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[WIP] [TFTD] TFTD Rebalance.
« on: October 13, 2019, 02:43:03 am »
Terror From the Deep Rebalance Version: Alpha 1.5


Hello! Welcome to my first mod, a rebalance of Terror From the Deep.
Or rather an attempt at one, with a rather odd goal, to add as little “new” content as possible.
So there are no new armor or weapons, everything is in the same place, generally.

I have made some additions and changes and potentially will do more. Depending on what feedback I get
or what new ideas hit me.

What Changed or Added so far?  Well let’s see:

Alpha 1:

1. Funding “Gift” you get this at game start, it gives you around 4 mill on its selling, enough to either boost you after a bad first month or to get yourself all set up, you do not get more of these so its a one shot injection, look for “X-COM Council Funding” in your initial base set up.

1. New Recruitment options, one secret (for now) one not so, so at the start of the game you can recruit “Military Naval Veterans” these are basically ex navy seals or marines who you can recruit to give your forces a boost, they have better stats then the basic aquanaut, but have a higher upfront cost and higher salary you may get a few on a new game.


1. The personnel quarters now provide physical training for 5 soldiers, so the more you build the more you can train. They also have a passive bonus to healing your wounded.

2. Magnetic Ion Armor now allows you to fly both on land and underwater, use this power well.

3. I added Roxis231’s redone, Triton, Hammerhead and Leviathan to increase their troop capacity and SWS capacity. 

Alpha 1.5:


1. Gauss Rifle clipsize increased to 20

2. Gauss Cannon damage increased to 80

3. Auto fire added to Dart Pistol costs 15 tu’s


Now that you have read what has been changed and added now to the install instructions:

Just put the TFTRB folder into your OpenXCom Extended user/mod folder and enable the mod in the mods menu.

Future Plans:

Right now I am debating making some changes to the gauss weapons what that will look like will depend on my own internal play throughs and potential feedback

SWS rework, going to make the Coelacanth bit more durable and useful.

I might make certain underwater only weapons and SWS function above land, but I havent decided on that yet so that change isn't in.

Armor rework for SWS and various infantry armors is in development


Being that I lack artistic capability,  like many X-COM modders I had to use the work of others, so here I list who I borrowed from, If you do NOT want your material in my mod, send me and PM and I will endeavor to remove it.

1. Roxis231’s TFTD Craft Reskin:,4202.0.html

2. Orz’s TFTD Rework (used his flying magnetic ion armor fix and his blank UFOPedia):

If you wish to contact me about this mod, there are several ways you can do so:

1. Reply in this thread

2. You may PM me here on the forums

2. Contact me on the OpenXCom Discord (look for Lord_Kane)
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