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The Server Team is once again in need of your help.

The server is currently hosting Two projects: “UFO: Alien Invasion,” and “OpenXcom.”
To continue providing hosting services we will need to raise funds for the coming year, to pay for both the service and possibly some new hardware, or a new server computer altogether, especially if such services are to be provided free of advertisements on the project websites.

In addition to the two projects mentioned, we also host additional programming and development tools for the community, including a snapshot autobuilder for OpenXcom, and a buildbot for UFO: Alien Invasion.
We also welcome new projects that are freely available and preferably open-source in nature, and hope to continue to provide tools for the community to grow, but we will need your help and support to do so.

Please consider a donation for our cause, which you can give via the following link:

Donate Bitcoin

For European Users (EUR):

For USA Users (USD):

We sincerely thank you for any support you provide.

0.5 is just around the corner!

That’s right folks, we’re nearly there! According to the development schedule, all we’re missing to hit that landmark (as of right now) is Cydonia, and to my understanding , that is being worked on as I’m writing.

As we near completion of this development cycle, we have found it necessary to add a further external dependency to the project, the SDL_image library.

By including this, we now have the means to import many common image formats, which opens the door for future modding capability.

What this means for developers: You will need to download and add the extra library to your deps folder in order to successfully compile.

What this means for the rest of us: NOTHING! OpenXcom should continue working in exactly the same fashion as it did before the addition.