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Project of the Month May 2014

We and a bunch of other popular open-source projects have been nominated by the Linux Game Awards for Project of the Month May 2014.

Now, I’m not gonna say you should totally vote for us, there’s a lot of other good projects and you should see which ones you like best… but you should totally vote for us. 😉

Project of the Month May 2014

Edit: Sorry if you were spammed by the WordPress glitch, I’ve fixed it now.

OpenXcom is everywhere!

In your phone!

By Carles Pagès | Thread

In your browser!

By Aleksander Guryanov | Thread

In your house!

NOTE: Third-party ports are not made by the OpenXcom team. Please contact the respective developers for any inquiries and support. Reports of aliens under your bed have not yet been confirmed. Stay vigilant.

OpenXcom stream for Extra Life charity

Hey everyone, me and Warboy will be doing an OpenXcom live stream this Sunday (3rd November) 3pm GMT for the Extra Life charity to help support sick kids in hospitals (we are specifically targeting international efforts so everyone benefits).

Feel free to join us, ask questions, laugh at my incompetence, and of course donate to the charity. This is not your typical Jade stream, so the commentary won’t be as stellar, but hey, it’s for the kids!

Edit: Stream is over, thanks to everyone that joined in, we had a blast! We ended up doing a Superhuman Ironman run as the chat requested. Here’s the outcome.

OpenXcom featured on Massive Chalice livestream

Wow, this completely flew past my radar. I need to upgrade to a Hyperwave Decoder. So the team behind Massive Chalice, an upcoming tactical/RPG/strategy/game/thing, occasionally show off other games that inspired them while talking about their project in live streams. And in one of them they featured OpenXcom! Check it out! And check out their project too, it looks pretty cool.

Watch live video from doublefine on TwitchTV

(starts at 00:09:30)