.
Scout drones have good armor for the early game, but not being able to get a good return fire is depressing.
Sometimes, in addition to reconnaissance, you just want to punch, take damage with the ability to respond, without putting live personnel under attack

A quick solution is to open a slot for a weapon with the ability to independently place the necessary weapon (it would be necessary to give a small inventory to lay down cartridges).
In general, according to the idea, you can simply give an alternative to a shotgun, such as a rifle or a machine gun (with the discovery of new technologies, improve it to a laser, a gaus, etc.)
In fact, even new sprites are not needed, the scout drone already looks like SHIV. After opening the alloys, you can give new armor (just repaint it blue).

The colossal advantage is that you can place 4 minitanks instead of large one, or combine with people. A large tank is good, but sometimes 4 minitanks are better.
Title: Re: SHIV
Post by: Solarius Scorch on January 23, 2021, 01:43:17 pm
Yes, I totally understand now, and agree. But I haven't sprited anything like this, and I doubt I could do it well.
Title: Re: SHIV
Post by: Bonakva on January 23, 2021, 04:11:50 pm
I edited a bit for myself
Changed characteristics similar to the early machine guns (m60 and mg3)
The tank began to play with new colors. Reduced the range of night vision and slightly increased the front armor. A peculiar assault variant. A good option to play with armor and not risk people.

Just make another AI armor.
Only instead of a shotgun and a smoke grenade, install a machine gun. Sprites and sounds can be taken from the minigun. The characteristics are similar to those of machine guns, it is better, of course, that the accuracy was good, but it took a lot of action points to fire. All the same, this is a combat platform, not a human, the AI should be easier to aim with heavy weapons.
Improve front armor and cut vision at night. Perfect SHIV.