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Title: TFTD DeathScream
Post by: Avon on January 09, 2019, 12:20:26 am
Greetings to all.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or something I've done on my end, but when my soldiers (male or female) die they don't emit the death-scream. On terror sites, the civilians have the death-scream. All aliens have theirs also, just my guys have a silent death.

I have deleted my options.cfg. My log looks normal from what I can gather:

Code: [Select]
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] OpenXcom Version: 1.0 git 2018-12-31 18:02
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] Platform: Windows
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] Data folder is:
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] Data search is:
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] - C:\Users\hidden\Documents\OpenXcom\
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] - X:\games\oldgames\OpenXcom
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] - X:\games\oldgames\OpenXcom
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] User folder is: X:\games\oldgames\OpenXcom\user\
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] Config folder is: X:\games\oldgames\OpenXcom\user\
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] Options loaded successfully.
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] SDL initialized successfully.
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] requested file not found: openxcom.png
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] Detected locale: C
[08-01-2019_21-34-54] [INFO] Attempting to set display to 1600x1200x32...
[08-01-2019_21-34-55] [INFO] Display set to 1600x1200x32.
[08-01-2019_21-34-55] [INFO] Loading data...
[08-01-2019_21-34-55] [INFO] Scanning standard mods in 'standard'...
[08-01-2019_21-34-55] [INFO] Scanning user mods in 'X:\games\oldgames\OpenXcom\user\mods'...
[08-01-2019_21-34-55] [INFO] Mapping resource files...
[08-01-2019_21-34-55] [INFO] Resources files mapped successfully.
[08-01-2019_21-34-55] [INFO] Loading rulesets...
[08-01-2019_21-34-56] [INFO] Loading fonts... Font.dat
[08-01-2019_21-34-56] [INFO] Data loaded successfully.
[08-01-2019_21-34-56] [INFO] Loading language...
[08-01-2019_21-34-56] [INFO] Language loaded successfully.
[08-01-2019_21-34-56] [INFO] OpenXcom started successfully!

Using the latest nightly Version: 1.0 git 2018-12-31

However...While looking at the code on git hub and then the .rul files, namely Soldiers.rul in xcom1 i found this:

Code: [Select]
armor: STR_NONE_UC
    standHeight: 22
    kneelHeight: 14
    femaleFrequency: 25
      - SoldierName/
deathMale: [41, 42, 43] << ahoy thar screamers
    deathFemale: [44, 45, 46]

Obviously my problem is with TFTD/Xcom2, but when I look at the xcom2 ver, it ends after 'KneelHeight 14' I looked at the code again for deathscreams for Xcom2 and noticed the number 48. I've added that to the bottom of the Soldiers.rul in xcom2:
Code: [Select]
armor: STR_NONE_UC
    standHeight: 22
    kneelHeight: 14
    deathMale: [48, 48, 48]
    deathFemale: [48, 48, 48]

Now It works for both m/f (tested with dropping nades at my feet and teamkilling) It hasn't crashed either. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, the installation went belly up or it is a bug?
Title: Re: TFTD DeathScream
Post by: Meridian on January 09, 2019, 12:45:37 am
I can hear the screams.

They are also defined in the ruleset, in Soldiers.rul, on the bottom:
Title: Re: TFTD DeathScream
Post by: Avon on January 09, 2019, 01:03:13 am
I found the culprit: OXCRulesetEditorV0.5.

I never looked at the .rul files (in notepad++) until after I installed that program, thinking those files weren't for notepad. Now I realise it cut some of the info out, thank you for your help, I had to ask though, it was driving me nuts not hearing screams -sounds weird