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[SUBMOD][HWP]Support Drones - Version 1.1 Upgrades!!!!
« on: June 14, 2017, 09:38:05 pm »
Support Drones Mod


This file is also attached towards this post.

#Support Drones Mod v 1.1 by hellrazor

This mod requires at least: openxcom_git_master_2019_02_10_0214 or newer

README for Version 1.1:

About this mod:
This mod adds a army of small drones towards the xcom arsenal.
The drones are small 1x1 sized tanks, which are mainly used for scouting and in support roles.
They do have a weak smoke launcher, with limited range and shots, to break enemy line of sight
or hide exposed soldiers.

The mod should now also work correctly in OpenXcomExtended (Drones are now immun against Stun and Zombification).

There are also models equipped with motion scanners, medikits and tasers for stunning.
The Drones are:

   - Drone/Scout (More Armor, buyable)
   - Drone/Scanner (Less Armor, Motion Scanner)
   - Drone/Medikit (Less Armor, Medikit)
   - Drone/Taser (Less Armor, Taser for range limited stun)
   - Alloy Drone/Scout (More Armor)
   - Alloy Drone/Scanner (Less Armor, Motion Scanner)
   - Alloy Drone/Medikit (Less Armor, Medikit)
   - Alloy Drone/Taser (Less Armor, Taser for range limited stun)

All Drones are repairable, if the corpse of the unit is recovered (at the end of a successful mission).
Drones can also be upgraded and they can switch around the equipment.
For convinience reasons, the Drones have their own three categories in the manufacture menu:
   - Support Drones (Produce Drones and Drone Ammo)
   - Repair Drones (Guess what, repait them)
   - Upgrade Drones (Make then fancier ;-))
Each drone does use one of the HWP spots in your craft, allowing you, to bring a bigger team of soldiers
and still have a sacrifical/expandable unit nearby. Of course you can also mix them with normal tanks.
For example a vanilla Avenger could carry, two normal tanks, two drones and also 16 soldiers, which is a decent sized fighting force.

Feel free to experiment with the usage of drones, their main strong point is the small hitbox they have.
They are usually optimal for scout and sniper tactics.

hellrazor - ruleset, sprite recolors
IvenDogovich - sprites for additional drones (BIG THANKS DUDE!!!)
Ryskeliini - original spritework

Based upon the original Scout Drone mod from Arpia (,1768.0.html  )
A big thanks to Warboy to answer alot of my questions (weapons for tanks in OpenXcom are sometimes weird).
Also thanks to Supsuper to fix the bugs i reported.

Some pictures attached for your enjoyment.
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