Author Topic: Matrix Space. Offcial chat for mod.  (Read 9562 times)

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Matrix Space. Offcial chat for mod.
« on: February 17, 2022, 02:56:08 pm »
Alright folks as i have been promising for awhile now, XPZ chat has moved over to the matrix platform. And we are finally ready for putting the public link out in the wild.

But first RULES. and terms. Note that room=channel, and server=space, more or less.

1) Public rooms are on mostly on topic places, failure to keep to the channel purposes(within reason) will result in warnings, followed by expulsion, and then bans. This a new cleaner space. Respect it.

2) There are some private rooms within the space, they are invite only and cover a wider range of topics. These are a Privilege to be earned.
3) Please report offensive behavior to either a room or space moderator. We are taking this much more seriously in the new space. (Examples of such behavior include personal attacks on other users, excessive swearing, ect.) Don't feed into such arguments and incidents, report and leave it alone.

4) If you are having trouble accessing the space or a room you believe you should be able to please contact a space mod or admin. This is a new platform for most of us and we are all learning.

5) If you have a request for a new room in the space please contact me directly for help in getting it built.

6) Please be patient and keep in mind setup is ongoing. Mistakes will happen. If you find something you think is broken or mislabeled or whatever please let us know.

And now the part everyone is waiting for. THE LINK.

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Re: Matrix Space. Offcial chat for mod.
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2022, 03:02:45 pm »
Nice, good to hear that ! :D