Author Topic: [DONE] [Suggestion] Unhardcode recovery dividers for special items  (Read 1357 times)

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Request by Solarius Scorch.

Special items, like for example Alien Alloys / Aqua Plastics are not recovered in full amount.
On UFO missions, you recovered 10-times less than what map contains, on alien base attack 150-times less.
Bigger mods have more such special items, and also need more options to configure the dividers.

Now, it is possible to add this behavior to every item with specialType > 1.
There are 3 levels of assignment:
1. assignment per deployment
2. assignment per mission type (4 fixed types)
3. global default
Level 1 overrides level 2, which overrides level 3.

Ruleset explanation:

Code: [Select]
#level 1
      STR_MEDIUM_SCOUT: 5        # overrides for specific alien deployments
#level 2
      STR_UFO: 5                 # represents any mission started on geoscape as a crashed/landed UFO
      STR_MISSION_SITE: 5        # represents any mission started on geoscape as a mission site
      STR_BASE: 5                # represents any xcom base defense mission
      STR_ALIEN_BASE: 5          # represents any alien base attack mission
#level 3
      STR_OTHER: 5               # is used when everything else fails

Real sample for alien alloys:

Code: [Select]
      STR_UFO: 10
      STR_OTHER: 150
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