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Title: [ARMOR] [GRAPHICS] Colored Moriarty Armors
Post by: Xeno Wiper on October 03, 2014, 04:56:05 am
If you thought Moriarty Armors couldn't get any cooler... here's something special...

Colored Moriarty Armors

Not all colors are present. Some I took off:

- For being too similar/conflicting with existing armors.

- Not working well (Due to color errors on OpenXCom hair/skin recoloring script)

- To see if there's enough demand (Reservoir Dogs comes to mind...)  :P

Note: Helm/helm-off versions.

Note 2: Special bonus on a certain color...

First mod, made to put some lights back on a very cool mod that changed the original armors to a way better design.


Forgot to actually make helm version usable, at least in a simple way.  Reorganized all the files together so as to make a more user-friendly mod. 

Edit 02:

Changed description a little bit. More user-friendly stuff (extract -> copy&paste -> play).  Published on mod portal.


Base armor: Moriarty