A new Apocalypse remake on the horizon

Where one falls, another one rises

Pmprog, long-time OpenXcom fan and contributor, has started his own open-source remake of X-COM: Apocalypse. Go on over to his forum (registration password is pinned on General Discussion) and give him your support, and hopefully more finished remakes will join our ranks. 🙂

39 thoughts on “A new Apocalypse remake on the horizon

  1. Andrew

    I never really did entertain APOC =\
    The dodgy real-time/turn based mix (like Arcanum), troubled development, DOSbox awkwardness and bugs & balance just put me right off.
    Still, I’d genuinely love to give the proper sequel to Enemy Unknown a chance – it’s different enough at least (whether that’s a good or bad thing =X )

  2. Mood_Booster

    This is the best news ever! Turn-based games feel so last-season when wielding Devastator cannons in both hands! This game is undervalued diamond.

  3. mark

    This is a really great thing happening. It’s one of the best games ever made and I would love to play it bug free and with modding enabled. Good luck to pmprog and I hope this project makes it to completition!

  4. Pywackt

    XCom Apoc was great. Sure, it had bugs, balance issues and other problems. But it was the next step in a lot of ways. Weapons, more detailed armor, better psi combat, androids, hybrids.
    The game always felt half finished though, as if a good number of it’s features never made the cut.

  5. Christian

    Wow! I went searching for a open source APOC-project yesterday, and only found the thread in openxcoms fora 😀 This is excellent.

    This is clearly the game I played the most, even tough the only I understood the least.

    I really wish this great person all kind og luck! All these remakes makes me so happy! Keep them coming!

  6. pkrcel

    Hey I want to wish you the best in your endeavours!

    I know NOTHING about APOC being exclusively a Ufo: Enemy Unknown nostalgic, but you’re using Allegro so I MUST support you.

    I might consider participating in development (even if I am a total n00b) if I scrounge up the time (unlikely).

    Anyway triple Kudos!

  7. Paddywhacker

    This news has cheered me up immensely. UFO Apoc was the one that I have played the most, a dozen times I kept returning to it, and I don’t remember any bugs. The feature set of items is beautiful. When aliens start to teleport into your position, or snipe from behind camoflage… priceless. Good luck.

  8. John Request!!!

    Guys please add the ability to change army names in the inventory screen equipping your army!! I have to memorize names to change roles all the way back in the soldier screen many clicks away!!! how dare you make me use my brain to memorize them! Let me rename instantly on the inventory screen in the base management area thanks Devies.

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  10. Daniel Martinkovics

    Being an XCOM fan since I was 4 (not joking), Apocalypse is one of my most played games. I finish it every year – tough with different settings, items, rules, etc.

    However, it’s a real Pain in the A to get it run under Win7/Win8. And it had a few bugs and a lot of left out content.

    IMHO, that game has HUGE potential, both in fun and in tactics. I’d love to play it in a fully compatible way..

  11. StarMox

    There were many projects in the past as the task is a difficult one, but dedication of fans has no limits 🙂

    Apocalypse rises as a phoenix! I wish you good luck guys ! ! !

    if there are hiccups, turn to the community!

  12. Psykonaut

    FINALLY Apocalypse can be the game it always wanted to be!! I wish you well in your endeavors sir! if I knew the slightest bit of coding I’d hop on board ASAP

  13. Mysyk

    Oh my God. Great! Another remake of my favourite game X-COM series. Good luck and best regards.

  14. ThatDude

    I loved apocalypse, It was all I ever played. The ability to use land vehicles and customize them as much as you could customize your soldiers was pretty awesome. The one thing that seriously bothered me was the odd graphics and how all the ufopedia entries looked like wet clay. Also,on the battlescape outside of the city (ufo crashes) it’s hard to tell what tile is what, you may think your walking on flat land when it turns out your going down a slope… will this be ‘fixed’? (not that it’s really broken…)

  15. The Brazilian Slaughter

    Loved Apoc as well. Althrough I never gave the time of the day to the RT combat, the turn-based combat was good enough to entertain me.

    I hope you add support for light levels early on, because I always hated how Apoc was so bright everywhere and there were no night missions.

    Thanks and good luck, PmProg! I hope you suceed!

  16. Sy

    Wow this is really cool, My dad bought me Apoc when i was just a little guy and ive played it since. really no substitute for a game like this

  17. Voiddweller

    That would be awesome! One of my favorite games, with deep, immersive setting, awesome music and infinite potential if can be done open source!

  18. Fatpokemon

    Oh gods yes!

    Favorate game of all time right here. It’s a shame that it was so incomplete, buggy and unbalanced when it was released. It will be great once this open source remake gets going 😀

    Also off-topic but think about it. Imagain if they developers actually made xcom apoc completely.. it would had been awesome.

  19. Buzz

    The Xcom series was one of the first games I played as a kid. I was born in 1990 and god how I loved the Xcom games,especially Apocolypse. Do it justice,guys! I would put money into a remake of this bad boy,no questions asked!

  20. TheFallGuy

    Please tell me this will be done, APOC remake….. in my opinion this was the best of the originals and i really do hope that this has been singled out for updating. To be honest, i would be happy for the original to be given installers and compatibility for newer windows os without the need for an emulator.

  21. David

    WOW…I randomly stumbled upon this and I can’t believe that you guys are working this hard to bring an oldie but goldie like X-COM APOC back…it’s just terrific. Keep up the great work.

  22. JanezS

    Nice going. I used to be seriously hooked on this game. Although some say x-com 1 and 2 are better, I started with part 3 and it become one of my favorite since then. Also none that came after surpassed it, as far as I’m concerned.

    Recently I watched some “let’s play x-com apocalypse” footages which reminded me of it. In essence it is a great game but sure it could use improvements. I saw May 2016 progress report from openapoc.com on Youtube. The easier, faster saving is probably one of the most important improvements. Daylight is a nice addition.

    Best of luck!

  23. Rick

    What always annoyed me in xcom and ufo franchise was the turn based play!
    I loved to see the destruction delivered by my soldier in real time play of apoc!

  24. Silverius

    The reasons why I loved this game so much and prefer over the other early X-coms:
    – multiple organizations and companies (with each their own economy) that you could ignore/fight (boost supplies and money instantly) or befriend for discounts/bonuses in the long run
    – Random cities each playthrough
    – the switch between real-time and turn-based was amazing.
    – Watching multi-level structures in both missions and city map fall apart.
    – Building your own 2D base, and when it got attacked, it turned to mission-‘3D’-form the way you created it. This blew my mind back then.
    – The X-com encyclopedia; especially the alien autopsies were so exciting (scary even as a kid).

    I was excited to hear about your project and love the progress so far.

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