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[DONE] craft type preview
« on: February 12, 2022, 10:11:18 am »
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This feature allows you to preview and modify the deployment table of this craft type.

You can start the preview by clicking on the Preview button in the Stats for Nerds GUI (only when opened from the geoscape/globe menu).
Presence of a (previously defined) custom deployment table is indicated by an asterisk on the 'Preview' button.

Any changes will apply to all your current craft (of this type) and also to any craft you buy or manufacture later in the campaign.
(The saved craft previews will also invalidate in the craft type deployment table is modified.)

You start with the maximum number of (dummy) soldiers.
Each soldier represents one row in the deployment table.
Soldier names correspond to row numbers.

You have unlimited movement on all your units.
You can also use the Ctrl+W key combo to teleport your units instantly.
Press and hold 'Alt' to highlight valid unit positions.

To provide space for a 2x2 unit, place 4 soldiers in a 2x2 square.
If space is not provided, the 2x2 unit will be missing in a real battle.

Click on the 'Abort Mission' icon to save a custom deployment table (positions + facing).
The game tells you how many units are on valid positions and how many are outside.
Saving is possible only if all units are on valid positions.

Click on the 'End Turn' icon to exit the preview.

The saved information is bound to the craft type (i.e. not to any particular craft or any particular units).
If you want to remove your custom changes, you can press and hold CTRL while saving.

Please note that these changes override mod settings, and if a modder changes the mod settings, they can become incompatible with your saved deployment table.
In worst case, the game could crash.
In such (unlikely) scenario, you'd need to remove your custom definitions from the save file manually.
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