Bug Tracker

Oh no, you found something wrong about the game! But wait, before rushing to that keyboard, make sure that:

  • You followed the installation instructions and read all the details. If you’re getting a “X not found” error, make sure you have the latest version of the original game, and put its resources in the right place. If you’re getting any other startup error, check the “openxcom.log” for more details.
  • You replaced all the old files with new ones when upgrading, or even better, did a clean install.
  • You checked if the bug hasn’t already been reported by someone else or fixed in a nightly build.
  • You are not just mistaking an original game feature for a bug. A lot of people have funny recollections of the original. Check the UFOpaedia when in doubt.

All good? Still here? Well here are some tips to make sure your reports are as helpful as possible to help us catch those pesky bugs and make the game better:

  • Be as informative and descriptive as possible. It might seem obvious to you, but stuff like “X doesn’t work right” or “X crashes randomly” doesn’t tell us much. Explain exactly what is wrong and why as if we were neanderthals.
  • Try to find out if you can reproduce the bug, and figure out the exact steps it takes to do so. It helps if you save often, so you can easily reproduce the circumstances that led to the bug.
  • Include as much extra information as possible. The game version and platform you’re using narrow down the causes. Screenshots (F12) help demonstrate what you can’t put in words. Your options file and a savegame make it much easier to reproduce your situation. You can attach files after making the report through the “More actions” button on the top-right of the issue, and need to be registered. More details here.

Here’s an example. Now that you’ve read all this, we have absolute confidence you will make a fine tester, so we entrust you with…

The Bug Tracker