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master Revision c2dcbee5b54247038820e1c226a9e14b8197f6b5 by
user-online.png  Guest user (guest)
Jul 03, 11:52 - Preceeded by dbd3979d719b971643102568d7a06ceaa4750e15
fix 2-stage recovery of mind controlled aliens

treat mind controlled aliens left over at the moment of transition as
being unconscious, dropping their items where they are, in keeping with
the psionic capture rules, since that's the only way they'll end up in
that situation at that time.
master Revision 8c9985c57146d001561615869ee88800c878a523 by
user-online.png  Guest user (guest)
Apr 24, 00:05 - Preceeded by fc68d0e1171fa36a9cd5fec24fb557bc7ef2351e
fix #1216

convert units killed by pre-battle explosions into corpses immediately.
master Revision faf9793cdb1de89f889adab42e79f360bc71bb71 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
Apr 12, 20:41 - Preceeded by 3267454a32a6a697f3747aab6756b1041dc65e3a
Compiler fix 2
master Revision b94bf64a6fb0760f2471da43f9e3003e77dbc5a2 by
user-online.png  Guest user (guest)
Jul 29, 03:25 - Preceeded by 0fc773a6de2f92cbb9f0d12e139aa30a7d53df58
fix mission resetting

could conceivably have something to do with bug report 926
master Revision 61909abf5c30e89dc796e7aeb3026b2819870cec by
user-online.png  Guest user (guest)
Feb 12, 19:25 - Preceeded by 247915f62f6fc5575365ece864fca7a94a10b72c
Merge pull request #984 from redv/fix_craft_reloading2

Fix: reloading bug #878
master Revision 247915f62f6fc5575365ece864fca7a94a10b72c by
user-offline.png  redv (redv)
Feb 06, 19:50 - Preceeded by 3f3f7bc72017b56329760a3322ec161e06f6780a
fix of reloading bug #878
master Revision 1236d514de348d71311c27f9502f6b4aee5ee9cb by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
Sep 22, 11:45 - Preceeded by 6a0bbd9b9672cb4b42191ce535db31e3d52f38bc
fix 814

needz moar std::max
master Revision 3505774c676996b1489b83e0fd9bfadabbe2b486 by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
Sep 19, 06:58 - Preceeded by e62e49757e58134819bb2373ff4f71c306ca7c8a
fix 828
master Revision 7083fff386a340d82416665ae25d536e4ef63e7c by
user-online.png  Guest user (guest)
Jul 27, 01:01 - Preceeded by ba4122f9dbb1566c0f16ae848c7325ca20b11984
Merge pull request #915 from sfalexrog/fixes

Fix for issue #771 (Psi attack breaking targeting mode).
master Revision ba4122f9dbb1566c0f16ae848c7325ca20b11984 by
user-offline.png  sfalexrog (sfalexrog)
Jul 22, 20:36 - Preceeded by 0b7af9a65a0109270d25de221fc9a86a99105fc7
Fix for issue #771 (Psi attack breaking targeting mode).
master Revision 8f2f397d0b9a7b1b4a06f8aa76f61ed1120a6ec0 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
Jul 22, 05:37 - Preceeded by 8ddb4ca314dae850a337a219d1eb2f01461b3765
Merge pull request #913 from GixG/UfopediaCraftTitle

Fix for bug report #785
master Revision 41d4bb16b1551e41c357a5a28fbeeeedb3df2da6 by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
Jun 01, 01:39 - Preceeded by a7ffbc65cabaa59b8d538135d8d1b8ca280c956c
fix 648

set turning units back to a standing state if they spot an enemy in their
pre-movement turn
master Revision a43cb7242a43601430f8b4d72fd247fabbd53647 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
May 27, 21:22 - Preceeded by a65821e8f2b40f473a5a37e4dfbd631e4bd3e291
Merge pull request #839 from sfalexrog/fixes

(Hopefully) fix issue #645
master Revision 895a03d3c5b2cc2b4a395a2d95699f8dbf695db3 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
May 13, 21:29 - Preceeded by 759afc06cdc68bc7527f5d14052d58d4c08d17df
Merge pull request #833 from winterheart/fix-input-text

Fix for bug #614
master Revision 759afc06cdc68bc7527f5d14052d58d4c08d17df by
user-offline.png  winterheart (winterheart)
May 13, 18:45 - Preceeded by 9d292a2a82cb80155e28dcd668367ddced90ef01
Fix for bug #614
master Revision f7ee218113810158babcfca37e2f58561e0cf108 by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
May 09, 07:24 - Preceeded by 32cce4402d734d93656c6b44dcd9e03924d05019
fix 573
master Revision d011e810fa02005cd0991180d80f7e62e9460ac9 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
May 08, 20:10 - Preceeded by 2e3a5fe6e9e744ecc1875242fc16c19fb6b5c470
Fix #603
"Tab" skips every other soldier in battlescape
master Revision 6ed4a5cc5def501d236dc74f4d8c38dcf18a7b70 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
May 07, 15:50 - Preceeded by 6a231fac7cbf5f992c7f44862c313120bcc08c97
Fix #593
Memorial CTDs with Storage Limits set to yes
master Revision 6a231fac7cbf5f992c7f44862c313120bcc08c97 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
May 07, 15:33 - Preceeded by 7bf6c7d730ab507d01ef57927fdab0af2c2508e5
Fix #599
Geoscape Drag Scroll option ignored
master Revision 02d2d5013dea3b9b57537741caa040dc16e7e3c8 by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
May 04, 16:19 - Preceeded by 1952c0f7f7cec445fd9ae1fbda8cf977133ec0c8
fix for bug 268
master Revision 97b241252bd00bc2759c7f36a72f5f17df86c763 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
Apr 27, 00:27 - Preceeded by c80640188aa0c1de820114cf19b3aa0a09266766
Fix 540
UI sounds interrupted by others
master Revision 5d0ee6998e453ff93c2e15ac098c0278e8df8bc6 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
Apr 25, 15:43 - Preceeded by 68e534301dd4fedfc40f11bf2e100607a3c7243d
Fix bug 552 - Build Facilities list color bugs
master Revision 87fa28c93b070f8caa70caada52669bc9ebd6876 by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
Apr 25, 00:51 - Preceeded by 166c51eb212f3e16e06e714629aa5f5e96e2a403
fix for bug 546

swaps the sound of the grenade and cannons to apparently vanilla settings
i can't tell the difference between them myself.
master Revision 166c51eb212f3e16e06e714629aa5f5e96e2a403 by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
Apr 25, 00:19 - Preceeded by 19751ea38dcdcb9769a72d51d6103ecd33d5bc78
fix for bug 553
master Revision ef7509c79a4ab5f95fb87b9284dcbb3d1680dc24 by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
Apr 20, 21:28 - Preceeded by 95039fef9ed1313977b2a70bef7fb9508c403312
fix for bug 541
master Revision f6d3805067c75b07c7b3080c99f626d0c8deec89 by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
Apr 20, 21:19 - Preceeded by cf669e5bd8d547b448a41f9e89d62009dcb6ae91
fix for bug 539
master Revision 0238518825ac2d82b5f3ec3b8273cebeb1d2e2ba by
user-offline.png  Warboy (Warboy)
Apr 17, 18:57 - Preceeded by 724e473cf58f6300fa8f13ebe556c0a2d686a252
tiny fix for bug 52
master Revision 013178bb33fddbfa7fd0520556c9739d8eecf9f3 by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
Apr 09, 04:57 - Preceeded by 8fbac7e97866d262671e1c0a197d91418cabfb09
Merge pull request #805 from myk002/fix_intro_centering_on_linux

fix for bug 490: ensure intro movie is centered on linux
master Revision 7a9250da2dda0eea631469e5646a59c8da5c4e4c by
user-offline.png  SupSuper (supsuper)
Feb 11, 17:39 - Preceeded by ababda028f5ef60e0956d5c8fe993a2a45a3b902
Compiler fix 2
master Revision df980657730749651c09173b9ae01120762a6be3 by
user-offline.png  cfailde (cfailde)
Dec 29, 17:12 - Preceeded by d3c0a7d02a115a98a31a5694617dca06606f017d
More space for translators

in alien containment screen.  Fixes bug 437.