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Title: Feature Request #152: Change Soldier to Ship in Soldier Screen
Post by: BtySgtMajor on November 21, 2014, 05:26:59 am
Hey all,

  New to the forums/project here, but, decided to tackle:

  Pull request is here:

  On top of that, an additional question: What exactly dictates what a "mod" is or is not?  E.g. the pull request above, would that be considered a "mod" or something that's rolled into the main version?  And, what about something more complex where you'd, say, add a new research type and have to modify logic/functionality on the Battlescape?  Is that a mod or ...?  And, how does one package a mod (I can't be sure if/how a mod just sits on top of other code and/or modifies existing logic; I know Rulesets have something to do with it but I'm not entirely clear). 

  I apologize ahead of time if this is in an FAQ somewhere, but, in my excitement/ignorance, I haven't seen it yet.