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[SOUND] New Sound Effects
« on: October 21, 2013, 01:14:19 pm »

To have as much fun as possible, install the awesome
XCOM:EU Sound mod for Original XCOM by xover88

Then if you want your original, high-pitched Sectoid scream back from UFO DEFENSE, use my AlteredSounds MOD.

1. If you have all the new weapon MODs installed - listed below -, it is easy just copy the data folder into your OpenXCOM data folder.
2. If you don't have all the new weapon MODs installed, extract this archive to your hard drive and selectively copy only those weapon's resources and rul files to their MOD directories that you have installed.
3. I have changed some rul files to add weapon hit sounds.

Due Credits:
All effects and sound sources were created either by professional audio engineers and used in popular videogames and movies or I have recorded them from youtube and totally altered/remixed/remastered them, if so, pointing out "my own creation" below.

What's new:

- Version 1.1: Put back xover88's "ammo hit w/metal thunk", because it blends better into the soundscape.
- Sounds for the new weapons.
- Battlescape sound effects hand picked and resampled to be used in OpenXCOM. These effects serve best the purpose and drama of fighting off an alien invasion in my view. Some XCOM:EU effects are crisp & new & clean, but suck so some were replaced by the still awesome, old, better fitting and more dramatic screams and effects from 20 years ago.
- New sounds were modified and carefully timed for the length of OpenXCOM Battlescape events.

Daichi Blade  aka. Combat Knife: more gore, more fun.

Elerium Mace: my own creation with alternatives, rename the one you like to hit.wav

LMG: Tried to find the best sound that reflects a belt-fed weapon and enhanced it.

Magnum: modified to add that OOMPH. I will try to get the famous Fallout 1's "small black gun"-effect, because that one sounds like an ultimate "Magnum of Doom".

Sniper Rifle: Should be powerful, penetrating everything. Reload effect is a must!

SMG: "Fallout 1 from memory" , but more tasty, rich, rapid death-dealing sound.

Taser: My own creation with a "heavy hit feel" for emphasis. Added a clean alternative for purists (if you like that better, rename it to Shoot.wav). Unfortunately current game code doesn't allow a rich HIT effect, all taser hits end with an explosion.

I extracted the SAMPLE2.CAT from XCOM:EU Sound mod for Original XCOM by xover88. Then hand picked the original Sectoid-scream from 1.0 UFO DEFENSE. Replaced  human screams, some mechanical effects and monsters, the original silacoids are back, as is the snakeman death sound and some sounds that were better in the original. All old sounds were resampled where needed, so the OpenXCOM engine can play them flawlessly.

In my view this effects pack represents best the purpose and drama of fighting off an alien invasion on Earth.

Some XCOM:EU effects might be new, crisp & clean (human screams mostly), but they suck, I think they don't really fit here so some were replaced by the still awesome, old, better fitting and more dramatic screams and effects from 20 years ago.

More sound effects are coming probably as I play through the game.
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Re: [SOUND] New Sound Effects
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2014, 09:42:23 pm »
Your mod is great! You should have a .wav for every sound, so I can make changes without having to learn all that coding stuff to change the CAT files and rulesets ;)

I also wanna have different/similar sounds for the same sound type so it's not repetitive. Just add a number at the end maybe? shoot.wav, shoot2.wav, shoot3.wav.

Thanks for your mod, I was wanting the original sectoid and civis scream back. Anything else I can replace the wav files in altered sounds, if it's that easy hehehehe...
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Re: [SOUND] New Sound Effects
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2014, 01:18:53 am »
needs more Wilhelm scream.

on a side note: what about pitch modulation?
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Re: [SOUND] New Sound Effects
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2014, 07:57:09 am »
Hello! I'm new to the forum. I found and fixed a small bug with your Taser.rul file.

The Taser was loading incorrectly and crashing my game on start. Since the original one worked, I spent about an hour comparing your .rul with the latest Taser.rul and, after some monkeying, I got the resources to load correctly but when I used it in combat, I heard the better shot sound but the game crashed on hit. I know something like this used to be an issue with stun explosions and stuff, but I know this isn't the case anymore.

So I monkeyed with the ruleset again, referenced both included sound fx (I liked them both, the taser sounds really zappy now!), changed the reference to the hit animation correctly, and after testing was thrilled to see my bug fix worked. Strangely, though, there is no bulletSprite animation. There's a .gif there, I reference it, but I don't see anything in-game, and it doesn't crash. It would be cool if it looked like a little lightning bolt was shooting out of it though.

There is a lot I don't know about how all that code translates into the game so I couldn't figure out why the bullet wasn't appearing, but everything else seems to work.

Anyway, I've attached my edited Taser.rul file. Tell me if I suck.

P.S. Thanks for creating this groovy mod!