Which palette i should choose for the BigObs involving UFO94 ones?

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Author Topic: [BIGOB PALETTES/COLORS]What BLCK and VDG colors i should find in palettes  (Read 700 times)

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I was looking for very darker colors like black and very dark grey in order for me to make something involving Gauss Weapons i might work on in the future i suppose.

Like my first tier of Gauss weapons known as Mag Weapons.

I just dunno where i can find them.

I've remembered that my PNG sprites like recolored Rifle Clips of different ammo types (HE, INC, Alien Alloy, Acid, E-115, etc) are having color issues with the palette (I know Aseprite/LibreSprite might have plans for correcting and fixing palettes) causing to not work with OXC or OXCE+.

I was thinking of a line of black and gray colors for me to make the Mag Rifle Clip sprite i might work on as my own concept of choice.

Besides, i positively need help finding any black and very dark grey colors from a UFO94 palette (Well i don't do TFTD95 anymore because of me being moved to UFO94).

I use Photoshop (A crappy version of PS which is Elements 7.0) and maybe PDNT as what efrenespartano asked me about before (His skills with pdnt and IV were good. But his plan to fix the PDNT made sprites' colors and palettes failed for me. :( I wish efrenespartano has his account on a site or place involving watchable tutorial videos. :-\) for making my sprites as PNGs (I've tried GIF and saved with the BASESCAPE.ACT from one of Solarius Scorch's zip attachments that have the palettes in them that made me think straight, and now the colors for a HE Version of the Rifle Clip are now messed up while testing it on OXCE+. o~0').

Whenever there's any help on finding black and very dark gray colors, vote here to see what recommended palette used for bigob sprites (I do bigobs, basebits and inticons), along with floorobs and handobs.

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