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Title: Area 51 - Features and Credits version 0.97
Post by: Hobbes on February 06, 2015, 07:23:24 pm

Feature List version 0.97 (MAJOR SPOILERS)

* Redesigned globe with more textures and more terrains assigned to each texture, with additional variation between plain and mountainous areas
* New regions for alien missions: North & South Atlantic, Indian Ocean, North & South Pacific
* Country zones redesigned to better fit their borders & new zones added
* Several more cities added, along with locations for the Council missions

* 150 new terrains added for UFO, Terror and Council missions, either completely new or converted from UFO2000 and TFTD terrains
* UFO terrains are now divided into 8 natural biomes: Desert, Forest, Grassland, Jungle, Mountain, Polar, Savanna, Steppe, Taiga and Tundra Each biome has 3-6 different terrains, with map blocks for desert (flat), desert mountain, forest, forest fountain, swamp, plane and temple versions
* Each Geoscape texture can have assigned between 4 to 10+ of the previous terrains, plus the Farm ones, and in more urbanized areas it will also be possible to have UFO missions in city like terrains. On hilly textures there's a higher chance of getting a mountainous terrain.
* New Terror & Council terrains can have different versions used for Urban (Terror), Destroy, Defense, Extraction and Recovery missions
* Terror Sites have also been divided into 11 geographic types, with terrains being distributed accordingly: City, Airfield, Big City, Facility, Island, Polis, Port, Ship, Slum, Snow and Tropical
* TFTD terrains converted/expanded: Crashed Plane, Mu Jungle, Atlantis Desert, Port, Island, Cargo Ship and Liner Ship
* UFO2000 terrains converted and expanded: Airfield, Apartment, Area 51, Industrial, Dawn City, Expanded Farm, Mad City, Native, Polis, Railyard, Siberia, Slums, Storm Mountain, XBase+
* New terrains designed: Biolab, Complex, Port Cargoship, Port Linership
* Adds NKF's Mudranger APC for terrains/missions where it is nearly impossible to place craft.

* Some terror site locations will use instead the Escape deployment where the squad starts on the opposite side of the exit area and must reach the Mudranger APC to escape in 25 turns
* Council missions now appear monthly. The first mission is always helping allied soldiers retake a military base. Later missions are either of Defense, Assault and Destroy, and also Capture, Recovery and Extraction missions that allow for recovery of advanced tech. Each of those reports contains also indications about the location/terrain of the mission. These additional Council missions can be generated until the major techs are researched
* There are also a number of secret facilities that provide additional research but need to be detected on Geoscape

* Machine Pistol, Sniper Rifle, LMG, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Combat Knife, Minigun, Multi-Launcher and Incendiary Grenade (initial XCom items)
*  Plasma Assault Cannon, Plasma Blaster, Laser Minigun, Laser Sniper Rifle, Gauss Pistol, Gauss Rifle, Heavy Gauss, Gauss Autocannon, Gauss Heavy Cannon, Alloy Sword and Alloy Shotgun, Elerium, Incendiary, Alloy, Acid and Smoke Bombs available for the Small Launcher, Stun Grenade, all available after research is completed
* AK47, RPG and Snubnose Pistol used by human units
* Alloy Vest and Combat Armor added to cover the gap between jumpsuits and Personal Armor

* Darkstar AWACS (airborne radar)
* Thunderstorm Improved Interceptor
* Blackbird Transport
* Stormrider Ultimate Interceptor
* Overseer & Labship (UFOs)
* All vanilla UFO internal configurations now have alternative versions
* The number and type of UFOs present during the alien missions can now vary, with the vanilla numbers usually being the upper limit

* Muton Commander/Leader
* Muton Elite
* Muton Berserker
* Overlord
* Solarite
* Phaser
* Stalker
* Waspite
* Cybermite
* Gazer
* Holodrone
* Hybrid
* Armored Sectopod
* Spacefarer
* Jarhead Terrorist
* Jarhead Infiltrator
* Razordisc
* Puffer
* New Alien Scientist rank (for Sectoid/Floater/Snakemen/Ethereal/Gazer/Waspite/Spacefarer)
* 50+ new civilian units added, including for Base Defense missions
* 10+ Allied Humans

Alien Races/Deployments
*Mixed crews can now appear on all types of alien missions.  It is still possible to get vanilla crews of a single crew, although those will be the exception rather than the norm.
The first appearance of the alien species follows the vanilla game's progression but with the addition of 5 new alien races:
** Sectoid/Floater/Spacefarer
** Snakeman/Phaser/Waspite
** Muton/Gazer/Overlord
** Ethereal
** Alien Elite/Muton Elite/Commander Guard (special)
* Alien Elite is for Overseer Retaliation missions. Muton Elite replaces Sectoid on the Mars surface mission, 1st part of Cydonia. Commander Guard is only used on the Overseer UFO ground missions.
* Enlarged alienRaces with 12 alienRanks
* Alien Commanders can only appear on bases generated through Alien Base and Infiltration missions or the Overseer UFO (Ethereal Commander)
* Scientists only appear in Labship, Harvester or Abductor UFOs
* Engineers and Navigators only appear on UFO or Alien Base missions
* The final Cydonia mission was redesigned for a bigger battlescape (70x70 size). Also added an empty Brain chamber (U_BASE21) to the final battle terrain

* Several items now require Alloys or Elerium to be built

* Medics unlock Alien Origins, Mind Probe, Small Launcher & Stun Bomb, plus give a random Autopsy/Species
* Navigators unlock Alien Origins and UFO Navigation, plus give a random mission
* Engineers unlock Alien Origins and UFO Power Source, plus give a random UFO
* Scientists unlock Alien Origins and E-115
* Psionics can be unlocked by interrogating any Ethereal, Sectoid Leader/Commander or a Hybrid
* Leaders automatically unlock Alien Origins and Leader Plus, except Muton Leaders
* Sectoid, Floater, Waspite, Snakeman, Gazer, Spacefarer and Muton Commanders automatically unlock Alien Origins, Leader Plus and Alien Operations
* Commander Plus (and Cydonia) depend on both Alien Operations + Ethereal Commander Interrogation
* Elerium Reactor (if data disk is recovered in the mission) gives Project Sign report and unlocks UFO Power Source
* Alien Crystal (if recovered from the Pyramid mission) gives Project Redlight report and unlocks Elerium-115

* Alien Alloys unlocks Alloy Vest and Alloy Ammo
* Alloy Vest unlocks Combat Armor, which then unlocks Personal Armor
* Personal Armor unlocks Alloy Shotgun and Alloy Sword
* Gauss Weapons require Alloy Ammo to be unlocked
* Laser Weapons require Heavy Gauss & clip
* Laser Minigun and Laser Sniper Rifle depends on both Heavy Laser and Elerium
* Plasma Pistol and Clip require Elerium-115 (requires alien Scientist). Plasma Rifle and Clip depend on Plasma Pistol and Clip. Heavy Plasma and Clip depend on Plasma Rifle and Clip. Plasma Cannon can depend on either Plasma Rifle or Heavy Plasma. Plasma Blaster requires Heavy Plasma.
* Psi Lab depend on Psionics + Mind Probe + Elerium-115
* Hyper-Wave Decoder depends on UFO Navigation and Elerium-115
* Blaster Launcher and Blaster Bomb depends on  Elerium-115
* Alien Grenade, Elerium Bomb and Incendiary Bomb depend on Elerium-115, the rounds also require Small Launcher research. Acid bombs depend on the launcher and Celatid corpse
* Elerium Bomb depends on Elerium and Small Launcher
* Stormrider requires Battleship and Ultimate Craft research. Blackbird requires Alien Navigation and Alien Alloys to be researched, Thunderstorm requires Alien Alloys
* Celatid Autopsy is required for Acid Bombs

* 2 categories were combined together to make room for 1 new category of Council Reports, which contain the official XCom background story, the Bluebook Reports and additional articles
Title: Re: UFO Redux - Info and Credits
Post by: Hobbes on October 29, 2015, 09:15:23 pm
Hobbes - Mod Designer, Terrain Pack creator
Scott T Jones - XComUtil creator (original game editor), stats for the Laser Sniper Rifle and Improved Lasers
Bagirov - Original Urban/Desert/Arctic/Green camouflage uniforms & Alloy Vest graphics
XOps - LMG,  Laser Sniper Rifle, Overlord/Solarite/Muton Elites/Hybrid aliens all taken from his XenoOperations mod, plus several soldier sprites adapted as civilians, enemy soldiers, etc.
Dioxine - Several weapons and units taken/adapted from his Piratez mod, including several civilians, the Phaser sprite, the Human Soldiers, etc.
Solarius Scorch - a lot of assets were taken from his Final Mod Pack compilation (great reference resource for modders)
Robin - Gazer, Holodrone, Waspite and Cybermite aliens. Human Suit Civilians and Human Agents adapted from MIB0 unit from his Men In Black mod
IvanDogovich - Improved HandObs mod
Warboy1982 - Combat Knife and a ton of help debugging and designing this mod.
clownagent - units from his League of Heros mod
Redv - Darkstar craft (from his AWACS mod)
Tyran_nick - Thunderstorm and Skystorm crafts mod
Gifty - Snub Pistol
Fatrat - Incendiary Grenade & Elerium Bomb
Luke83 - Alternate UFO internal dispositions taken from his Luke's UFOs mod. plus additional civilian/alien sprites
Murmur - Stun Grenade
Grzegorj - YET MORE UFOs! mod for more alternative internal UFO configurations.
Sporb - Grenade Launcher, Plasma Blaster, Plasma Assault Cannon, Gauss Pistol, Gauss Rifle, Heavy Gauss sprites, all those originally designed for UFO2000
Several authors - Sniper Rifle from XCOM Armory mod
Phaedris - Muton Leader & Commander mod
XCOMFan417 - Armored Sectopod and Plasma/Minigun HWPs taken from his Tanks, Drones, Sectopods? Oh My! mod
BBHood217 - Alternate Weapon Tech
ClownAgent - Units/sprites from League of Superheros mod
CryptoCactus - Improved HWPs sprites from Alloy Ground Tanks mod
Tollworkout - Original idea and sprites for Phaser and Stalker units
hellrazor - Sprites for alloy weapons, feedback and terrain bug fixes
Neoworm - Original Thin Man sprite
???? - Alloy ammo for individual weapons
NeptuneNookGames - Redux's Let's Play series
silencer_pl - Redux's After Action Reports series
aknazer - Weapons and units rebalance

And a few others that I'm surely forgetting at this point. Thanks also to test players and everyone who has provided feedback and commentary so far. If you notice something uncredited please inform me to add it to the list of credits. :)
Title: Re: UFO Redux - Info and Credits
Post by: Hobbes on October 29, 2015, 09:49:35 pm
Area 51 Terrains List & Credits

UFO Sites
* CULTAFARMA (Original Farm + Expanded Farm)
* CULTAFARMB (Expanded Farm, UFO2000 terrain)
* DESERTMOUNT (Desert Mountain)
* DESERTPLANE (Desert Plane)
* DESERTTEMPLE (Original Desert + Atlantis terrain from TFTD)
* FORESTMOUNT (Forest Mountain)
* FORESTPOLAR (Forest Swamp)
* GRASSLANDDESERT (Northern hemisphere only)
* GRASSLANDDESERTMOUNT (Northern hemisphere only)
* GRASSLANDFOREST (Northern hemisphere only)
* GRASSLANDFORESTMOUNT (Northern hemisphere only)
* GRASSLANDPOLAR (Grassland Swamp)
* INDUSTRIALUFO (Industrial, UFO2000 terrain)
* JUNGLEPOLAR (Jungle Swamp)
* JUNGLETEMPLE (Original Jungle + Mu terrain fron TFTD)
* MADURBANUFO (Modified City, UFO2000 terrain)
* NATIVEUFO (Native (Farm + Jungle), UFO2000 terrain)
* SAVANNADESERT (Sorthern hemisphere only)
* SAVANNADESERTMOUNT (Sorthern hemisphere only)
* SAVANNAFOREST (Sorthern hemisphere only)
* SAVANNAFORESTMOUNT (Sorthern hemisphere only)
* SAVANNAPOLAR (Sorthern hemisphere only)
* STEPPEDESERT (Northern hemisphere only)
* STEPPEDESERTMOUNT (Northern hemisphere only)
* STEPPEFOREST (Northern hemisphere only)
* STEPPEFORESTMOUNT (Northern hemisphere only)
* STEPPEPOLAR (Northern hemisphere only)

Terror Sites & Council Missions
* AIRFIELD (UFO2000 terrain - 8 different configurations)
* ALIENCOLONY (5 different biome versions)
* AREA51BASE (8 versions)
* AREA51DEFENSE (8 versions)
* AREA51DESTROY (8 versions)
* AREA51EXTRACTION (8 versions)
* AREA51FORT (8 versions)
* AREA51HWPFACTORY (2 different missions)
* AREA51RECOVERY (8 versions)
* AREA51SKYRANGERFACTORY (4 different missions/configurations)
* BIOLAB (6 different missions)
* CARGOSHIP (TFTD terrain)
* COLDISLE (5 different versions)
* COMPLEXURBAN (4 different missions)
* COMRCURBAN (Commercial, based on Apartment terrain for UFO2000)
* DAWNURBANA (Dawn City A, based on Dawn City terrain for UFO2000)
* DAWNURBANB (Dawn City B, based on Dawn City terrain for UFO2000)
* INDUSTRIALURBAN (Industrial, UFO2000 terrain)
* LINERSHIP (TFTD terrain)
* MADURBAN (Expanded Urban, UFO2000 terrain)
* MADURBANSNOW (Expanded Urban)
* NATIVEURBAN (Native (Farm + Jungle), UFO2000 terrain)
* POLISURBAN (UFO2000 terrain)
* PORTTFTD (vanilla TFTD Port terrain)
* PORTURBAN (Modified Port terrain)
* PORTINDUSTRIALURBAN (Modified Port + Industrial)
* RAILYARDURBAN (Railyard, UFO2000 terrain)
* SIBERIA (UFO2000 terrain)
* SLUMURBAN (UFO2000 terrain)
* STORMMOUNTAIN (adapted UFO2000 terrain)
* STORMMOUNTAINDEFENSE (adapted UFO2000 terrain)


Hobbes - OpenXCom (OXC) ruleset, .MAP/RMP/MCD/PCK file design & all other terrains not credited below
Nachtwolf & Voller - Dawn City tilesets images (originally developed for UFO2000)
civilian - original OXC ruleset
Bagirov - Industrial terrain design (originally developed for UFO2000)
Solarius Scorch - AI routing for the Railyard UFO2000 terrain conversion, additional maps and tile images for Commercial UFO2000 terrain conversion.
XOps - Tileset graphics for the Atlantis Desert and Mu Jungle terrains, Pyramid Ice terrain
Twilight Owl - original Airfield UFO2000 terrain
J-F Pruneau - original XBase++ UFO2000 terrain, redesigned as Alien Colony terrain
Wiseman - original Storm Mountain UFO2000 terrain
Luke83 - original Expanded Terror terrain
Blank - Cold Isle terrain

Dioxine - tile images for Commercial terrain and new civilian sprites taken from his Piratez mod
Tentacular- tile images for Commercial terrain taken designed for other mods (washbin, urinal and toilet)
MKSheppard - Additional Geoscape cities and reworked Country Zones taken from his Improved Nations mod
Volutar - Improved globe mod, Geoscape Editor and MCD Edit designer
Warboy1982 - Help with bugs and technical issues
Supsuper - Help with bugs and technical issues
hellrazor - Expanded Terror terrain conversion, a lot of bug fixes
All the images of the original games present on this mod are copyright of 2K Games/Firaxis

Big thank you to everyone who has given feedback/ideas/bug reports: Solarius Scorch, Dioxine, Arthanor, JStank, davide, Falko, Aldorn, Mr Quiet, robin, niculinux, the_third_curry, XCOMFan419, BBHood217, ivandogovich, VSx86, MKSheppard, Recruit69, wsmithjr, Vulgar Monkey, myk002, XOps, Infini, pkrcel, new_civilian, TaxxiDriver, BlackLibrary, bladum, volutar, Yankes, shadics, Goldy, Gifty, hellrazor, SIMON, tollworkout, Ridan and Buscher
Title: Re: UFO Redux - Info and Credits
Post by: Solarius Scorch on January 05, 2016, 01:52:27 pm
Hobbes, please, my name is not and never was Solaris. :P
Title: Re: UFO Redux - Info and Credits
Post by: Hobbes on January 05, 2016, 03:37:34 pm
Hobbes, please, my name is not and never was Solaris. :P

Sorry about that. Fixed.
Title: Re: UFO Redux - Info and Credits
Post by: Meridian on January 05, 2016, 03:42:46 pm
Talking about names, "IvanGodovich" should be "IvanDogovich" :)
Title: Re: UFO Redux - Info and Credits
Post by: Solarius Scorch on January 05, 2016, 03:57:50 pm
Talking about names, "IvanGodovich" should be "IvanDogovich" :)

Well, at least this one is a common misconception. :)
(Which means I made the same mistake. :P)
Title: Re: UFO Redux - Info and Credits
Post by: Hobbes on January 05, 2016, 04:03:08 pm
Talking about names, "IvanGodovich" should be "IvanDogovich" :)

Fixed too. Thanks.
Title: Re: UFO Redux - Info and Credits
Post by: ivandogovich on January 05, 2016, 04:56:16 pm

And all this time I just thought you were all trying to feed my "God" complex. ;)
Title: Re: UFO Redux - Info and Credits
Post by: Hobbes on January 05, 2016, 05:25:38 pm

And all this time I just thought you were all trying to feed my "God" complex. ;)

I was but I seem to have been caught red handed... ;)
Title: Re: Area 51 - Features and Credits version 0.9
Post by: Hobbes on June 19, 2016, 06:28:29 am
Updated for version 0.9
Title: Re: Area 51 - Features and Credits version 0.93
Post by: Testbox360 on January 21, 2017, 07:20:42 pm
Hey Hobbes, how do you kill the electric "storm" aliens?
Title: Re: Area 51 - Features and Credits version 0.93
Post by: Hobbes on January 21, 2017, 09:36:33 pm
Hey Hobbes, how do you kill the electric "storm" aliens?

Anything that uses AP ammo, like Gauss weapons
Title: Re: Area 51 - Features and Credits version 0.94
Post by: FeruEnzeru[RETIRED/I QUIT] on June 07, 2018, 06:14:25 pm
Hey, Hobbes. When i was reading this thread, before features and credits part on first and second post.
Do you know who created the UFOpedia image for Gauss Cannon (Spoiler Craft Weapon), it looks like a minigun or minicannon (or a cannon with a 6-8 barrel).

I dunno who created the image.  ???

Do you know who created it?  :-\

I need help knowing it.

Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: Area 51 - Features and Credits version 0.94
Post by: Hobbes on June 07, 2018, 06:59:11 pm
Do you know who created it?  :-\

I need help knowing it.

Thanks in advance!

I think it was MickTheMage, but I'm not 100% sure
Title: Re: Area 51 - Features and Credits version 0.97
Post by: Roxis231 on November 28, 2019, 06:59:02 am
Hi Hobbes

I see from some of the comments and screenshots that you are using my Blackbird craft, but haven't credited me in this thread. Can you fix this?

Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Area 51 - Features and Credits version 0.97
Post by: Hobbes on November 28, 2019, 02:58:24 pm
Hi Hobbes

I see from some of the comments and screenshots that you are using my Blackbird craft, but haven't credited me in this thread. Can you fix this?

Thanks in advance.

I'm apologize I didn't list you here, need to update this thread once I remove all the unauthorized content.

I've always had you credited in the README inside the mod's .zip file.

I'm going to add to this file (and to the forums) a new section called Permissions. Could you please check your crediting and this section and see if you're OK with them?


The original work present in this mod and its files belongs to its authors, properly identified in the credits section. This mod and its files can't be used for commercial uses without permission from its authors. This mod's files can't be used in other mods, or modified without the authors' consent.