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Title: [UFO] [TFTD] PSX Music, SFX and Cinematics
Post by: sylandro on February 24, 2018, 09:35:13 pm
These are the mods I previously uploaded on the mod portal. Since using it is discouraged now, I'm uploading them here for posterity.

These were extracted and recoded from the original PlayStation versions of UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep. They are quite large so I've uploaded them to MEGA so they fit.

- PlayStation UFO and TFTD Music!MVJxWCKI!vlqHmSVvoN2QM_oj3JvyFf0f21_4UCLdMA-wetTyOJg!JIoEkAbJ!odnWOe9av216YQD1o_ct9xWqoFZjvccEJK0-0169Rko

- PlayStation UFO and TFTD Sound Effects!5cpFlazb!NRiwwbPWpvfAXzIkTHHRR2axqLDxAwWf3fbQeCEDmh4!BAglEKKI!FQdL36Mj6GMmnUyUfktHA4BHSSYAkjlTZH7lKxI0YFs

- Playstation UFO and TFTD Cinematics!8IYxkQ7Y!2tmQHqsx0Aic25BHXP1X82BHLE1Q6WD29ByjeAymiFQ!RAZAkYDY!Yqq00SXRb7qN-ZcpkuGBTJ1vIhp28issbuX8pQ4QnTI

* TFTD cinematics tends to be buggy, probably due to the weird resolution they have. They are the same as the PC version ones, but contain weird bars on top and bottom, so you're probably not missing much.
Title: Re: [UFO] [TFTD] PSX Music, SFX and Cinematics
Post by: Dr.Crowley on May 28, 2018, 03:28:34 pm
Just in case someone is not comfortable with MEGA I will double it with Dropbox links:

UFO PSX Music ( - 179 Mb, beware!
TFTD PSX Music (

UFO PSX Sounds (
TFTD PSX Sounds (

UFO PSX Videos (
TFTD PSX Videos (

Do not hesistate to tell me if something is wrong with this.
 - Dr. Crowley, Ordo Archivius