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Title: HWP Tractors another reimagining of the Coelacanth for XCOM
Post by: SteamXCOM on September 04, 2017, 06:37:03 pm
HWP Tractors another reimagining of the Coelacanth for XCOM

# HWP Tractors Mod by SteamXcom

The HWP tractor is based on a vehicle (Coelacanth)  found in  XCOM: Terror from the Deep and ported over for OpenXcom use.  It has been already appeared in some mods.

The HWP tractor is a utility vehicle that can be used to clear terrain objects. In this role it has very limited attack range but can destroy most adjacent terrain objects without using ammo in order to create passable areas. It can also be used to kill adjacent enemies.

It also is armed with a machine gun, however, since it is intended for defensive purposes, it is highly inaccurate especially at longer ranges. If you need to engage at long ranges, grab a soldier or the tank HWPs instead.

You purchase the start tractor in the store.  As you learn new technologies you upgrade those tractors in the workshop. At its highest upgrade level the tractor can destroy a UFO wall.

Upgrades increase the armor, object destroy power, TUs and quality of the machine gun on the vehicle.

If destroyed in battle, the remains can be salvaged and repaired at a fraction of purchasing a new tractor and applying its upgrades.

Questions and Answers:
Q-HELP!!! I'm right next to a FENCE. Its RIGHT THERE and I cannot even select to destroy it!

A-Use the target cursor to find the "sweet spot" then move /turn the tractor so it is properly line up to make your strike.  The range is only 2 squares and on some orientations the tractor cannot attack the obstacle even if adjacent to it. Instead, you must turn the tractor about, orientating to align with the target cursor's double digit chance to hit.  Use New Battle to play with the tractors to see how this works.

The range could be extended to 3 squares but that might make the tractor too powerful for the player.  1 square range was way too limiting, as the way the map object tiles are designed, a tractor on a certain side of the fence, no matter the maneuvering, for example, it could not strike at all. With two square range, careful turning may be required to line up with some obstacles.

Q-what do I use this for REALLY.

A- Apart from already explained, the tractor can be treated as sort of an infantry tank your solders can use to hide behind as especially on higher levels, it should soak up more damage than an HWP.  And its always nice to have some other vehicle to play with.

Q- In New battle, when I select  "Out of Stock" or "On Backorder" from the equipment list and when  I go to start the battle, the game crashes.

A- "Out of Stock" or "On Backorder" selections cannot be loaded on your craft in New Battle. Please Select from the following if loading tractors:
HWP Tractor
HWP Alloy Tractor
HWP Laser Tractor
HWP Plasma Tractor

Secondary weapons of dual welding HWPs such as the tractors are integral to the vehicle and not an  independent item. However, the secondary weapon will still appear separately near the bottom of the New Battle equipment list.  Defining the secondary weapon as "Out of Stock" or "On Backorder" is a way of marking it as unavailable to prevent accidentally loading it onto your craft. 


Xtract the .zip file into your user/mod directory of OpenXCOM

Run OpenXCOM go to options>mods and select
Lighting Variants.

Check here for where your MOD folder might be at if you do not know:

Initial Release


The investigation of these mods help in implementation of this one

--originally snatched from The self-driving car mod by Zharkov
Piratez Extended
--Also seen as the Quad in drages [UFO]S.A.R. HWP/AI Mod V.0.60 (which is where Zharkov got it from).
--Code for dual weapon taken from drages and also PowerGlove mod by Civilian
--tractor machine gun graphics and custom sounds taken from Dioxine's Piratez Extended mod

Please give credit for any use of this file.

This mod in part or in whole may be used as part of any other mod.

(lableled as  HWP
Title: Re: HWP Tractors another reimagining of the Coelacanth for XCOM
Post by: 7Saturn on September 04, 2017, 10:11:42 pm
Finally! This would have been a great means to get rid of all those shrubs (,4025.0.html)! =) =) =)
Title: Re: HWP Tractors another reimagining of the Coelacanth for XCOM
Post by: Kzer-Za on July 31, 2019, 12:21:19 pm
When I try to use this mod with OXCE, the game crashes with this error:

failed to load 'HWP Tractors'; mod disabled
Error for 'HWP_TRACTOR01_CORPSE_1': offset '1172' exceeds mod size limit 1000 in set 'FLOOROB.PCK'

How can I fix it?
Title: Re: HWP Tractors another reimagining of the Coelacanth for XCOM
Post by: Yankes on August 02, 2019, 09:38:58 pm
This mode used index outside of delcared space used by this mod, simplest hack is to add `reservedSpace: 2` in `metadata.yml`, proper solution is to change values to be less than `1000` in this ruleset and other one where this graphic is added.
Title: Re: HWP Tractors another reimagining of the Coelacanth for XCOM
Post by: Kzer-Za on August 04, 2019, 09:28:15 am