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Title: Deep Aliens Mod [RESOURCE] [ABANDONED]
Post by: kikimoristan on March 01, 2015, 09:33:17 pm
Hey everyone . This is my first big mod!

Deep Aliens mod


This mod implements some TFTD creatures as a new kind of aliens that comes from deep  underwater. They have their own unique items and crafts similar to regular aliens but main craft components are not interchangeable. There are unique weapons, unique crafts, unique research new armours & much more.

New alien races
1. Gillman race (all ranks except leader) with Deep One and Calicnite terror units.
gillman is pretty lame if not for the high damage/high acc sonic weaponry but thy still suck.
Calcinite is a terror unit does not have inventory and has a melee attack only that only scales off strength and melee skill
deep one has a built in ranged acid attack that right now is not very balanced. in original game they can attack about 3 times and still move but in my mod they can attack 2 times or move. still working on it. but the accuracy is just as bad and stupid.
2. Lobsterman race (all ranks except medic) with the dreaded Biodrone unit
lobstermen have a built in melee weapon that is very deadly and scales off strength and melee skill and they have like 80-50% reduction from most forms of damage and AP, HE, Laser practically useless against them (they only take about 20,30% damage).
biodrones have ranged and melee weapons deal exactly same damage. ranged is sonic damage type and melee is melee damage type. 130 damage each flat (melee takes no bonus from melee skill or strength). the accuracy of melee attack is 50% while the accuracy of ranged is close to 95% aimed.

New weapons
1. Melee: Vibroblade (unlocked from Calcinite), Thermic Lance  (unlocked from Deep One + Vibroblade) and Heavy Thermic lance (unlocked from Thermic Lance)
2. Sonic weapons: Blasta Pistol, Sonic-Blasta Rifle, Blasta Cannon
NOTE: Sonic weapons use damage type 0 NONE so they are in fact a new damage type. I renamed Unknown into Sonic which may cause issues or not. Test it out. Sonic weaponry is like plasma but more accurate , more TU cost more damage but no auto and no ammo!  Sonic-Blasta Rifle is the only sonic weapon with 2 auto shots.  Blasta Cannon has an impressive 130 Sonic damage at 120% aimed accuracy but about 70% tu cost. Most regular aliens take 100% sonic damage so pretty damn handy.
3. Sonic Pulser - 120 HE damage  way better than alien grenade

New Alien Artefacts
1. MC Reader: like Mind Probe except it doesn't need Psi research or Psi Lab to be used. Once you find it you can research it. Is much heavier than a Mind Probe. So is good and bad.

New Craft weapon
1. Sonic Oscillator (same as plasma but a bit longer range faster shooting more damage)

New Armours
1. Aqua Plastic Armor (more frontal armor less sides/back/underneath + strange resistances)
2. ION Armor  (more front and back armor less sides/underneath + strange resistances)
NOTE: these armours have very unique stats and unlike personal/power suit they sacrifice sides/underneath for extra front /back armour. Their resistances are also different than regular armor focusing on laser and ap and he defense . This may change in the near future. Still working out the details. Sectopods damage type is actually laser even though the projectile is plasma so ION Armor is pretty effective against them. Also ION armour is pretty useful against alien explosives .

1. Xcom Biodrone..yes. You can now recovered dead XCom operatives from the battlefield and use their dead bodies to combine it with 2 dead biodrone corpses to patchwork your own xcom drone. Unlike regular biodrones they do not burn the ground and do not explode on death and also their melee damage is stun. They have 2 weapons a really accurate sonic weapon and a 50% acc melee stun. They are pretty weak and can die easily but are very useful due to their high acc and mobility. Another useful thing about them is they count as HWP but only take 1 unit space in any ship unlike regular HWP which is 4.  They can fly, high damage, high aim, built in stun and sonic weapons. You cannot access their inventory.  I tricked the engine to think they are terrorists as well as HWP which confuses OpenXCom and clicking on inventory simply goes to next unit instead. Their weapons are built in and cannot be removed and they cannot use items like grenades etc.

New ufo components & materials
1. Zrbite - used to create certain Deep Alien weapons and tech
2. Alien Plastics - unlocked by researching Deep One Corpse is used to create all deep alien tech
3. ION Engine - used to create Ion Armor.

New ufos
small , medium and large flying Deep Alien subs. There are no bases or supply ships (since the bases are underwater)

Terror missions not implemented yet but they will be island and port attacks and I was hoping for ship attack but can't seem to work well. Some ufopedia images not implemented yet. New research and ufopedia. Each alien has their own ufopedias.  Each ship has ufopedia.

Deep Aliens will attack like all other aliens flying around you can shoot them down and can only try a land mission not water. Since XCOM Ufo Defense is only equipped for land combat. The idea is there are more aliens underwater but you cannot reach them. Their subs can fly hence flying sub.

Deep aliens are very rare about 60% more rare than regular alien scouting missions. Non essential UFO elements like learning arrays can be recovered from Deep Alien crafts as well. Only Deep Alien flying sub crafts contain Alien Plastics, ION Engine and Zrbite and only Deep Aliens carry Deep Alien Blasta weapons , sonic pulser and MC Readers.

Alien naming scheme stays true to original TFTD so navigator is in fact Leader and Squad Leader is navigator hahah. Confusing? Also ship naming is similar Escort, Cruiser etc.  The small ship I redone it and made it much more small and used the small ship as medium and cruiser (large) ship is the same.

NOTE: This is fist release so there may be some bugs research bugs or other issues.

Sonic vs Plasma?
Sonic is high focused damage with high accuracy and no ammo. Useful for long missions big battles reducing weight. Useful for sniping. Sonic weapons have highest damage/accuracy in the game. Sonic is suited for hit and run tactics. Is not a weapon you go charging in. Is more useful for support/snipers providing backup or cover fire. The high accuracy of sonic weaponry can be useful in picking aliens from far away.

Plasma has much lower damage and accuracy but also has low TU and auto fire. Less damage is multiplied by 3 and again by 3 if able to shoot 3 times on full TU. For long range combat plasma becomes less useful .But for close range is absolutely devastating. Heavy plasma has 10% less accuracy and about 30 less damage than Blasta Cannon.  If all autos hit and you do 3 autos you can deal an obscene amount of damage much more deadly than Sonic.

Going for auto close combat : plasma
Going for sniper cover fire support o hit and run : sonic

ION Armor vs Power Suit
ION Armor has highest front and back armor but comparatively sides and undearneath are weaker. ION Armor protects against damage types that most enemies don't use. The only true usefulness is laser protection which can help against sectopods. HE protection helps a bit against alien grenades. ION Armor is most useful for front of the line infantry meeting the enemy face on. If caught from sides the soldier is  in deep trouble. The ION Engine powering the suit blocks ranged missiles but is weak against melee units. This armor is most useful meeting weapon wielding aliens head on. Is common to survive one or two direct frontal hits with this armor. ION Armor is most useful for the unit going in an unexplored area first as it can survive the reaction fire better if taking it from the front.

Power Suit is useful overall giving equal protection everywhere. Protection against stun is very handy. Most useful for back of the line or support units.

Going for close combat against heavily armed aliens but not melee: ION Armor
going against melee units or protection for support/snipers: power suit
Title: Re: Deep Aliens Mod
Post by: bloodman123726 on March 21, 2015, 04:01:59 pm
hey i did some adjusting and fixed some bugs as well add en-GB, do you mind if i upload this? i'll just say i fixed few problems and that you did the main effort as well link it to this page
Title: Re: Deep Aliens Mod
Post by: Jstank on March 21, 2015, 05:17:29 pm
Can we add a top hat to the lobster man. I always felt they would be pretty dapper with a top hat.
Title: Re: Deep Aliens Mod
Post by: kikimoristan on March 22, 2015, 06:46:10 am
i abandoned this mod because  opentftd is coming soon. i'd rather create new things instead.
Title: Re: Deep Aliens Mod [RESOURCE] [ABANDONED]
Post by: Ethereal on August 30, 2017, 11:23:00 am
I hope the theme is not completely abandoned. In the fashion there are no three creatures from TFTD - Tentaculat, Hallucinoid and Xarquid. Are there models of these creatures that have been converted under the UFO?

P.S. Do not ask why this is needed.
Title: Re: Deep Aliens Mod [RESOURCE] [ABANDONED]
Post by: kikimoristan on November 25, 2017, 06:37:09 am
I hope the theme is not completely abandoned. In the fashion there are no three creatures from TFTD - Tentaculat, Hallucinoid and Xarquid. Are there models of these creatures that have been converted under the UFO?

P.S. Do not ask why this is needed.

the creatures you seek as far as i know are indeed in the mod and converted to ufo defense palette

but note that this mod never implemented any creature in the game so you never really see them

anyone is free to use these for whatever they see fit no need to ask for permission. knock yourself out :)
Title: Re: Deep Aliens Mod [RESOURCE] [ABANDONED]
Post by: Keth01 on April 13, 2018, 11:40:19 am
Hi, are these files available for download anywhere now that the mod portal is no more?
They'd save me a great deal of wheel-reinventing if so!
Title: Re: Deep Aliens Mod [RESOURCE] [ABANDONED]
Post by: Meridian on April 13, 2018, 11:44:05 am
Attachment from the first post is not enough?
Title: Re: Deep Aliens Mod [RESOURCE] [ABANDONED]
Post by: Keth01 on April 13, 2018, 11:51:36 am

I missed it next to the screen shots sorry! Double-checked too. I clearly need another coffee. Thank you!
Title: Re: Deep Aliens Mod [RESOURCE] [ABANDONED]
Post by: Strenyoff on July 06, 2018, 11:14:57 pm
I tried to install this mod, but game didn't allow to use it because of error "STR_ION_ARMOR Research Topic". How can I solve this problem and finally get my own bio-drones?