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Title: Hungarian Translation
Post by: Fenyő on September 27, 2012, 04:00:11 am
Ok, here i present you the Hungarian Translation, which i have just completed! ;)
(I attached it in a ZIP to this post (and the second ZIP is the font))

The original X-COM was translated to Hungarian once (around 16 years ago), and i still have it, so it came in handy.
This original translation is made by a guy named SCHULTI. A big thanks for him!

I revised all of the translation, and i retranslated many texts, which was very inaccurate.
I have spent my last 4 days for this work! I think the result is pretty good.

Two Hungarian letters (actually they are 4 because of small&capital letters) was missing from the fonts, so i had to draw them myself.
They are: ő, ű  and their capital versions: Ő, Ű. (i don't know if the forum here can show them correctly, they are: O, U with little double-lines on their top)
Since there are so many characters in the font that is not actually drawn, i picked 2 (4) of them and i have overwritten them.
For choosing their position, i had a good reason, the surrounding characters are very similar! (this is the reason i not APPENDED them)
I have modified the Font.dat accordingly too.
Oh, and one additional thing: There was a BUG in the Big.fnt!! The capital versions of Ù and Ú were SWAPPED!! (they are both U with a small line on their top, the line of the first is drawn from left to right, the second is drawn from right to left)
(you can see their lowercase version is ok, and in Small.fnt both the upper and lower versions are ok)
So i FIXED this bug! (swapped them in the Big.fnt)

Please, i ask you (SupSuper) to add this translation to the "official" OpenXcom! (i would gladly see it in the next git-build, and in the 0.45)
If you want to place my name on the about page ("Translators" on the bottom) in return for this work, then please use my nickname instead of my forum-user-id, so my nickname is: Fenyő. (or Fenyo without accent marks (hehe, this special character is the first one of which i had to draw))
Title: Re: Hungarian Translation
Post by: SupSuper on October 02, 2012, 08:00:36 pm
Thanks, I will add this in the next commit. :)
Title: Re: Hungarian Translation
Post by: Fenyő on October 18, 2012, 06:12:07 pm
I've just updated the Hungarian Language to the current.
(its in the Pull-Request)
Title: Re: Hungarian Translation
Post by: moriarty on December 02, 2012, 12:36:40 pm
I just encountered a female soldier called "Gyorgyi" - I only ever encountered male "Gyorgyi"s in real life, but the internet hints that the name is also used for women in Hungarian - is that true? Is it a common female name?
Title: Re: Hungarian Translation
Post by: Fenyő on December 02, 2012, 01:02:04 pm
This typing is without accents. (of course i made it to strict-latin version because of OpenXcom convention)
It should be written: "Györgyi".
Actually, the male version is "György". (this name has a nickname "Gyuri")
So the difference between the two is only an "i" at the end of the name.
"György" is the Hungarian version of George, and "Györgyi" is the Hungarian version of Georgia. (WIKI) (

"György" is a much more common male name than "Györgyi" as a female name. Although both of them are in the top100 common male (and female) names. The Hungarian soldier names are actually the top100 common Hungarian names. :) (ordered by the number of occurrences)
Title: Re: Hungarian Translation
Post by: moriarty on December 02, 2012, 01:04:32 pm
all right :) thanks for clarifying. I already suspected something along the george/georgia lines.
Title: Re: Hungarian Translation
Post by: Hixill on October 16, 2018, 07:00:02 am
Since there were no significant updates to the Hungarian translation lately, I started fixing typos and translating the missing strings on Transifex. Anyone willing to help is welcome (just send a PM if you have questions or suggestions). My goals are to fix the typos and inconsistencies in the base game, in the megamod and to localize XPiratez.